Inspiring Books

 Books, Lovely Books!!!!

In this section of my Blog I will feature books that I have bought and enjoyed that I would like to share with you.

There will be inspiring interiors books, sewing and crochet books, gardening and cookery books, as well as fiction and anything else that I have enjoyed and think you might too.


July 2011

Karel Capek - The Gardener's Year
A non-practical book for Gardeners about Gardeners written in the 1920's!

As I haven't yet read this (although am greatly looking forward to doing so on holiday) I have included this extract from the introduction to give you some idea what it is about - it promises to be very tongue in cheek I think, and contains some wonderful pen and ink illustrations by the authors brother.

I wonder if  much has changed in the gardeners psyche since 1929?
I suspect not.
Another blogger recommended it (sorry I can't remember who!)

I will let you know what I think of it once read!


French Country Living - Caroline Clifton-Mogg

A coffee table/bedside browsing book.
Eye candy and inspiration if you love simple French country style interiors


Shabby Chic - Lise Meunier

This lovely book, bought to my attention by Alison at Sweet Little Things a few months ago, is written in French but if you love shabby chic French style interiors and sewing items that reflect that style then this is worth buying even if you can't, like me, read it!

There are minimal written instructions and a few basic diagrams, so a fairly experienced sewer should be able to get the gist of a project even with poor French.


Embroidery Companion - Alicia Paulsen

This is a super book with varied projects from a talented sewer and author of the Posie Gets Cosy Blog.

There are some lovely projects in here for the keen embroiderer or stitcher.