Thursday, 17 February 2011

Something to look forward to


Actually there are the first signs of spring appearing in my new garden - one of the good things about moving house is the first year of discovery in the garden.
Already the first daffodil is out, and the promise of more to come judging by the leaves everywhere, and lots of little purple crocus are starting to come out too. There a few snowdrops still flowering, a few primulas scattered about, and thats about it at the moment except for a beautiful lenten rose just starting to open up too - I will try to get some photos later.

In the meantime, these photos are to keep up the spirits on dull grey wet days, of which we have many at the moment. They are a combination of hot house flowers shot at RHS Wisley a couple of years ago, a red paeony from my old garden, and some hyacinths and chrysanthemum from the house. 

You can just about see a butterfly in the centre photo - that was at Wisley when they had a butterfly extravaganza! They seem to have one most years in late January and February, and it is well worth a visit with children especially. Its great fun for kids, with the butterflies fluttering freely in a large hothouse with beautiful plants and flowers, sometimes even landing on you! I know they were advertising it again for this year, but it may be over by now.

have a good day!


  1. Hello, thank you so much for the lovely comment. You have a fabulous blog. I love all of your vintage linens, so pretty. Mine are all hidden in different locations around the house, I really should get them out because I have no idea what I really have.
    Logan and Bessie are gorgeous!

  2. Thank you for the fabulous flower photos! They are so bright and beautiful. I have the same flowers in my garden as you at the moment, very delicate and spring like. It's lovely to see these colourful reminders of the summer to come! Have a great weekend. Helen x

  3. These mosaics are beautiful, Gill. You make me crave Summer or at least a bit of Spring!
    Enjoy a lovely evening xxxx

  4. pleased to meet you....i think we like lots of the same things!

  5. Thank you for visiting and leaving a message, always nice to meet new bloggers.
    So glad I popped over and found your vibrant colour mosaic of flowers, the promise of things to come when the grey weather finally leaves.
    Logan and Bessie are very cute. And your crafts are gorgeous.
    Lisa x

  6. Oh, You have a lovely lovely blog! I bought some seeds to start yesterday! I have spring fever bad! It is warm today in Iowa, yay!
    Love for you to come by!
    gi gi

  7. You have a terrific blog. I love all of the flowers. Is there a way someone could forward me the Japanese flower pattern that is all the rage? I would really love to try it. Many thanks.

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments!
    Souhad, try looking at Attic 24 blog, Lucy is bound to have a link to where the japanese flower came from. Have also come across it on Vanessas lovely blog Coco Rose (sorry, am not up to doing the link thing properly)but there is a comment from Vanessa on my To Do post which you can click on to go to her blog.
    Gill x

  9. Hi Gilly it's me Alison from . I just want to tell you that I have selected you as one of the three blogs to be promoted and hopefully get you more followers around the world. T ake a look at my last post ,there you will see all the details. Hope you are pleased. Ciao ALISON

  10. Lovely blog! Gorgeous flower pics! I thought I had the world's supply of vintage linens, but I see you've got quite a bit too!! Have a good weekend!


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