Thursday, 24 March 2011

Perfume from Provence

Spring is here again today!!!!

Yesterday was glorious, so I spent as much time as I could outside in the garden.

General pottering, weeding, sorting and tidying.

Planting a couple of hanging baskets with yellow primulas and lilac and lavender pansies.

I forgot to take photos of the finished baskets as I still haven't got used to this snapping as you go about your daily business!

At last the flowers on the camellia
are opening, and they are beautiful



Even Closer


Purple pansies left over from last autumn now flowering again

A lovely pale pink heather by the top part of the pond

Logan and Bessie enjoyed the spring sunshine too

It looks like we might have some visitors in the little blue bird house in the half dead willow tree

On the sewing front, some new fabric has arrived over the last day or two.

A lovely vintage 1970s sheet, in the same design as some fabric I already have but in a different colorway - this one is peachier than the other, and looks worn and faded from use, whereas the piece I already had had never been used.

 Although looking at this photo, it may actually be the same colourway, just faded by wash and wear - will compare them tomorrow.

And some beautiful new yellow floral fabric with a vintage feel.

Also, a huge bag of lavender from Provence arrived whilst I was out yesterday - the postman left it under the oil tank and I could SMELL it from half way down the garden path!!!

Oh, it smelt heavenly!!!!
It reminded me of a warm summers day in the garden.

It smelt of summer in Provence.

Talking of Provence, I bought this little book a while ago after seeing it recommended on another blog.

It is another book in the American In Paris or Englishman in Provence style, of which I can't get enough!

One of my favourites is this lovely little book entitled "Perfume In Provence" written by Lady Fortescue, set in the early 20th century and detailing in a wonderfully humorous fashion the trials and tribulations of settling in Provence with her husband.

It is beautifully illustrated too, and I remember there being a talking book cassette which I still have somewhere although no cassette deck anymore!

Peter Mayles books I love ( and could write atleast a post on them!) and numerous other anecdotal travelogues about the advetures of people following their dream to settle in France.

One of my favorites is about an American lady settling in Normandy with her family and setting
 up a cooking school - included are loads of scrumptious recipes.

These book deserve a little space to themselves in another post I think, as they involve FOOD as well as FRANCE!!!

Most of these books have a common theme -  a love of France, french food and wine, the charming foibles of the French people, the different pace of  life, and the frustrating bureaucracy!

Anyway, back to a Feast at the Beach....

It's turning out to be a good read, about the author's memories of his childhood visits to his grandparents house in the hills above St Tropez.

The last words I remember last night as I sleepily turned out the light were the evocative words " starched sun-dried sheets and lavender sachets."

Which leads me neatly back to the lavender again.

With the arrival of new lavender supplies, late yesterday afternoon I was able to finish off the crazy patchwork lavender hearts I'd made on Sunday.

I'm off into the garden now, things to do, things to do!!!!!

Hope you have  a lovely day in this Spring sunshine!


  1. What a lovely post! Your garden must look gorgeous with all the colourful plants,and your home will be smelling divine with the pretty lavender filled hearts.Mr Boo is taking the opportunity to repair our Summer House roof while we are having this run of good weather.Then I will get cracking with the painting.The magnolia in our neighbours garden is just about to bloom.It is such a lovely splash of colour.Bella loves to lie in the sunshine too.Hugs and belly rubs to Logan! :0)

  2. We must make the most of the sunshine whilst it's here, I don't think it's forcast to last much longer, which is a shame. I think your patchwork hearts are gorgeous, and all the better for being filled with lavender, they must smell gorgeous too.

  3. Oh Gill, you've got me thinking about France now, we fly to Nice in May and I cannnot wait to smell the lavender! I must check out some of those books, they look good.
    Isn't the weather just beautiful, it's lovely being able to spend time in the garden and enjoy the spring flowers.
    Vivienne x

  4. A lovely post - with the feel of spring warmth and flowers blooming all through it! I love lavender too, it really is the scent of summer.I enjoy similar books too - must look out for some of those you mentioned which I haven't read. Have a wonderful day enjoying your lovely garden! Helen x

  5. I love the way you described the garden I felt like I was there...and the photos were so beautiful, Boy I could take up a chair and enjoy sone French food, wine a little reading! you live in such a beautiful part of the world!

  6. sorry forgot to mention those cute patchwork hearts...there adorable!

  7. Love the hearts, Gill! lavender is one of my favourite smells. I buy the big cubes of olive oil soap from Provence and this time got a cube of same soap but with lavender....gorgeous!!!! Lavender and the sounds of bees buzzing sums up summer to me. Have a lovely day xx

  8. Lovely post Gill. This weather is fabulous, isn't it? I too have been pottering in the garden. It's amazing, your camellia is in bloom, mine has only just got buds. I ordered lavender that arrived yesterday. Now to do something with it. Where does all the time go to?
    Have a great day.

  9. It's soooo good getting into the garden these days! Even the very NOT greenfingered me is enjoying pottering!! Cx

  10. What a lovely post!! the flowers in your garden are beautiful. How sweet your hearts are and I'm in love the book!

  11. ♥Love your blog♥

  12. My camellia is on the boundary between us and our neighbour and all the flowers are on her side! Typical! Must go round and cut some for a vase. Yours looks beautiful.
    Becky x

  13. Love the primula picture.I cut out a skirt today but that is as far as I've got! Your lavender hearts are lovely too.Love Linda x.

  14. Your garden looks lovely! French lavender is the business, isn't it?! Love the hearts! X

  15. Pretty fabric hearts! We've had a stonking couple of days here in Glasgow too. I need to spend a bit of time in my garden tidying. I've got some seeds that need sewing. Love the images of your flowers in bloom xx

  16. I just adore that birdhouse!
    You are so productive, aren't you? It puts me to shame! Little Logan seems to be growing quickly. He's such a sweety :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog now I get to see yours, it's wonderful! You're very talented I love your cushions and hearts :) The photos of your garden look amazing, your pets look like they are enjoying the sun! My dogs are miniature schnauzers, you're right :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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