Sunday, 20 March 2011

Crazy stuff

Thanks for all the lovely comments on yesterdays blog - that photo just took my fancy
and I thought I'd just put it out there for you to enjoy too. 

And then I thought why not ask a totally random, frivolous but fun question and see what the response is -  and it was great fun to get your comments!

Early this morning I had a sudden urge to take my pile of scraps
and do some crazy patchwork!
Haven't done any for a while and had forgotten how spontaneous, quick and fun it was!

So, still in my dressing gown and with my faithful hound beside me

(note this was taken later when I was dressed!)
in what seemed like no time at all, I had a piece large enough to cut out 4 large heart shapes.

And so I made these

And filled and stuffed them with lavender and a bit of filling

I added some red cross stitches along the seams

So far have only finished one of the three

Now those of you still awake and good at maths will be wondering why I talk of four heart shapes and yet only show three.

Ah ha! You weren't paying attention were you?!!!!!

Of the four crazy pieced heart shapes, I first sewed two together
and then realised they might look nice with a contrast back.


so the other two pieced hearts I backed with toile de jouy, one red toile and one blue.

So two more to finish, and then I will put them in my blog shop-to-be for sale!

We had a lovely long walk this afternoon in the warm sun, straight from our front door with Logan. (This was one of things high on our "must have" list when we moved - "country walks from door" ).

Didn't think to take the camera so I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination ;)

Down the lane, through the gate, down the wide muddy track in the woods and then climbed up into the more open heath-type area with trees and ferns. A little detour to our side to explore a stream and some fallen trees - Logan got wet feet here!

Then out into the apple orchards.

Beautiful open views across fields and orchards in the valley up to the village in the distance where you could see the church (whose bells I heard this morning whilst on the pc).

Through the orchards, along the long blackberry hedges (had some of the blackberry jam I made from the berries from these very hedges for my breakfast this morning! )

then out by the farm enrtrance,  round the edge of the field then back through more woodland.

Pass the pigs ( we couldn't dawdle to count them as Logan gets a little frightened although he was much better today) of which we saw at least three different breeds (a tan colour, a pinky white with dark patches and some black ones - will have to rub up on my pig breeds so I can properly identify them!)

Then past the fishing lake which was very quiet and peaceful - usually there are lots of wild geese here - we hear them take off most evenings at dusk.
So back up the muddy track, back out into the lane by the wood yard where we get our logs, and Logan still had the energy to run up the lane home with my daughter - we'd been gone about an hour.

Cup of tea and slice of Mr Tesco's coffee and walnut cake then out into the garden to get a few photos before the light started to go

The camellia looks as though it will be a beautiful deep pink - just a few more days of sun and i think it will be out

a few little rockery plants out now

inlcuding these lovely purple miniature primulas

a few new plants waiting to go in, including a lovely Vinca - the smaller one, the lesser periwinkle which is less of a thug than its older brother

lots of daffodils out now

Just before I go, here's a quick glimpse of the latest vintage cushion under construction - another barkcloth,
a really pretty turquoise one with birds and flowers,
and a rather fragile piece of worn vintage damask linen.

This one's going to have some red ric rac thrown in to the mix.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!


  1. Hi Gill

    Sounds like you had a lovely day. We too live somewhere we can go for walks from the door. It's just wonderful to be able to do that.

    I love your little hearts, fab colours. Did you fill them with lavender? I've purchased some lavender from Yorkshire Lavender. £13.95 per kilo and free P&P.

    Off to watch Countryfile. Bye for now.

  2. Your patchwork hearts are lovely, reallylike the fabric used.
    Sounds like you've had a busy day,good to get out in this Spring sun.
    Lisa x

  3. Your hearts are georgeous! And I love all the blooming flowers you show!

  4. How clever are you!!!! I love the hearts and am mad about toile. The little red corss stitches just makes them, I think. And that vintage fabric.....stunning. xxx

    PS My sister loves her copy of Sew Serendipity that I bought her for her birthday. I also bought her a lovely book on making clothes for little ones that includes full size patterns. Did you have any joy with the Amy Butler fabric?

  5. Those are the sweetest hearts and lavender is my favorite scent. Your day sounds heavenly. Enjoying your blog!

  6. Your hearts are so sweet - I bet they smell nice too. Did Logan collapse in a heap once he got inside. I like that about pups, they have so much energy and then suddenly collapse for a nap. So cute :)

  7. Well, I can recommend those hearts, I know first hand how good they smell, and yes, I can't resist a little squeeze and sniff each time I walk by! Forgive me for not ironing the cushion cover - too excited to wait!
    I have a variegated vinca major but, despite my best efforts, it won't invade my garden. It just sits delicately in it's spot, when I would quite like the ground cover! Typical!
    Becky x

  8. Gorgeous hearts Gill! :)
    Enjoyed the walk too!
    Vivienne x

  9. The description of your walk sounds idyllic! And of course I'm in love with Logan! Your sewing is just lovely, the hearts are beautiful! Have a wonderful week!

  10. What great spring photos. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your walk. The one thing I want to try to sew this year are the banners that are so common in the UK. I just love them!! You could probably whip them up with your eyes closed. Your quite talented in the sewing department.

  11. You have had an industrious day. I feel quite ashamed of my laziness as a result. I love the look of that camelia tree. Can you give us a close up when it is full of blooms. These flowers are all new to me (other than in photographs) and they are all so very very pretty. Do camelias grow from seed? just asking..

  12. Oh my what a lovely post and little Logan happy with Mommy....the fabric throughout the post was wonderful but the last photo was my favorite!

  13. Those lavender hearts are so lovely, I bet they smell divine. Your walk sounds idyllic. It's a lovely day again here today so I shall be out with Archie taking a similar walk this afternoon.

  14. Gorgeous litle crazy patchwork hearts - I love the colours you've used! The miniature primulas are one of my favourites, so perfect and such a lovely shade of purple! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  15. Oh you (and Logan) had such a marvelous day! I love your sweet smelling hearts...they're adorable, and all the more brilliant for you whipping them out so quickly - well, one of them anyway...very impressive!
    Thank you so much for following and for your fabulous brought loads of smiles!
    Happy Spring!!
    xo Jessica

  16. The hearts are very pretty. I especially like the ones made in French toile fabrics.



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