Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday bits and bobs

It was glorious here this morning

 For the first time this year I hung my washing out to dry

Cleaned the wrought iron cafe table and chairs

Had my (late) breakfast outside

Cleaned the large blue painted wooden garden table

Had my lunch outside

Made Raspberry Flapjacks

As well as all the other boring bits and bobs

After picking up my daughter we took Logan along to the large pet centre at our local garden centre to visit the staff there and to buy him a new collar, lead, harness,name tag and car strap - it's brilliant, you can take dogs in on a lead into the pet area as they have a separate entrance from the car park!

We visited there for the first time the day before we got Logan to get a few things in readiness for him, and the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable and encouraged us to bring him in to show them.

So today they met Logan and thought he was pretty cute!  
He was carried around and petted and spoilt and given treats whilst we had our personal shopper coming round with us and holding our purchases for us - they are brilliant here! They are trained, can offer advice on nutrition and all sorts of things - a bit like the chemist is to the Drs, the Pet Centre are to the Vet!

They even do engraved name tags whilst you wait, and offer a micro chip service!
Here is a rather blurry picture of Logan wearing his smart new collar and red bone shaped name tag!

And with his new sqeaky newspaper toy

He had a great time last night at the Puppy party - he really joined in this time as there were only three other dogs, so less scary for him. In fact he came out of his shell so much he even got a little fresh with a female toy poodle!

This lovely wall plaque was left behind by the previous owners, and is just outside the back door so you see it every time you go in and out  - I love the words

And beneath it sits a wall planter (also left behind) which really needs a new liner, and has seen better days - tomorrow I shall squeeze in some trailing ivy to try and hide the bare patches - I just wanted to get the primulas in!

Have a lovely weekend!

NB.  Last chance for entering the giveaway tomorrow - will pick a winner on Sunday!


  1. Logan looks so smart in his lovely new collar! Did a bit of tidying up in the garden yesterday,nice to feel the warmth of the sun.
    Love that poem on the wall plaque.Enjoy your weekend! :0)

  2. A lovely post, Gill. How cute is Logan!!!!! In my village, we have a plaque with the same verse on it and I have always loved it. Lucky you to have that in your garden! Have a lovely weekend x

  3. It's mad to hear of the weather down there in the south, we've had snow today and tomorrow maybe 10cm will fall, washing out?!?!
    Pop the kettle on, I'm partial to a piece or two of flapjack, I'll be there just now.

  4. we could have one of your treats over a cup of coffee and Logan and George could play....I have a picture of George a few post back he's wearing a tutu I think in January. I'll repost it right now he needs a haircut.

  5. Glad to hear that Logan enjoyed his puppy party this week. Archie loves to have other dogs to play with. Love that photo of Logan with his newspaper toy. Your flapjack looks delicious, it wouldn't last long in our house.

  6. Lovely flowers! Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment.

    Best wishes,

  7. These first springflowers outside are great! Can't wait to see more flowers and leaves on the trees. Your doggie is soooo cute!

  8. Hi Gill!! It's so lovely to meet you and thanks so much for your wonderful comment over on my blog! So true what you said about conformity and feeling like we 'should' be doing what the media and advertisers try to push onto us... our hearts (and gut instincts) get lost in the process for some people I think.

    You live in Kent!!! Oh. My. Gosh. I swear I was born in the English countryside in a previous life... I love your trees, the look of the countryside, your general decorating style and housing style over there... I even feel like I know how the air would 'feel/smell' even though I've never been there. I've a bit of a 'thing' about Wales too, although I know that's a bit of a world unto itself!

    And, your cushions! I adore cushions, in fact I call myself a 'cushionista', so those cushions over there on your side bar are like chocolate for a chocoholic - absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous.

    Logan is VERY cute. Poodles are extremely smart dogs I hear, so he'll be a delight to have around.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and your husband sounds like the perfect husband to me!!

    Linda. xx

  9. What a lovely blog you have Gill, I love hearing about your daily life, how you have hung your washing out for the first time - this happens to me in winter - not fun! I love seeing the flowers and it's really interesting to see the countryside also. Thankyou for sharing. ps We inherited a plaque with the same verse on it when we moved into our little country cottage 18years ago. It was dug into the lawn though - it's still there - I treasure it. Michelle


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