Thursday, 10 February 2011

Whats in a name?

What is it with names and nicknames?

Having spent the week between choosing our pup and bringing him home continually brainstorming about pet names, and having pored over numerous books to try and get inspiration for the "perfect" name, including:-

The Complete Works of Shakespeare
An Atlas
Numerous French Travel and Guide books
(my husband, G, had a thing about the pup having a French name, as poodles always seem very french, although they may have originated from Germany so some say)  
Books about Famous People
Whittakers Almanac

AND having thought about names from our favourite books, our favourite films, our favourite foods (Marmite?) our favourite artists (Dufy was a fav name of mine!), poets, authors etc etc etc

WHY is it that we still can't simply be content with just calling him by his given name, except when calling him or speaking directly to him?

 We had all sorts of names on our very long list, which then got shortened to a still very long "shortlist", and even then, on the way home with this beautiful, frightened ball of fluff quivering on our laps we were still unsure what to call him.
We all had our favourites, but could agree on none!

And then, having finally agreed that he was a Logan, the first thing we did was to start to call him anything but that!

Little Logan, Loganberry, Logie Bear (yes, not Yogie), all sorts of nonsense lovey dovey names, as well as the less flattering but more descriptive names like wee-wee boy (!), monkey boy etc!

Whatever we call him though he's definitely our boy.

It is so wet here today, so before doing the school run am just going to snuggle up in the living room
with this

and this
maybe this
 and even without this which I would love
I will still be content


  1. Being a poodle, he'll be so intelligent he'll respond to many names. My Molly gets called Molsie, Molly Poo, Mollsa, Muffin (and occasionally Cujo!) and is happy to respond to them all. It's a difficult thing, to name a pet, but I think Logan suits him :)
    ps thanks for following me!

  2. Hello Gilly
    My best friends 11 year old is called Logan and he was called Logie for a while!

    Wish I had some cake :(


  3. Hey Gilly--Followed you here from On the Verge of Snapping, where you said you have a toy poodle. He is adorable. I also have a toy poodle, she is here and there throughout my blog.

    Love your blog and it's inspired me to get out the tons of vintage linens and things I packed at my mother in laws home in 1997 when she passed away. I brought it all here and it's sitting.... waiting.


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