Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Puppy Love

Meet Logan
The photos are terrible I'm afraid - having had the cameras stolen, I have had to resort to an old digital camera of pretty poor picture quality (well thats my excuse!)

But poor pictures aside, this little Toy Poodle pup is just so adorable!
He is 11 weeks old today, and is the sweetest bundle of fluff!
He is great fun, loves to play with his new toys as well as Bessie the cat's toys, and needs an awful lot of cuddles and loving!!

Bessie is not at all impressed, and made herself scarce initially. Gradually she has been checking Logan out.

Like some undercover sleuth, she has been silently slipping into the room and observing him from a safe distance, quite clearly taking notes. Once on the move, she slowly and carefully sniffs everywhere he's been, all the time acting as if he is not there, looking everywhere but at him. Occasionally she casts a reproachful look at whoever is holding or playing with him, and remains unmoved by any attention and stroking we give her.

After a day or so of this observation and rumination, she came into the kitchen yesterday with an obviously pre-planned new strategy, jumping straight up onto the sideboard, and then on to the worktop - from her careful notes and observations she has found a weakness, and deduced that Logan stays low and cannot reach her if she is up high!

Ha!!! From this lofty position of strength, she has gained confidence, and now when they meet at floor level, instead of slinking off when he comes toddling towards her she stands her ground, facing him as he wags his tail hopefully as he tries to entice her to play. But Bessie is not a lady to be turned, and is now hissing at him in a rather inelegant manner until he gives up, looking rather baffled. Bessie then stalks off. Strike 1!

Logan is showing signs of wanting to chase after her, so that will be the next stage which will, unfortunately, so I have been warned, probably end in fisticuffs. Or fistipaws to be more precise. Not looking forward to that stage. Poor Bessie, must be terrible with this intruder coming into her ordered life.

But at the moment all is calm.
Puppy is sleeping on my lap as I type, and after a cosy weekend of puppy cuddles I am now adjusting to carrying on life with this lovely new addition to our family. Its a bit like having a new baby in some respects!!!Toilet training, feed time, cuddle time,sleep training, play time, cuddle time, feed time, cuddle time again..........Phew!
Hope to post some proper pictures soon, when I can be organised enough to think to take photos whilst he is not actually on my lap at the time!

Enjoy this glorious sunshine!
(Sorry, my photos are of the spontaneous kind  including background detritus, rather than the beautifully composed artful arrangements seen on other blogs that I so envy and aspire to!)


  1. Aaah,Logan is adorable! What a little poppet.You are going to have so much fun.
    I can well remember when Bella arrived on the scene and how she took up ALL my time and energy,as you say just like a baby.She was SUCH a rascal..I'm sure Logan will be a lot better behaved.As for Bessie,don't worry too much,it's amazing how animals sort things out and learn to live together and tolerate each other.Logan will learn not to mess with Bessie.One quick swipe of the paw and he'll get the message!
    Looking forward to following puppy's progress. :0)

  2. oh...what a little sweetie Logan is....LOVED seeing all of this and YES!!!! it is very much like having a baby in the house. So much FUN !!!

    i just love it too....Logan is just darling...
    Teddy turns ONE tomorrow...i can't beleive how FAST it went by. Enjoy every single minute of it. Teddy has brought us so much joy and happiness...we just can't imagine our life without TEDDY !!!! and we still have some kitty trouble too...but whiskey and dande jump to higher ground...and it seems to work itself out....so HAPPY to see this....there is no greater joy than a PUPPY...Welcome little Logan...

    sending love and warm greetings,
    kary and teddy

  3. what a cutie, and I love your cat too! thanks for visiting my blog, looking forward to coming back here and seeing what you get do, have fun xxx

  4. Logan is just adorable! A bundle of joy! Love Vanessa xxx


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