Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Letter from America and a quick makeover

Or to be more precise, a package from America!!!

Now to me, a letter or package from foreign parts rates high on the excitement stakes!!!
Way up there above CS finds, a great deal on eBay, a good haul from the boot fair, all of which to me are heady stuff!

A few posts go you may remember me encouraging you to pop over to Daryls blog Vermont Cottage where she was having a giveaway of a beautiful tea towel from Pear Tree.
Well, as you've already guessed, I was the very lucky winner and it arrived yesterday!

Thank You Daryl!!!!!

 It is a beautiful printed design of birds, flowers and foliage in wonderful subtle colours which match my kitchen beautifully, especially with the kitchen wall tiles. It is made from a lovely thick cotton and looks hand painted.

So Many Thanks Daryl, I love it!!

Inspired by Daryl's living room makeover posted on her blog a few days ago, I
had a sudden urge yesterday morning to do a quick mini makeover of our sitting room with just what I had in the house.
Since we moved in last summer, we haven't touched the living room - there is a rather strong gold colour on the walls, with matching pale gold damask curtains left behind by the owner which we have lived with since moving in as our previous sitting room curtains were too large and  full to fit.

We soon got used to it, and even though during the day time the colour is rather gloomy, it comes into its own in the evening once the lamps are on and the curtains are drawn - it becomes very warm and cosy feeling.
And over winter, cheered with blankets and some black and white cushions for punch, it has been fine. So we have not rushed to re-decorate, but the wall colour is not really my style.

So, inspired by Daryl, I set out to try and make the room lighter and more springlike even though I don't have time for the walls (have to finish painting the hall first!) which is the thing that really needs doing to make a change.

But by using only what I had in the house already excpet two new cushions purchased yesterday to bring the new scheme together, by changing the curtains, cushions and throws, shifting lamps and pictures around the house, I have managed to change the feel and look of my living room in about an hour and all for only twelve pounds.

 So I replaced the gold short damask curtains with these long, pale blue contenporary woven ones which  I bought a couple of years ago

And this is how it looks now, if you can kind of ignore the walls!!

Obviously the gold is still on the walls, but having added another colour I think it stands out less, and will have to do until I have the time to repaint.
And decide what colour to paint the walls.
I'm thinking a pale bluey grey might work well, as new curtains are not within budget and these are attractive, hardly used and contemporary looking so I'm happy to use them as the starting point.
The carpet is neutral, the sofa and chairs off white and more shabby than chic now, but the covers come up well when washed.

What do you think might look good?
Would love to have some fresh ideas!


  1. Nice job on the living room, Gill! I'm so happy you received your tea towel too. It looks great in your kitchen and fits right in with the ones hanging.

    Is there a color in the artwork you can draw paint color inspiration from? Or from the curtains, which I think are rather nice. You don't have to match the curtains, a lighter shade in the same color family would work well. If you want to send me close-ups of your fabrics, I'll go through my enormous treasure chest of paint fan decks and send you a few ideas :).

    I loved this post. It was the boost I needed this morning!


  2. Your sitting room looks great after your min-makeover! We have almost the same setees as you,and I need to paint our walls too,as they are still the magnolia that came with the house.We have red and cream curtains so it does blend in quite well.Painting your walls a bluey grey would work well I think,and the lighter colour would make your room look much bigger too.Love the T towel!
    Thanks for your birthday wishes for Bella,can't believe she's four already! :0)

  3. Great job in the mini-makeover. I love the drapes and it brings a whole other dynamic to your room. Lovely make over!!

  4. I think your mini makeover looks wonderful. Those curtains are really nice and it all looks very fresh in time for Spring.
    Lisa x

  5. Hi Gill! What a beautiful home you have...and that tea towel! Gorgeous! i would be afraid to use it x

  6. Your home looks lovely, I like the new lighter look after your make over. And congratulations on winning that giveaway - the tea towel looks great on your Aga!
    Helen x

  7. I love your aga,I will admit to spending many a moment dreaming I have an aga. What luck, that teatowel is gorgeous.

  8. Your home looks beautiful Gill. Those tea towels are so lovely. Rachaelxx

  9. Congratulations on winning the giveaway, the teatowel is gorgeous, I would only have it out for show. Your make over has worked well, though your room looked lovely in the before pictures too.

  10. Wow, what a difference! It pays to "go shopping" in your home doesn't it! I love, love, love your drapes! I think a dusky blue/grey would look beautiful on your walls! You can also paint the inside of the book case a different shade to make it pop rather than blend! I'm sure whatever you choose it will be lovely! Is that an Aga stove in your kitchen? I'm so jealous!

  11. Your makeover turned out beautiful, Gill. Love your idea!
    Letters from abroad are always very welcome, aren't they? Enjoy!

  12. Oh, I love this room!!! I like the gold walls, I like the contrast! Ya know what else would look gorgeous, Coral!!!!
    gi gi


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