Friday, 25 February 2011

Flowers and Cushions

Yesterday here was like spring.
It was warm and a little bit sunny, and managed to get a few photos of whats growing in the garden at the moment.

Lots of purple crocus, primulas of all different shades, snowdrops and a few daffodils out in the front garden which I haven't yet photographed.
Not sure where the iris came from, it was just kind of lying there - I suspect a bird has pecked it and then dropped it, am hoping to see more.
Was pleased to catch the dew in the centre of some of the flowers.

My daughter has gone up to London today, and its left me with a bit of time to sew. 

Yesterday I made the cushion that I posted about a few days ago. In the end I kept it very simple and plain.

For the first cushion using this pale dusky pink linen napkin, I left the front unadorned.
For the back I used that lovely 60's pinky peachy floral design that several people thought might look good. So it looks fresh and cheery on one side, and plain and simple the other so you can appreciate the woven design in the linen.

Then today I've managed to make two more - on a bit of a roll!

The first one I used more of the lovely 60s floral, a small woven napkin, and added a bit of punchiness with some turquoise floral fabric. I used a thick striped woven cotton french style ticking stripe for the bands and the back.

Then I finally found a rather scrappy piece of vintage natural coloured linen cut off the back of an old cushion from the 30s or 40s that I had been searching for, and teamed it with some cheerful french vintage style reproduction fabrics to make a pieced top and bottom.

I used a brownish/mulberryish coloured thick vintage toile for the back, adding a band of red gingham.

I have managed to work out how to add extra tabs or pages to my blog at last, so if anyone is interested there are a few more pictures of these cushions under the made by me tab, and also a few more floral photos under flowers.

This is so I don't bore you with too many photos in my posts, but if you're in the mood for more they are there!!! Also means I can add stuff without necessarily doing a post, cos it seems to take me ages some times to write a post - sometimes it eats too much into my precious family/pet/sewing time!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful half term if its that time with you, and thanks for all your lovely comments!!! I do enjoy reading them!

As a few people asked, I will post soon about the puppy party which did not really live up to its name - I suspected this would be the case as it was held at the vets!! More soon!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. OOOOOh I love the fabrics you have used...and I am crazy about toile at the moment. Gorgeous! x

  2. You have been busy, they are all made with such lovely fabrics.
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Gilly I like the grey toile cushionespecially. Yes I cross stitched that small patchwork you saw on my blog . If you like I'll send you details of pattern. French . Maybe Monday I'LL show it in full. Ciao Alison ps what lovely colours you have in yourgarden.

  4. Oh, beautiful! The cushions are so pretty, and the flowers cheered me right up. And that lovely poodle looks so sheepy and wooly, I love him! Gorgeous. :)

  5. Your flowers have me yearning for Spring, but we still have 2 feet of snow in the yard! The pillows are beautiful, I don't know which one is my favorite! However, my favorite photo is Logan! I think he should be in all your posts! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Wow,such bright and beautiful flower pictures!! And your new cushions look wonderful - you have got a lot done! I like the way you combine pattern with texture, and the way you sometimes limit the pattern so the texture can be admired -that is very clever. The puppy party at the vet's sounds rather funny! My dog wouldn't like even going to a party at the vet's, I'm afraid - he begins to shake as soon as we cross the threshold of ours! Have a great weekend!
    Helen x

  7. Beautiful pictures!
    I love the fabric you have used for the cushions, very clever........

    thank you for your comment, Lou xxx

  8. I think that first cushion is just gorgeous, lovely fabrics. It's so nice to have some colour in the garden again, your crocus look to have a sheen to them. Sorry that the puppy party didn't live up to expectations.

  9. You my dear are the best cushion creator ever! I love them ALL! How can it be so sunny and nice where you live?? Please send us some of that JOY xoxox

  10. Really loving your blog! It is so creative and inspiring! You have made so many beautiful things. Love them all!
    That’s why Fancy Vintage gives you the award for Stylish Blogger Award.
    I am new to this and have just been given one.
    I think that to receive the award there are 3 “rules”;
    1. Thank the one who gave it to you and link to their blog,
    2. Tell 8 things about yourself.
    3. Give the Award to 8 other blogs.
    Hope you like the award and find it not too hard to do!
    You can drag the Blogger award logo from my site to put onto your blog.

  11. You are so lucky to be able to sew like you do. All the pillows are lovely. Speaking of lovely the flowers couldn't be prettier.

  12. hiya- just came over to say thanks for your lovely message and for entering my giveaway!

    I hope you're still pleased with the eBay things you bought from me :)

    What beautiful things you make- if this is "life in the slow lane" how much do you make when you're in top gear??!!


  13. Wonderful flower photography and thanks for your comment on my blog - please call again!

  14. The pillows look so lovely and its great that you got some time to yourself to sew and create!


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