Thursday, 3 February 2011

Something in the air

Outside this morning there is a feeling of spring in the air.
The birds are singing, the sun is out, but it is still cold.
But the promise of spring is definitely there.

Inspired by recent visits to both Attic 24 and Rose hip blogs, I am crocheting again, this time more trims for cushions and pillowcases. The cushion below is one of a pair I made from an original 1950/60s fabric, beautifully soft through decades of washing and wear, and edged with a soft green cotton crochet trim.

My last crocheting spree also resulted in this cushion, which I made to tie in a new painting to the living room in our old house.
And in this, my first scarf, a real labour of love for my sisters xmas present!
After the crochet pillowcase trims are finished, I must then try and finish off the crochet blanket I started last time, before starting anything new. But its so difficult isnt it? You get an idea, an inspiraton, and you just want to drop everything and get on it with it regardless of everything else!

By the way, a huge Thank You to the kind folks who visited here and left comments! It's so exciting to hear from you!
Have a great day wherever you are!


  1. you're getting a POODLE PUPPY !!!! how wonderful...i can't tell you how much joy and happiness Teddy has brought to our lives. we just ADORE this little dog....the LOVE of our life...i have 2 indoor cats and when i brought Teddy home i just let them get to know each other...and gave everybody LOTS of LOVE...i think they just need LOVE !!!!

    i will be anxious to hear about your puppy. have you picked a name?

    i will be in touch and am happy to follow

    kary and teddy

  2. I'm just the same.I'm itching to start a new crochet project,but I know if I don't get on and finish my blanket now,it will never get done!
    I love that crochet cushion of yours and the scarf too.Your sister must have been thrilled with that!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. :0)

  3. Lovely new blog, welcome to blogland! I really like your pictures. How industrious you are. I am just about keeping ahead with baby items for expected grand daughter at the end of march. Hurry up Nanny!!!


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