Monday, 23 January 2017

Chilly Days

As I raise the blinds and open the curtains revealing yet another frosted white winter scene, I so long for the warmer days of Spring.

The hoar frosts are beautiful to look at with the skeletal branches of trees and shrubs beautifully draped in a silvery white rime, but I am tired of scraping thick ice off the car, slipping in the icy lanes as I walk the dog, trudging through the fields and orchards on iced mud. The pond we pass in the orchard is thickly covered with ice, and we've discovered the fun of skimming stones across the frozen water to see how far they slide and to try to break the ice with them (as yet unachieved!)

It took an age to break the ice on the small fish pond in our garden at the weekend (strong man hubby had to take over) as it was strange to see the fish swimming below the thick ice, seemingly happy enough, but I thought being trapped beneath ice couldn't be good for them.

At the moment life is busy and I seem to be out all the time when I long to be cosied up in the warm house. Today is a rare day at home and I'm taking the opportunity to write a blog post as I was shocked to see I haven't posted since the summer!

I had a few commissions in the run up to Christmas including making this bunting and a piped cushion for a nursery.

The pretty little floral fabric is a Liberty lawn. It is left over from the sashes of the bridesmaids dresses of the person for whom I was making the items. She wanted it to be incorporated into the bunting and cushion with yellows and pinks.

I've made a few little lavender hearts and sachets......

And I've been doing a bit of crocheting too on these cold nights

I've just finished joining these granny squares together for a cushion front and loving the little pops of colour! Used up some yarn from my stash in some favourite colours so it was an economical and guilt-free project. The next project is already on the go, but I mustn't neglect to actually finish this by putting a back on it or it'll end up in the ever growing pile of unfinished projects!

This is the next project already started!

I'm looking forward to catching up with you all over the next few weeks, and here's
wishing you all a very belated Happy New Year!