Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A couple of makes..........and the next

Have managed to escape the joys of family life a few times over the last few days, and retreated into my own space to make some more vintage cushions.

But I have not been alone..........my furry babies came to hang out too, so it was very peaceful - well, it was eventually peaceful once the games of pulling, shaking and killing The Sock were over, and everyone had found themselves a seat.

So now that everyone was sitting comfortably, I was able to take this.......

and make it into this

This cushion is made from a pretty vintage hand embroidered tray cloth. It had a few blemishes so first I added a few stitches here and there to hide them, whilst still keeping true to the overall design.

I decided to add primrose yellow cross stitches all the way round the outer edge as I wanted to use a pretty vintage yellow Laura Ashley fabric for the cushion back, and thought this would look pretty.

Next up was this beautiful white cutwork and embroidered piece

which I made into this cushion

although what should have been quite a quick cushion took twice as long as I couldn't get my head round the construction order so I fluffed it first time - how I hate unpicking!!!

I have a thing about frayed edges - I love them! So I had this idea that I wanted to preserve the whole of the lovely white drawn thread detail at the edges of the traycloth and offset them with a frayed fringe behind.

just need to add some loops and buttons to the striped back and its finished.

Next up will be this lovely palest peachy pink linen napkin and crochet doily which were made for each other.

Whilst they dry, I have time to play around with choices for the back.

But which one?

Hmm..........decisions, decisions.

As I was typing this post, I just remembered this gorgeous 60s/70s pink floral fabric tucked away somewhere, so just rushed off and took a piccy or two.  Haven't seen it against the linen or lace but might work rather well...............

Which one do you think?


  1. Personally, I love the mulberry toile. You are very talented, Gill. Do you have an Etsy store?

  2. I think that last one will work well. I love the first cushion you made, so pretty. Glad to see that Bessie and Logan made themselves comfortable.

  3. They're lovely Gill. You are clever.

    I agree, definitely the last one. I picked up an old duvet cover from a CS on a recent trawl and it was very similar but in blues so I may be a little biased!


  4. Definitely the last one ,pinky floral. Nice to see what you make , I have a lady that I met on my market stall , who brings me ocassionaly old braids,ribbons bits of lace . I usually tell her to pick something that she might like that I made.So we are both happy. Ciao Alison

  5. Love the last floral one. I bought a duvet set last year in that print just in oranges and I LOVE IT!

    Your cushions are beautiful....very envious! he he!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Wow, just beautiful! The one with the primrose would go beautifully in my family room! Hint, hint! LOL!!! For the beautiful lace piece I like the tonal background, and for the back, did I spy a toile print amongst your fabric? That might look lovely! Maybe a ruffle . . . I'm sure whatever you select will be beautiful. Have a great day, I enjoyed my visit today!


  7. OOhhhh thanks for all your lovely comments and thoughts so far. Its really helpful, and so far I agree with the back being either the toile or the 60s/70s pink floral.
    They are all vintage fabrics (except the homespun which is new), and all pretty in their own way, so its difficult to decide.
    As it happens, I have found a couple more of the same napkins buried at the bottom of my treasure trove of rather musty linen, so it may be that I can try more than one back. It's too much to wash all in one go so I tend to wash a batch each time I make something, hence am always finding something I'd forgotten I had.
    Maybe an idea for a giveaway in the near future to, if it turns out well.
    Gill x

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments on my post today.I envy your sewing skills.I have a cupboard full of vintage tray cloths etc,and I would LOVE to do what you have done with yours,but I know my sewing isn't up to it and I'd probably ruin them!
    Any of those fabrics would look lovely for the back of your cushion,I would choose the check one,but then I love checks! :0)

  9. bellaboo, thanks for your comment, but you are far too kind! My sewing skills are fairly basic,not advanced by any means, I've just been doing it for a long time and maybe learnt a few tricks (the hard way, believe me - like recipes, I cannot just follow patterns, I have to do it my way and work it all out for myself - usually the hard way!) I'm pretty sure you could do the same. Maybe I should do a simple tutorial on converting traycloths to cushion covers? When I find time maybe I'll do that if it would be of use to anyone.
    Gill x

  10. p.s I love checks too.
    And ticking stripes.And florals......

  11. I loved your beautiful cushions - my favourite of all was the first one with the embroidered flowers - I loved the way you added your own stitches to it too. I couldn't decide which cushion backing I liked best...when I can't decide I usually leave it and go back later and then the best choice often seems to jump out! They would all look lovely. Well done on your beautiful sewing, and how sweet the furry friends are too keeping you company. Helen x

  12. They're all so lovely! I hate unpicking too, so do anything I can to avoid it! I love the last pink floral as a backng for the last cushion - a perfect combo :)

  13. I think all your cushions are beautiful and either way the new one will be stunning.

    You do inspire me my friend.

    Sending you oodles of love for a grand day. xoxo


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