Friday, 25 March 2011

A lavender sleep mask and other things

This is the colour of the sky this morning

If you have time, lets have a quick potter round the garden in the spring sun

Shall we start out the front?

There's the hanging baskets that I forgot to photograph a couple of days ago

Some daffodils and little blue scillas

More daffs

It is so peaceful -  the only noises are the birds singing and a cockerel crowing
( he's completely lost the plot, he crows anytime of day throughout the day),
an occasional bark and every now and then you can hear the woodpecker

round the side path past the ribes, now in full flower

quick, shut your eyes as we go past the old paint flaking oil tank, and past the wheelie bins and recycling bins, and out into the back garden

At the bottom of the garden the pink hyacinths smell really strong this morning - beautiful

And I can see some muscari out now

Lots of primulas everywhere

Then along the back border which is in full sun I can see the first few daisies are now open - can't remember what this daisy plant is with the feathery foliage - anyone know?

Now back round under the arch past the sundial

Can you spot a ginger and white cat under the shrub?

She's by the pond where she likes to dip her paws.

Past the shady rockery

and over to the bench in the corner.

And this is where Bessie spent most of yesterday afternoon!

Logan just couldnt get her to get down and play, so he did a bit of plant watching

Logan's actually a bit of a star at the moment - he has now completed his Puppy Party course!

He was given a certificate, a bag of dry complete food (which I think he loves better than his usual dry complete food!) and a bright blue furry Kong called a wubba!!!

The course has been incredibly useful to us as well as great fun for socialising Logan.


Yesterday I made a Sleep Mask for my daughter - about the third one! 

 I have put a few spoonfuls of lavender behind the wadding and the fabric so its lavender scented, and it smells delicious when wearing it and should help her sleep.

I used a pretty floral cotton for one side and a pale lilac toile de jouy (old Laura Ashley fabric) for the other, and then made contrast elastic casing in a pretty bluebell blue and white toile type fabric

So it smells pretty too!
She is very pleased with it, thank heavens! (As she also was with a charity shop skirt I altered yesterday in readiness for a school play next week - some days I can do right!)

A couple of pieces of vintage French fabric arrived yesterday

This lovely red fabric from the 50s, a linen cotton mix with beautfiul colours, and a little softened with age. Only 99p off eBay so am quite chuffed with it, there's about 1m but only 1/2 m wide

And then this lovely vintage French ticking, very soft with age and a little faded - a bit smaller in size but still only a couple of pounds. I do find some vintage material is very expensive so am pleased with these.

Well I must get back outside - enjoy the rest of the day and have a great weekend!


  1. Bessie has a great spot there! Congrats to Logan.
    What a great idea to put some lavender in the sleepingmask. (sure that she'll have the best dreams with a little smell of lavender)

  2. What a beautiful garden, Gill! Glorious! I love the sleeping looks so glam! And well done Logan on passing his exams :) Have a lovely, sunny, spring-y weekend xx

  3. Great photos again, thanks for sharing. Love the french ticking fabric :) we took are puppy to training classes a few years ago and she loved it too!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. What a face of contentment, only a cat could manage to look so happy laid in the sun and the rest of the world can go to pot! If only we could all do that life would be grand ;o)
    I too have a weekness for ticking and I really want to get myself a proper old vintage deckchair for the summer.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Hi Gilly , thanks for the tour around your lovely garden ,reminds me of my sisters garden, she always takes me for a tour around hers when I go there every year . I have to be happy with a few plants in pots on my balcony, and with my two dogs running around its difficult to have more than that. Love any french vintage. Ciao have a nice weekend Alison

  6. What a lovely garden and weather you seem to be enjoying. We still have snow on the ground in Massachusetts! That Logan is so cute! When did he develop his interest in plants, LOL!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. So beautiful....I'm so jealous you have no snow and green grass and flowers a bloom you live in paradise! that red fabric is so it! Have a super weekend what ever you do!

  8. Your sleeping masks are lovely Gill! :)
    I love the photo of Bessie on the seat with her tail hanging down!! Congratulations to Logan on gaining his certificate, clever as well as handsome!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Vivienne x

  9. Well done puppy Logan! Sleep mask is a nice project. I might try one. The light flooding into my white bedroom is waking me rather early these days xx

  10. What a lovely Spring garden you have! The pic of puss with tail hanging through the bench made me smile.Well done're a star! :0)

  11. Such lovely garden and flower pictures, and I loved seeing how incredibly comfy Bessie looks sleeping there! Well done Logan on getting his certificate! The sleep masks are very pretty - adding lavender is a wonderful idea. Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  12. Well done to Logan.
    That bench looks like a great spot to enjoy a cuppa in the sun.
    Your eye mask idea with the lavender is a great idea.
    Lisa x

  13. Hi Gill and Logan...and Kitty too

    loved strolling with you in the garden...i have those ribes flowering too...i LOVED seeing everything...all so pretty and SPRING !!!

    Logan's tail goes all the way up like my Teddy's....and YES !!!! aren't these poodles just so much FUN !!! Teddy is the center of my life...we just ADORE i know you do your Logan...

    hugs to all
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  14. Hi Gill

    Lovely photos of your garden. Thank you for the tour. The eye mask is fab, especially with the lavender. Can't wait to see what you'll do with the vintage fabrics.

    Logan is so sweet. It's lovely to see that he and Bessie get on so well.

    Have a good weekend.


  15. What a lovely garden. Not so green here in New England. Logan really looks like an expert in plants. Too cute! Another really interesting as well pretty post. Enjoyed my visit today.

  16. My daughter always wears a sleep mask in bed, though her's doesn't have lavender in it, what a great idea. Will you be taking Logan to training classes now his puppy parties have ended? We took Archie to a few, but stopped when the cold weather came.

  17. Lovely photos of your garden, the feathery leaved thing looks like feverfew it has little daisy like flowers and is good for headaches.Love the eyemask, putting the lavender oil in is a great idea. Love Linda x

  18. Love the sleep mask. I have an old chinese silk dressing gown that has seen better days and I'm thinking of making sleep masks with it. Did you use a pattern or make it up? C.x


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