Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Seeds, Flowers and a book

Good Morning!!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Feels like a Monday to me as hubby was home yesterday
and we carried on doing weekendy gardening jobs all day
until well after 7pm - sort of glad he's gone back today so I can have  a rest ;)

Actually most of my time was spent very happily in here busy with seed sowing

I have waited a long time to have a greenhouse - after years and years of growing seeds on windowsills, watching them go leggy, I was so excited to have a greenhouse at last, already in situ when we moved - it has a few cracked panes and the door is awkward to open, but I love it!!!

Also planted out into the greenhouse borders the little brave hardy lettuces that grew from seed
and survived in the greenhouse though two lots of snow - hopefully we will have eaten these by the time I need the space for tomato and pepper plants - assuming the seed germinates - have just moved the trays for those seeds indoors onto a warm windowsill (feeling of deja vu here - back to the windowsill!) as I'm not sure they will germinate in an unheated greenhouse.

The keen gardeners amongst you may be interested to know that I have sown 4 types of tomatoes (Golden Sunrise, Moneymaker, Oxheart and Red Cherry) and 2 types of sweet peppers (Romano Mixed and Colour Spectrum)

I have also sown Cornflowers, Clarkia (elegans mixed), 3 varieties of nasturtiums (Oranges, tall mixed; Dark red Jewel Cherry Mixed; and a peachy Peach Melba), Ipomoea (Blue Morning Glory), Tagetes (Lemon Gem), Nicotiana (Evening Fragrance mixed), Delphiniums, Hollyhocks, Penstemons, Sweet Peas, Brachycome and Rudbeckia.

I always sow far too much on the premise that surely something must germinate and survive, and if I have too many of anything there are always plenty of friends and family to give to.

But I nearly always regret this bountiful approach when successful seedlings need pricking out ;(

(Why on earth did I sow so many I moan)

I have also sown Broccoli, Sweetcorn (Sweet Bounty), Courgettes (Green Bush), Dwarf beans (Fandango), Broad beans (Lingo), Leeks (Musselburgh) and Peas.

The other winter survivors are waiting to be planted out now - spinach and a few more cabbages that I kept inside as insurance against the birds and slugs when I planted the others out last autumn

But first I need to clear and rake over part of the vegetable garden - there are lots of flower plants to be moved before this final bed is ready, and strawberry plants to move too.

This little heartsease stands alone in the vegetable bed

Elsewhere in the garden, the flowers on the ribes are now fully open

This lovely little yellow flowering plant will flower now on and off
until autumn but I need to find out what it is - does anyone know?

The lesser periwinkle has settled in well in its new home

The camellia is in full bloom - some of the frost damaged blooms are already fading and a couple had fallen on the lawn this morning

Colourful primulas still flowering in borders, baskets and pots

The hellebore is just starting to look a little ragged but still beautiful

You can just see Bessie in the background here

We have the previous owners to thank for all this spring prettiness we have inheirited

Just a quick peek at a bargain book that arrived this morning - for the grand sum of 1p off Amazon (plus postage) !!!!

Looking forward to looking at this tonight - bags and skirts!!!

And a section on tarting up what you've already got - should be good for some ideas and inspiration!

Have a lovely day and thanks for all your comments on the last post - will try and reply soon!


  1. I think you've overtaken my in the sowing stakes, you've got plenty on the go there. Having a greenhouse is wonderful, there's so much more you can grow with one. Mine's only 4X6 but I cram it full and it serves me well.

  2. These flowers are gorgeous. Practically all of them unknown to me and of course not available in the tropics. That camelia tree(?) is so pretty and what a color.

  3. You have been a busy bee!looks like you'll have a bounty of goodies in a few weeks. That Camellia is just stunning.
    What a bargain your book was. Fantastic. That always gladens the heart to get a total bargain.
    Love Tickety-boo x

  4. How lucky are you to have a greenhouse! I'd love one! I'm so envious of your garden, we still have patches of snow on the ground! Looking forward to Spring cleanup!

  5. Hope you're seedlings grow ok, the photos are great! the book looks very interesting with some great bags in there.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Is the yellow flower Alyssum? Looks like it. Busy little greenhouse there! The pricking out is a bore though, isn't it? The book looks good - enjoy! Abby x

  7. Love the Camellia the colouris beautiful. ciao Alison

  8. Your camellia is beautiful Gill!
    I got a greenhouse 2 years ago and it was one of the best things I have ever bought, I love it! I have sown Moneymaker tomatoes too along with Gardiners Delight, they are just beginning to peep throught the compost.
    Vivienne x

  9. I loved seeing all the things you have been sowing in the greenhouse - lots of my favourtie things! The book looks great too - such a bargain, and how useful!
    Helen x

  10. Hi Gill,

    I love this post! You have been sowing so much!All those post full of seeds of flowers and vegetables. I wish you lived nearby so we could do a swap. I have been sowing last weekend as well, but not as much as you have.

    Your garden looks really great. Looking forward to see more of it in the coming months.

    Happy evening & lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  11. What gorgeous flowers....spring has certainly sprung in your garden! Good to see the greenhouse. It looks very neat and tidy. I would love a proper greenhouse xx

  12. What a wonderful post! Your plants are beautiful. Primulas are my favorite, all those colors :) !!

  13. I'll be looking forward to seeing all of your flowers and vegies when they grow. I'd quite like a greenhouse but not sure about hogging more space in the yard. My first vegie patch is in fact the concrete base of what would have been a greenhouse. It is now a 'U' shaped bed. Growing and eating your own vegies is the best!

  14. Hi Gill

    Wow, you have been busy! You always take such lovely photos and your garden really does look super. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour over the coming months. What a bargain with your book, it makes it all the better.


  15. My have you been a busy bee. I'd be interested to know how your morning glory does, I've tried and been unsuccessful, perhaps the greenhouse willhelp? Your garden is looking wonderful, the camelia....wow!Have a happy day, love Linda x

  16. What a treat this post was, all those lovely spring flowers to feast youe eyes on.
    Looking forward to seeing your new makes from that book.

  17. Oh gosh, all those flowers are a sight for sore eyes. I am super envious of your greenhouse--I have wanted one of those for so long. I can just imagine that lovely damp dirt smell as you step in out of the cold...ooohh, aaahh. Enjoy! I can't wait to see all the skirts and bags you make!

  18. These are really beautiful. i wish o make my garden like this.gardening jobs


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