Monday, 21 March 2011

It's time again

Yes, its time again for award giving!!!!

A couple of days ago, Sarah from home made gorgeous very kindly awarded me Liebster Award, which I am very pleased to accept - Thank you Sarah!

 So that now gives me the lovely job of passing on the award to a few other blogs.

This is always difficult as there are so many lovely, inspiring blogs out there in cyberspace, and finding either newish blogs or those who well deserve more attention is quite hard.

I would like to pass the award on then, with great pleasure and in no particular order, to the following lovely blogs!

Congratulations to you all!


Just finished an embroidered heart made from some lovely organic fairtrade cotton from India - don't often indulge in many new fabrics but this was so lovely and a good price too.

It is woven from several colours, and is a sort of greeny bluey grey colour over all - it reminds me a little of two-tone tonic - blast from the past eh???

Hope you are enjoying some warm sunshine!!!

Edited tonight to add

Info re: The Liebster Blog Award!!!
(Means "beloved"!)
From what I was told when  I won my first award (see other post with Liebster award for full requirements), basically you need to:-

1. Accept the award, posting about it and linking to the persons blog who gave you the award

2. Pass the award on to a few other lovely new blogs or older ones that you feel deserve lots more followers and viewings

Have a great evening!


  1. Congrats on your award! Love those little hearts!

  2. Congrats and thank you!! Your hearts are beautiful..I really like the stitching on the blue one! Cx

  3. Ooo a well deserved award, Gill! The hearts are gorgeous....and great that the fabric is fair trade too xxx

  4. Congrats, you deserved it! Those two hearts are very lovely.

  5. Congratulations, well deserved!
    love your hearts and those flowers....perfect!

  6. Congratulations on the award. I've just taken a quick look at the blogs you've nominated and they all look really good, I shall return to them later for a proper read. I love following the links from these awards as you can find some super blogs from doing so. What a beautiful day it is today, I think spring really has sprung.

  7. How lovely are you! Thanks so much. And congratulations - richly deserved. C.x

  8. Gill, congratulations on your award and thankyou so much for passing it on to me I am flabbergasted! I am a little poorly today, so I shall come back tomorrow to see what I have to do.Lots of love, Linda x

  9. Congrats on the award Gill - very well deserved. I must check out those other blogs too.
    I love the embroidery on the heart, it's so neat! You are a clever lady :)

  10. Congratulations, Gill and a huge thank you for choosing me as one of your few to pass it on to. What a surprise!
    Becky x

  11. i have just found your blog and it's lovely! I have to say the title made me smile so much because my name is Gilly and when I was a little girl my Auntie always called me Gillyflower.
    Now a follower.
    Tickety-boo x

  12. Hello Gill,
    I am enjoying reading your lovely blog, Your award is obviously very well deserved! Love the pretty hearts too.
    Best wishes.

  13. Gill thankyou again for the award, however I am not to sure how I go about getting the button unto my blog. Perhaps you could help? Many thanks, Linda x. Oh I checked out the other winners, all lovely blogs, even more for me to read!

  14. Hi Linda /other awardees!
    Just right click on my Liebster Blog button on my sidebar or in the above post, then "save as" to your "my pictures" or similar place on your computer - i put mine into a picasa file with my other photos then its easy to either add to your blog sidebar and to put into a post if you wish.
    Hope this helps!

  15. So happy for you, congratulations!!!
    Beautiful hearts...again!
    xo J~

  16. Oh, these are such cute treasures, I do love the colors!
    Have a lovely evening, Gill xxxx

  17. Love love your sweet hearts...Congratulations to you. xox

  18. hello

    i just found your beautiful, enchanting blog via Helen's blog.
    your hearts are lovely anf the primroses gorgeous too.

    warmest wishes


  19. Hello Gill,

    Well done! Your hearts are beautiful....

    Lou xxx


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