Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Lemon Tree

A very dear friend of mine, Julie, bought me a beautiful gift the other day as a house warming present (although I suspect my lovely kind hearted friend gave it as a cheer up gift after we were burgled!)

Complete with three REAL live lemons hanging from its branches I was absolutely thrilled and amazed to be presented with a lemon tree!

Now I am quite a reasonable gardener, having over the last few decades tended several modest sized gardens with a little success and not too many deaths (except I have NEVER had any success with Clematis Montana. You know, one of those amazing white or palest pink abundantly flowering spring clematis, which for other people just seem to flower effortlessly and with gay abandon all over their sheds, walls and fences...sigh....I have killed off quite a few of those I'm afraid to say) BUT when it comes to indoor plants..........look away now Julie!!!

The number or potted plants that have bit the dust in our house are sadly too numerous to list. Even the beautiful bright yellow Chrysanths that I bought only a week to two ago are starting to show signs of unhappiness - wilting leaves turning brown, the flowers seem healthy enough though, and the soil is plenty moist.... I think I probably over water them. Killed by kindness. Murdered by Mum.

So I feel a huge sense of responsibility with this beautiful tree which is sitting in my living room now, and I peer anxiously at it several times a day watching out for signs of leaf drop, or lemon drop or .....well, just any kind of drop or signs of unhappiness.

It came from a local nursery complete with a large double sided leaflet on caring for your Citrus plants, which is a little daunting as those leaflets always seem to dwell on the negative, on the many things that can go wrong, but very useful for the anxious owner. And Mr Italian, who runs the nursery, surely must know what he's talking about, there being lemon groves in Italy and all. In fact, we had a lovely holiday at Limone on Lake Garda which had terraces of beautiful lemon groves growing along the steep sides of the lake, so I know they like the warmth and sun.

So the question is, how will this poor unsuspecting tree manage to survive the winter in our cold house? Does anyone out there have a pet lemon tree overwintering indoors? Any advice???

I know come the warmer weather I can put it into the greenhouse and then in the summer it can stand outside on the terrace..........if its still with us that is :(

Anway, still blathering on about lemon trees, I didnt realise there is a film called the Lemon Tree. And a book. The film was made in 2008 and is set in Israel, and is about a widows fight to save her lemon grove. And as Amazon is so scarily easy to order from I have just ordered the dvd. I hope its good. Has anyone seen the movie?

So. Apart from the lemon tree, I should really be worrying about the next event about to take place in our household this weekend. The Arrival of the New Puppy!!!!!

This is not He, but hopefully what He will look like after a few weeks - how cute is this!!!!!!!! The above little pup is an apricot poodle. We are getting a Toy poodle of similar colour from a kennel club approved breeder, together with another care leaflet (gulp)
Our main concern will be introducing said He with the other furry resident, who will most certainly not be amused. In the slightest.

This is Daddys precious, who will most certainly have her pretty little pink nose put hugely out of joint.

She rules. She will not appreciate competition for the sofa, for the bed, but mainly for the Daddys lap in the evening.
Have to end up sleeping in the bread basket again then.

Have a good day wherever you are!!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment.I'm hopeless with house plants and always manage to kill them off.I don't know whether I under or over water.The only one that has survived is a 'mother-in-law's tongue'...don't know the proper name.I hope your lemon tree thrives and gives you lots of lovely juicy lemons.
    How're getting a puppy! I too had a cat when I got my first dog.They got on so well they ended up sleeping in the same basket.
    Enjoy the rest of the week. ;0)

  2. ...meant to answer your question,sorry..yes it is is Staffordshire 'New Hall,Hanley.

  3. Thankyou for being the first to leave a comment! Glad to hear Im not alone in killing off houseplants - there must be a word for it, planticide or something!

    Any tips on introducing a new puppy to an existing feline inhabitant would be most welcome!

  4. Hello! Thank you for popping in to my blog just now, it's great to find yours. I am not good with house plants myself, so can't give you any advice re your beautiful lemon tree! But I do have a poodle, (similar to the one in the picture) - ours is now sixteen years old and as he is a brown one not very photogenic - just looks like a fluffy brown ball of wool - but such a sweetie! You will have such a lovely time with your new puppy, I'm sure. Helen x

  5. Thank you for "Following" my blog and for your kind comments! How nice of your friend to bring you the lemon tree! I know the feeling of being broken in to - it's awful! I'm sorry that happened to you. Can't wait to meet your new pup! I'm sure you saw photos of my pup on my side bar, he's a cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel & Poodle mix)we adore him. You should check out Kary at, she has a poodle too! Have a lovely weekend!



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