Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New books!!!

I have been a bit naughty these last few week whilst the weather's been very unspringlike (blame the weather you see), and have spent more time and money buying a few books on amazon and ebay than I should have.

Today the last of the books I'd adored  ordered arrived - and that was a genuine, (freudian?) mis-type which I thought I'd leave in - my mouth dropped open when I saw what I'd typed!!!.

So, first up

Now I hadn't  followed Elspeth Thompson's blog for very long before finding one day, with great shock and sadness, that she had tragically died.  I hadn't known her books and I had no idea she had written and collaborated so many design books, particularly with Tricia Guild of Designers Guild, whose fabric designs and colours are always so incredible. 

So although I look forward to reading this, the experience will be tinged with sadness for the author.

This another book I have been meaning to buy - having always had a thrifty bent of mind, I'm sure I shall enjoy this - has anyone else read this??

If anyone else is of a thrify leaning, Daryl's last couple of posts will be of particular interest over at Vermont Cottage. Yesterday she blogged about decorating ona budget, today she blogs about clothes on a budget, a subject close to my heart being a real clothes lover without the budget to match my tastes!

On that subject, this book arrived yesterday - it has been on my want list for a little while, and I gave in on it as I couldn't resist the idea of wearing a little skirt like the one on the front cover!

That skirt is gorgeous to my mind!
I love the simple design with the original mix of fabrics, and couldn't help but think what a brilliant way of using thrifted fabrics rather than having to buy a couple of yards of new fabric - you can mix new with old or completely use recycled fabrics and create a totally unique skirt! Or, if you have the budget for it, as suggested in the book you could treat yourself to 4 or 5 fabrics from  a matching range.

You can play around with the detailing or keep it simple

There are also some great tunic tops and tunic dresses in the book - again, a fairly straightforward but extremely flattering style for all shapes and sizes, as is the skirt - no unflattering gathered waist.

And best of all, the basic patterns are included at the back of the book - it's all there ready for you to get sewing!

So I am looking forward to having a go at making a skirt or two for my daughter and myself, along with some tunic tops and dresses.

Also bought this a few weeks ago - the new series of Gardener's World with Monty hosting starts this Friday evening, so I understand - something to look forward to.

And then for a little light bedtime reading, there's this book which I bougt a few weeks back  - I rarely watch TV as I find I'd rather read, sew or crochet in the evening - am finding this a tad boring at the moment I must confess, as I am still in the early part of the book where he seems to be obsessing about childhood bedtime memories - I have hopes that such a classic book must improve!!  

Also some new fabric arrived

and a sweet little vintage scarf  from eBay which, when I finally get around to setting up a small online shop, will probably go into my Vintage section.

Hope you all have a great day, I'd better go get on with mine!!!


  1. Ooh, lovely books. You have had a bit of a fest!

    Do take photos of your makes from that gorgeous sewing book. They are seriously JUST my cup of tea! I'm particularly drooling over the first skirt and then that beautiful green swirly tunic top. *sigh*

    I, like you, had just started reading Elspeth's blog when she died. So terribly sad.


  2. I was pleased to see someone else also loves to have a book fest now and then! I also discovered Elspeth's blog rather late and was completely shocked when she tragically died. I've got two of her books, and I often notice her name crop up in old magazines like Country Living.
    Have a happy week. Helen x

  3. Books are one thing I do love indulging in.At the charit shop mainly.Love the sewing book and that skirt on the cover is just so pretty. I look forward to seeing your new summer wardrobe.
    Lisa x

  4. Hi Gill,

    Your books look great! I especially love the sewing book and the gardening book by Monty Don. I wish I had time to sew my own clothes. I used to do it when my girls were younger, but nowadays I have little time left to make such pretty tops or frocks like on your photo's.

    Enjoy your evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Now you've done it!!! I will have to go straight to Amazon and buy that sewing book! Grrrrr

  6. Hi Gill...I have sooo ordered that book! I love the simplicity and shape of the garments I could see. I am quite...shall we say ...curvy at the moment and I think they look very flattering. I love tunics too. And I love that they have little sleeves. But most of all I love fabric and this seems like a great way to indulge my passion with some nice stuff for summer. Thanks for the pointer! xx

  7. Hi Gill
    The Sewing Serendipity book looks interesting! I hope you will share your makes from this book???

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments!
    Having this lovely book, and having the desire to make some of the gorgeous things in it, are way different from me actually getting my act together and actually making something from it!!!
    I have numerous other books which inspired me in a similar vein when I first got them, that have sadly sat there, waiting to have something made from them.
    The point is there are too many things I want to make and not enough time!!!!!!!!
    But with this book, having now shared it, the pressure is there.......... but I couldnt keep such yumm and hopefully flattering stuff to myself could I? That would just have been selfish.
    I shall do my best to make something, and it would certainly make a change from cushions!
    However, at the moment I am experimenting with sleep mask prototypes.......No. 2 was completed to day, and this evening my quality controller found a couple of points which need addressing, I have hopes that tomorrow, No.3 will be good enough to pass her extremely high standards.
    Then I can think about one of those skirts......I've already picked out the fabric....
    Gill x

  9. What a lovely collection of books! I've not heard of any of them. I love the cover design of the first. Yes that skirt is so cute. As much as I love sewing I just 'forget' that I could make myself something :)

  10. Hi Gill it was lovely to see your new books, but particularly Elspeth's. She was a very dear friend of mine during the early years of high school and although we formed different friendship groups we were very fond of one another. The last time I saw her was at a school reunion some years back and she was her usual sweet elegant self. Her death was a terrible tragedy, if only she realised how much she was loved and respected.
    Enjoy all your lovely new books...I too have a terrible habit of stocking up!
    Jane x

  11. Hi Gill, I am absolutely green with envy over your fabulous books!! Your brain must be bursting with new ideas now. I adore the skirt pattern - what a fab way to use up pieces of fabric. And perfect for your upcoming summer months! Another beautiful day here in Wellington and I am making tomato chutney as we have an over supply of tomatoes this season. I can't keep up with the little red beauties. The house smells delicious! Have a fab week.

  12. Those books look wonderful. Right up my alley. The skirts look like they're from J Jill or Boden, both of which I love. With your talent, you could whip those up in no time and I think they'd be a lot of fun to make as well.
    Thanks for the mention! xo

  13. Really loving all your books, how exciting! Makes me want to sew more!

  14. Hi Gill, these books look so so great. The covers alone are pure inspiration already!
    I saw I wasn't following officially, from now on I do.
    Have a lovely day xxx Ours is grey and windy xxxx

  15. A lovely selection of books. How I wish I could sew, the skirt on the cover of the book is so pretty. I have a pile of books at the side of my bed just waiting to be read, I never seem to have time for reading these days.

  16. I was looking at your other post about the project with your husbands shirts when you mentioned Sew Serendipity and my ears pricked up! I have just bought that book also. I am so frustrated with my wardrobe, or lack of it that I thought I would make myself something. However it is getting started, I like to make craft items that can be made relatively quickly but am a bit less keen to make clothes. Perhaps we should challenge eachother to spur us on?Have a lovely weekend, Linda.

  17. Thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog, your new puppy looks very cute. I have been reading through your posts, I'm liking the look of the sew serendipity especially since I'm in need of some springy/summery bits. Although weather might help!
    The other books look good too. Over to amazon I go.:)

  18. I'm glad you've discovered Elspeth's Wonderful Weekend Book. It's one of my favourites and has been my bible to creativity and happiness for a few years now. Her gardening books are pretty great too. If you're not familiar with them you should try to track them down :-)


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