Sunday, 13 February 2011

Vintage Linen

On such a cold, wet miserable Sunday, I hope to find a bit of time to gloat over my newly acquired vintage linens.
And then hopefully spend some time in here

starting to make some of them into cushions.
But I suspect I shall be too busy.
Enjoy your day


  1. I loved seeing your pretty crafty pictures and lovely embroidered textiles...and the cute little fluffy puppy is so adorable!! Helen x

  2. You have a lovely collection there! I have a nightdress case with the lady holding the umbrella on.
    What a sweet ball of fluff Logan is! ;0)

  3. What pretty fabrics! I doubt I'd get anything done when little Logan is waiting for a play :)

  4. Hi gilly I'm pleased to meet you. I also opened my blog in January. I live in Italy but wasborn in U.K. Come over and visit when you have the time. We also have 2 dogs , your puppy is lovely . Love all your bits of linen. ciao ALISON

  5. Your fabrics are beautiful, but Logan is cuter! What a sweet face, the face reminds me of my Duke when he was a baby!

    Stop by for some dessert when you have a moment, it's decadent!



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