Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ta Da!!!

Two posts in one day????

Yes, but I just had to show you, I have AT LAST managed some sort of collage!!!!!!

Still not quite sure how I did it as I have tried every which way so its still to be seen whether I can repeat it! Not quite sure which method worked in the end. And I have used far too many photos in my enthusiasm, but hey, I DID IT!!!

And another!!!

Oh yes, theres no stopping me now!!!


  1. That's great! When you find out how..can you tell me how you did it please?! :0)

  2. OOh lovely.

    Have you tried yet? That's where I do editing (that is make my rubbishy photo taking look better) and collages. I love it. I have the paid for premium package but there is lots for free.
    Ali xx

  3. Hi Gill. I'm so glad you came to say 'hello', it's lovely to meet you!

    Well I am extremely impressed with your collage and have definite linen envy!

    Logan deserves a special mention too, what a pop-him-in-your-pocket cutie!

    Heather x

  4. What a beautiful collection of fabrics and embroidery in these last 2 posts.
    It looks like your pusscat is being very patient with the exuberant (sp?) Logan :)

  5. What a gorgeous blog you have. Your embroidery collection is vast. Looking forward to many more visits.

  6. Sorry Gill, I missed this post, your collages are fab! Love Linda x


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