Thursday, 20 December 2012

It's beginning to look just a little bit like Christmas.......





All the pressies are bought and some wrapped.....
The cards got posted on time - yay!!!
A few more decs are going up every day......
Some Xmas baking has been done and goodies frozen in readiness....
And Apple and Almond Blondies made to keep us going........



A kind friend Jane (Happy Christmas and Thankyou Jane!) bought some Panettone to try - I had never tried Panettone and Jane had never tried Stollen so we shared both this week.......such a sweet tin too !(courtesy of John Lewis I believe)


The serving dishes are washed and the coffee tray laid out ready.....



just a little bit of tinsel and glitter....whoa there, not too much!


So it really is beginning to look quite a lot like Christmas......

And, best of all, my little helper almost grown up daughter finished school for the holidays today so it'll all be fun from now on.

We have
wrapping paper to print
presents to wrap
more decs to put up
sausage rolls and mince pies to bake
cranberry sauce to make and freeze
Nigella's Clementine Cake to make (from "How to Eat" - its lovely!)
more decs to put up
the real tree STILL to buy for the hall and decorate (at the weekend!)
and...more decs to put up....we leave things to the last minute here!

If I don't see you again before The Big Day........

I wish you and your loved ones Peace, and Joy and every Happiness for Christmas and the New Year.

Gill xx

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mirror Makeover

Of course the last thing I should be doing is messing around with paint when there are mince pies to be made, messy corners to be tidied up, and decorations to be put up.

But as someone who, this time last year, decided to paint all her kitchen cupboards with 12 coming for Christmas lunch a few days later, a simple little mirror makeover is nothing ;)

So, take one dated mirror, add some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (I used "Original") and voila!

A new white shabby chic mirror!



 I love how simple white paint can transform.




The light was just going when I'd re-hung it so I had a few attempts at trying to get a decent clear photo!


edited in the evening to add a few photos of my cute little helper

Well I guess I'd better get back on with getting the house ready for Christmas - I am doing anything but what  I should be!

Are you able to stay focused on the Christmas preps or have you been known to go off the rails at this crucial time too?

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Money for nothing, decs for free....

(With apologies to Dire Straits for the misquote)

Well, it ain't gonna win any prizes but 'tis made with mine own fair hands........and it cost nought as all the greenery came from the garden, and the cream velvet and gold ribbon cost about 10p years ago in a clearance sale after Xmas.

A Christmas swag as a change to a wreath


Eucalyptus from our 60' tree which bends over alarmingly in strong winds....
Some very prickly but lovely silvery green fir branches.....
ans some lovely faded hydrangea heads.

Needless to say it is too "modern" for traditionalist Mr G...... (quote " I thought you were making a round wreath"..........)

But he likes the 3D stars.........

sat on the mantlepiece for the moment until I find a good place for them, or decorate the mantelpiece, whichever comes first.


If anyone would like to know how to make these 3D five-pointed stars I have prepared a pictorial tutorial here.


what's this??????

I did part up with a little hard cash for some lovely Yankee Candle Christmas Tree scented melts.... at the time of purchasing three of these I assumed they were little candles with wicks, but when we unwrapped them they were wick-free. The instructions didnt help at all as you couldnt read them! Hubby tried setting light to them thinking maybe they just burned without a wick, but daughter just scoffed at us and trotted off to do a little research.

On checking their website Bella found out that you place them in the top of a little burner and light a tea light underneath - luckily we have one of those burners, but I just like the scent and so have just put them in a jam jar.

And I also paid good money for this lovely pink Poinsettia......

the red ones seemed to be a very dark, gloomy red rather than the usual cheery bright red I buy so I opted for a pretty pink one instead.
Dumped in pot for now, but will wrap some hessian around it .


I still have a lot of decking the halls with boughs of holly to do, but have been slowed down by a nasty cold which has somewhat sapped my energy and enthusiasm.

Will just have to snuggle up under the blanket again with a good book, the dog on my lap, a cup of Earl Grey and some stollen - oh woe is me ;)

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Thursday, 13 December 2012



As a little light relief from the mega sewing that's been going on around here for the last couple of months, it's been nice to have time today to play around with a different medium.

With some cream card, some special edged craft scissors, some free graphics from  a Free Digital Scrapbooking blog (so sorry I am not sure which one to credit), a hole punch and some jute string, I've had a bit of fun making some gift tags.

Tomorrow I shall have a go at making some 3D stars from card in the same design, or maybe something a bit different, like the paper ones I made last year.

Well, last weekend saw the last Xmas Fair out of the way, and I can't say I'm sorry even though I have enjoyed doing them.

Having a Facebook presence this year meant that I received lots of invites to Xmas Fairs, in fact so many that I could have done a fair every weekend through November and December, but there's no way my nerves (or my family!) would have stood that! Too old!!!!

I managed this time to take a few pics of the Fair before it started (held at Tenterden in Kent, in a function room (a blooming cold barn!) at the rear of the Woolpack Inn in the heart of this lovely town. )

Here's my stall below!


At the last minute I decided to make a few glass cases and phone cases (iPhone, Blackberry and ordinary) from some pretty Japanese linens, and I'm glad I did as they sold well and I only have a couple left.

Overall it was a great atmosphere, and pretty busy in the morning ( I think the smell of the hog roast outside drew lots of folk in!) but the afternoon dragged by with not many people coming in - it was a pretty cold day!

If I hadnt been lucky enough to have had some lovely neighbours, Kate and Claire, to chat to, it would have been a long old day.

Still, it was well worthwhile going and I came away having had a good time.

Now its full steam ahead with the Xmas preparations!!!!!!!


How are yours coming along????

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