Thursday, 13 August 2015

Summer Round Up

As usual it's been ages since my last post.....once again I don't know where the weeks go, but anyway, here I am!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer holidays.

We have been pretty lucky with sunshine and dry days here in our part of Kent for the most part this summer, but we have just had a dark and gloomy morning with torrential downpours accompanied by thunder and lightening - but good for the garden we cry! 

Life for me at the moment revolves around my space at The Loft Room in Brenchley, where I am lucky enough to share studio and showroom space with two lovely creative ladies who have become good friends.

In between being there several days a week "working", I am as usual struggling to keep the house and garden not looking too neglected, and making sure we at least have clean clothes to wear, food to eat, and a vaguely tidy living room and kitchen even if the rest of the house resembles a tip!

But if I don't turn my back on it all, I don't get any sewing done!

I haven't taken so many photos in the garden as usual this year as I've been too busy, but here are a few highlights.

Despite having some lovely new raised vegetable beds put in I didn't get time to plant anything except one bed of curly kale and cabbages......first time in years without homegrown runner beans and french beans!

Hopefully next year I'll find more time.

On the sewing front I've been making a few more Cathedral Window pincushions as they have been popular as gifts in The Loft Room and I only have a few remaining. These little ones I sewed by hand.

I've also started making stock for the big 3 day Midwinter Fair I am doing with the other two ladies at The Loft Room at The Wealden Times Midwinter Fair, Bedgebury in Kent....we'll be having one large stall with all our three products combined. 

This is the photo we sent as an example of our goods when applying to the Fairs organisers, and we were so excited to be accepted.

It's really quite daunting though, so much stock to make!

I have been making some pocket tissue holders from natural linen with contrast lining and edge for gifts, teachers presents and stocking fillers.

And I've started making some Christmas decorations in August although I am struggling with getting into the mood!

Luckily I have some stock left over from last years Fairs so I'm not completely starting from scratch.

I've also been busy sewing childrens aprons which have been in great demand, especially those covered in dinosaurs, pirates and cars! Not my usual style but its good to make something different for a change!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays, lets hope the sun comes back soon. Thank you for visiting me here and thank you for all your comments on my last post!

Spring Colour at Great Dixter for a grey day!