Monday, 28 February 2011

It's Award Time!

And it's not just the Oscars I'm talking about!
Well.............what a lovely start to the day!
The sun is shining and I have just found out I've been awarded a Stylish Blogger Award from Becca at Fancy Vintage!

Thank you so much Becca, I am stunned, honoured and thrilled! I'm just sorry that I can't be wearing a posh evening dress to receive the award!
Becca's blog is a real feast for the eyes if you love vintage china and glass! Oh and virtually everything else vintage too!!!
Now, as before with the Liebster Award, there are rules.

1. Thank the one who gave it to you and link to their blog,
2. Tell 8 things about yourself.
3. Give the Award to 8 other blogs

Thanking and linking to the givers site is the first, which I have gratefully and excitedly already done above!
The other rules are to tell 8 things about yourself, and then to pass the award on to another 8 blogs!

OK. So here are 8 things about me that you may not already know, or may not want to know.
I shall try to avoid saying what you may already have gleaned about me from my posts.

1. I always wanted to go to art college - I have always created in my life since a child, its the very essence of who I am, and I would have loved to have had a formal training in art and then specialised in textiles. I love textile design and printing,  and one of the things I shall do now we have moved and I have more space, is to start screen printing again.
2. I love the sound of church bells ringing - I can hear them now as I type with the window open. On a Wednesday night it is bell ringing practice, and I love to go outside in the dark and listen.
3. I love having windows open so I can feel in touch with the outside, hear the birds, smell the scent of the day, whatever the weather.
4. I love colour. I have to have colour around me, wherever I go. 
5. I love being outside. I love pottering around the garden, working in the garden, sitting in the garden, and I love going for long walks.
6. I have a dream about owning my own tea shop/ vintage/art and craft centre/second hand bookshop all in one! - I have dreams of this great place to stop by for a coffee and homemade cake, with big old comfy armchairs around low coffee tables like in a huge living room, with magazines and books lying around and a play corner for children with toys and rugs, bookshelves full of second hand books to browse, read or buy - works of art for sale on the wall - beautiful hand made crafts and accessories by local craftspeople and artists - somewhere where you can hang out informally. Knitting and crochet mornings etc.maybe classes too. It's a dream so I can have what I want! One day maybe!
7. I am a qualified Accountant (although not working at the moment as one, yay!) and I hate maths!
8. I love cake and I love wine! But not at the same time. And I am not (I hope) a fat alcoholic!

So now that my soul is bared, I shall pass on the award to another 8 bloggers.
This is so hard to do as there are so many wonderful, stylish blogs out there, but my amongst my favourites are:

Congratulations to you all!

Now I have been busy sewing again over the weekend, in between family and pet time, and have finished another cushion.

This one is made from a pair of vintage Laura Ashley curtains, and old Pierre Cardin shirt of hubbys (ssh don't tell him....) some gingham and a beautiful vintage embroidered mat.
I couldnt resist fraying some edges to reveal the lovely colours in the fabric, and added some vintage 70s ric rac along the seam line.
More photos if anyones interested under my "made" page.

Have started on the next one - here's a sneak preview of the front!

These wools keep catching my eye in my sewing room, just love the colours.
Am thinking what I can do with them.

Logan had his first walk yesterday just before it rained - we've had to hold off until a week after his final injection. It was very muddy, which he wasnt too thrilled about, and even though we've practiced in the garden with the lead, there's a bit of training to be done there!

But in the meantime he's had plenty of time rushing round the garden, chasing Bessie sometimes, and I'm getting him used to playing out there with me whilst I garden - we had an hour or so out there together yesterday which he loved!
Hard to get photos as he's rarely still for more than a second!

Hope you had a great weekend!!


  1. Let me know when No 6 in your list opens - sounds like my sort of place! Keep dreaming :)

  2. Thank you so much for passing the award on to me! I feel humbled, as I never think my blog is anything special! I shall have to think of some things!

    I loved reading more about you. I always felt I should have gone to art college...went into teacher training....goodness knows why!

    Oooooh if your teashop ever becomes a reality, be sure to tell me, sounds like the most perfect place to put your feet up and stay a while!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. Congratulations on receiving the Stylish Blogger award - you certainly deserve it, your blog is lovely! I enjoyed reading your 8 things - it's surprising how many things we bloggers have in common. (The bell practice round here is Tuesday night and I too love the sound floating on the evening air!)
    And thank you so much for awarding me the Stylish Blogger award - that is so kind of you!! I have actually been given this award before, but I'm so happy to accept it again, so thank you very much, I really do appreciate it.
    Love your embroidered cushions today - so pretty! Have a great week.
    Helen x

  4. Gill, thank you so much for my lovely award! I'm pleased and grateful. I will bend my brain thinking of eight things to tell (I tried it and found it surprisingly hard!) I will pass the award along and post accordingly when they come to me.

    Your cushions are fantastic! :)

  5. Thank you so much for the award! I love the pillow you made!!

  6. Your tea shop idea sounds perfect, especailly if the comfy chairs get your lovely cushons on them too!
    Your latest is just so lovely.
    Congrats on the award!
    Lisa x

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments so far - the tea shop idea is striking a cord with a few of you! Its funny, I came across another blog a couple of days ago, another stylish blogger awardee, who is lucky enough to be actually putting her dream of a tea shop into reality! Cant remember the name of her lovely blog off top of my head, but if you go to Fancy Vintage she will be one of the others listed - a lovely lady from Glasgow, also has a thing about cushions!!!!Cake and Cushions i think her blog is - lady after my own heart - couldnt believe it!!!
    Gill x

  8. I've had that tea/antique shop dream for some time too! LOVE your latest cushion,so pretty.
    Congrats on your award...very well deserved,and lovely to find out a bit more about you. :0)

  9. The shop sounds wonderful - just the sort of place I'd love to visit!
    Congrats on your award :) I like learning about my fellow bloggers. Hopefully you get to do some study in the tetiles area. I was lucky to go to art school but the tetiles department was closed down before I got to join in. I have since done a lot of wokshops which have been fantastic! Doesn't Logan look cute with his messy socks :)

  10. Hi Gill, congrats on your well deserved award! Your list of things really struck a chord with me too.. especially the one about wanting to go to art collage and to study textiles... I would love to do exactly the same thing.. maybe one day. I really love the cushion you made it's beautiful, and your doggy is so cute!! Sarah x

  11. You are soooo sweet to pass this lovely onto me my friend....happy dance! A million thanks...I do feel honoured!

    Oh and I sooooo love church bells too. Your Logan always makes my heart go pitter patter...he is adorable!

    Happy Tuesday to you my sweet friend. xoxo

  12. Hi Gill, I'm not sure if my previous comment came through or not? I was writing to thank you so very much for the lovely award. You can't begin to imagine what it means to me, especially today. It has been a teary day as we have observed a 2 minute silence for the victims of last weeks terrible earthquake here in New Zealand. Your lovely award has lifted my spirits immensely - thank you!


  13. Congratulations on your award. My daughter is just choosing her GCSE options and she is going to take textiles as one of her choices. Logan will soon get used to walking on his lead, it didn't take Archie long to realise what he had to do.


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