Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A day of acquiring

Many Thanks to you all for your lovely and helpful comments on yesterdays post!

 Have now taken a pic of the 60s fabric with the linen napkin and it does look good - many of you liked this combination, so I shall most likely make one of these, and then see what happens with the others. The toile seemed quite popular too, they always look lovely, so again I might try that too.

Yesterday seemed to be a day of acquiring things.
It started with the postman, arms full of parcels - always an exciting sight!!!(The parcels not Paul the Postman - shame on you!)

A couple of parcels full of vintage bedlinen from ebay sellers - now drying in the tumbler, so will show those pretty linens another day.

And then one from Amazon with this little beauty inside!!!!

Now this book has been on my wish list for a while, and I finally treated myself to it, my birthday being a way off yet!

Have only had a very pleasurable dipping of my toes in it as yet, but hope to find time later this afternoon to plunge in deep!

I know I will love it, as it is full of those lovely but expensive french soft, faded antique linens that I would love to have everywhere in my home, together with a load of elegant pale painted French and Scandinavian style furniture.

And believe me, I am working towards it - but slowly.

We also acquired this yesterday.

My daughter has been looking out for a chest of drawers for her bedroom - we rarely do new furniture so she knows the game.

So we trot along to several extremely chilly and cavernous charity warehouses yesterday, and come away rather pleased with ourselves, with a rather fine Waring and Gillow 3 drawer chest, with slightly damaged flame mahogany veneer (I think) and bakelite handles, a nice solid well made piece with a good shape. Probably 1920/30s.
The legs are longer and more elegant than they appear in the photo, there is more to them than appears to be the case!

Note the crochet doily mark!!!
Now that didn't bother us in the shop as we bought it to paint.

BUT we get it home, I look at it a bit more closely and think, it is actually rather a good piece.
I don't like painting decent pieces really.
Then husband comes home and sees it and declares it too good to paint, we need to get it professionally sorted.
This will be another piece, like this one

Bought for not very much, originally to be painted, but still in all its brown glory.
Awaiting its fate, to either be restored or painted.
My dream of painted furniture everywhere put on hold again unless I just go for it.

We also acquired this circa 2000 rather comfy feather filled footstool/ottoman for the sitting room, which I'm actually rather pleased with, for twenty quid!

Its in perfect condition, very well made and good quality, and both the feather cushion cover and the base cover can be removed for washing.
And when I tire of the fabric i can recover it!

Ignore the gold walls (if you can!), havent yet had time to decorate this room either!

Sorry there is a lot of brown pics in this post, not a very eye candyish post I'm afraid.

I am needed for games I think, so I must go.

Have a great day!

P.S  Now edited for a bit of Brightness!



  1. Hi Gill just to say the cushions look great all together on the bench. I also have that book ,really interesting and with the patterns aswell . Seems like a nice chest you picked up . Ciao from a sunny Turin.... Alison

  2. Boy, were you a busy gal! Sometimes I opt for simple pine pieces or unfinished pieces so there's no "it's too nice to paint". I think your honey is right on that one, though. It's really nice.

  3. It looks like you had a great day yesterday. Your cushions look so pretty all together on the bench. I love your sideboard, definitely too good to paint. Logan is such a cutie.

  4. Yes,I agree,that sideboard is too nice to paint..and it will restore beautifully.You have acquired some very nice pieces,you have a good eye for these things.Thanks for your lovely comments,I think a tutorial would be a great idea! :0)

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comments you always leave me...what a sweet friend you are.

    I soooo love French General...I got to meet Kaari Meng and take one of her classes. She is delightful!

    Hugs and love to you. xoxo

  6. Beautiful cushions, beautiful flowers and lovely pets! I love the look of your crafty projects and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. It's nice to have people appreciate what you do isn't it? Congratulations to you too and I'll be reading about your future projects and beautiful handmade items :-)
    Pamela xx

  7. Hi Gill, I am afraid I disagree with your husband about the chest of drawers. I think it would be much prettier if it was painted and you sold the bakelite handles and put new ones on.I love the look of the book you bought, isnt it such a joy when you get a new book, especially through the post? Have a happy day, Linda x


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