Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Week in Pictures

Sunshine and flowers............

my "upstairs on the landing" sewing/crochet comfy chair with good back light.......

now made more comfy with a useful junk shop storage footstool picked up when I went to buy more paint - a bargain at £12, and I can recover at my leisure although I'm rather fond of this pattern

my little furry companion enjoying the sun

garden looking a little less neglected after a bit of time spent in it hoiking ( I like that word, one definition being "to lift something out wildly" - yes!) out much of the bindweed

progress on the wardrobe painting.........

two coats down and still more to go (am hoping one more coat will do it )

re-discovering the first full sized quilt I made for Bella - here it is on her bed (yes I know, really sensible to get that out whilst we're painting!)

all hand quilted - I must have been mad...........

and then hey, lets take that madness one step further and add the challenge of adding hand quilting to each plain square.....why make it easy?

only three squares done though.....can you make out the little bird in the middle of the square above?

excuse the teenage mess.....

and a little more hand quilting on a different project, the latest cushion front from the pile of wips to be "hoiked" ( pulled out wildly ) out from the tottering pile.

My week-since-last-post in pictures.
(Leaving out all the cra**y housework/shopping/boring stuff of course)

How was yours???

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Neglected Garden

Despite my (unintentional) neglect of the garden these past few weeks, it is determined to be true to itself regardless and provide me with undeserved pockets of beauty amongst the grasses, brambles and suffocating bindweed. 

In borders left for a few weeks unweeded, the bindweed (Hedge bindweed or bellbind, Calystegia sepium), pretty though it is with its large, white petunia-like flowers, has been slowly and vigorously twining and winding its strangulating way up the stems of my poor roses, fuschias, and any other plant it can get a grip on.

Funny how different this rapacious variety is compared to its tamer cousin, that so pretty pink and white striped smaller version we have been enjoying out in the middle of the corn fields ( field bindweed or cornbine, Convolvulus arvensis), that reminds me of the pink and white candy-striped sheets we had as children, and also, somehow, of Paris. 

image from here

No idea where that connection has come from but it is invariably there every time I see them. I think it might be to do with pretty hat boxes or some such similar pink and white striped packaging from another time that I've seen in pictures.

So anyway, as is usual on my blog, here are a few snippets from the garden -  bindweed, weeds and all.

It has been lovely to take and share these photos with you today, as I have been spending a couple of days cooped up indoors painting a long wall of wardrobes in my daughter's bedroom. We are using Autentico Chalk Paint in Casa Blanca (white basically!) for the first time as a change from the usual Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, and still have one more coat to do as it is covering dark wood and two coats has not been enough! I think the ASCP would have covered them in two, but it goes on beautifully smooth and so I will wait until they're finished and waxed before deciding on what I think of the paint.

Last week I was clearing out and cleaning all the kitchen cupboards, so I feel the time is coming soon for the poor neglected garden to have a bit of tlc and time spent on it.

Meanwhile work goes on hand quilting the next cushion (no pics) and I have a couple of new books to enjoy, one of them this one.

I have seen it mentioned on several blogs recently, and I am so glad I bought it as it is a lovely read as well as being full of beautiful, colourful and inspiring quilts made from simple designs in wonderful bright fabrics. If you're a fan of Kaffe Fassett quilts and fabrics you'll love this.

Thanks for all your comment on my last post, have a lovely rest of the week wherever you are.