Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recycling project

Doing a bit of hand sewing today for a change - had this project in mind for a little while now. It involves recycling my husband's old work shirts - all will be revealed in due course!

I want to get it finished before moving on to making one of those yummy skirts from Sew Serendipity mentioned in yesterdays post.

By the way, don't forget to leave a comment on 4th March posts for a chance to win the giveaways!!!

First one ends this Saturday, winner to be picked on Sunday!!!


  1. Love the little puffs youv'e made and I too was very sad to find out Elspeth Thompson had died,
    looking forward to seeing the finished article

  2. Can't wait for my Sew Serendipity book to arrive. Sis wants one for her birthday too!! x

  3. Intrigued to see what your going to make. Looking forward to seeing the outcome. Never thought of recycling old shirts before - what a good idea.
    Leah x

  4. Hi Gill,

    The things you are sewing look like scrunchies ;-). I really look forward to see what your project is!

    Happy evening & lieve groet,


  5. Hi, Just been looking through some of your previous posts and found that cute poodle - lovely. Love some of those cushion you've made too!

  6. Hi how strange, great minds think alike ,I made a couple of bracelets and tonight I was covering a tin using the same yo-yos. I'll have a look in tommorow on yours and I'll put a foto on mine maybe aswell. CIAO Alison

  7. very cute I tried to make a necklace out of these last year....can't wait!
    I'll have to go and enter your giveaway.

  8. Dear Gill, thankyou very much for the comments. Yes I know what you mean about the clothes it is more daunting. However I am in desperate need of some new clothes so I am going to tackle a skirt next week. I'll keep you posted. Happy weekend, Linda x

  9. I wonder what your yo yo's are destined for? Looking forward to seeing the project! I learnt to make them years ago at college when they were called Suffolk puffs! I love making them now as decorations for quilts and toys. Have a sunny weekend.
    Helen x

  10. I thought you were making hair scrunchies, I'm intrigued now.

  11. Hmm, sounds like you're intrigued to know what the puffs are destined for - well, to be frank I'll be interested to know too as its constantly evolving!!!
    Started with a plan but keep getting other ideas as I go, so who knows, I don't yet!It will be a surprise for all of us!
    But they are not scrunchies!But theres an idea!
    I love making these lttle puffs - when you are in the middle of making them they look like miniature mob caps or tiny shower caps!

    Gill xx

  12. Hi Gill I think we'll have to do a task together, you from England and me from Italy . Select a subject or title , then each of us will have to put on our thinking caps and come up with a creation , be it sewing , cross stitch, knitting etc........ when obviously we have the time... Ciao Alison

  13. love this project so much, must try sewing again on fabric instead of sewing paper! Thanks for all your lovely comments!


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