Thursday, 17 March 2011

Summer stripes


Hardly (brrrrr)!!!

But on such a grey, chilly day, this cushion makes me think of summer.

The stripes are reminiscent of those extremely hard and sweet sticks of rock you used to buy to take back for your friends when you were on holiday by the sea ( or am I showing my age here?).

Or it reminds me of deck chair stripes.

Either way, its summery!!!

Made from  a vintage floral barkcloth fabric and a new thick cotton stripe, it is rather cheery.

The stripe which looks turquoise is actually more green than it appears - funny that the camera just wouldn't reproduce the right colour.

I've had this before, it can't cope with bluey greens very well for some reason and I've tried changing the colour settings but it didn't make any difference.

As it so dull today I've edited this post to add a few blue sky photos from the Lake District

And I thought some strawberries might be nice too!!

Hope the sun is shining where you are!


  1. Another lovely cushion..and what beautiful photos! We stayed in the 'Lakes' last year.The scenery is stunning. :0)

  2. Lovely pics. Is that Ullswater? Like your chair too. I would love my own chair!

  3. Yes, the Lakes scenery is dramatic and beautiful.
    Karen, you are right, the photos where you can see boats is Ullswater where we stayed at Pooley Bridge. The first one was looking down to Grasmere having walked from Rydal - lovely walk and views! The others I think may have been Buttermere and Loweswater - both beautiful.
    Would love to go again

  4. Lovely pics of The Lake District - haven't been there for years, but it's great. Pretty cushion :)

  5. These are such beautiful images and very soothing. We are having such harsh heat at the moment that these pictures are such a sight to the eye.

  6. Dear Gill,
    What lovely photos of the Lake District - somewhere I have never been. Those strawberries look to die for - roll on the Summer that's what I say!

  7. Your pillows are fabulous...summer indeed! where you live, your countryside is breath taking!

  8. Your sofa is just right for flumping down on with all those snuggly cushions and the latest is such a treat for the eyes too. Deckchairs and rocks, roll on the sunny summer days!
    Lisa x

  9. beautiful that vintage fabric

  10. The sun did shine for me today but it was nice to see your lovely blue skies and strawberries anyway!!!!
    Love your cushion and I'm afraid I remember that rock to!! :)
    Vivienne x

  11. Lovely cushion, Gill. They all look so perfect on your cream sofa. We used to have an almost identical suite, but between the cats and the children they were ruined - I miss them very much.
    Beautiful blue skies, we've had a few down here this week and it does make you feel springy - perhaps not quite summery yet!
    Becky x

  12. Beautiful cushions!!!! And stunning photos too. This winter seems to have lasted so long and I am aching for summer now x

  13. Lovely cushions! Love the stripes :)
    And thanks a lot for sharing those sunny pictures with us!

    Best wishes,

  14. Another gorgeous cushion. We still bring back sticks of rock from the seaside, just don't mention it to the dentist. I'm looking forward to lots of strawberries this summer, I've just increased the amount of plants at the allotment so I'm hoping for a good harvest.

  15. Hello there, Love the cushions and fab photos of the Lake District. I have only snap-shot memories of the Lakes from a visit as a child. Would love to go back there some day. Slightly out of season when it's not too mad. C.x PS. Beautifully sunny here today - long may it last....

  16. Your cushions look so pretty, arranged there on the white sofa. Just want to flop down there with my knitting and stay awhile. :)

    Ohhhhh, the Lake photos--swoon--that's a slice of heaven. Thanks for sharing them!

  17. So love your cushions, so beautiful.
    And am so pining to be in The Lake District. one of my favorite places.
    Really awesome mountain bike treks there.
    and hiking and coffee shops...........
    Have a great weekend,

  18. Beautiful pictures! A real pick-me-up! Cx

  19. Ok, these are just too pretty. Do you know that I can barely thread a needle. I always appreciate other people's sewing and crafting talent. The Lake District is some place I would love to visit one day. I have seen pictures on some other blogs and they are always breath taking.


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