Tuesday, 15 February 2011

To Do

 As it seems to be another wet day here, although the sun is trying hard to come out, I shall pick some Nice indoor jobs to do off the To Do list, and ignore the Nasties. After the chores of course ;)

 There is marmalade to label and add pretty fabric tops to. Have made two batches in the last week, both from the same recipe yet both have come out a different colour. The second batch took longer to reach setting point and hence is darker and richer in colour. Hope it tastes as good as the first batch.

There is my stash of vintage linens to sort - have got an extra set of shelves in the sewing room now so can finally unpack, sort and shelve the two boxes of linen and lace won at auction last year, together with other vintage linens and fabrics and the new additions from last week, now washed and pressed.

 Then hopefully, like my other fabrics, I can see what I have and find what I want.

Then I might try and start making some cushions, time and pup permitting!

If the weather clears up and I have time, Logan and I might pot up the pretty primulas bought last week and  waiting patiently on the table.

Then if there is time in the evening after dinner, I will try and put the borders round two more squares of crocheted granny squares, then join them to start the beginnings of a blanket. 
Crocheting is something I can do with a sleeping pup on my lap! (as is blogging and computer stuff!)
 These crochet squares are an Attic 24 design I started last year thanks to Lucy, her inspirational colours and designs, and wonderfully clear instructions. Just love her latest Japanese flower post - want to try those!

Have a happy day wherever you are and whatever you are doing!


  1. Hi Gill, what beautiful fabrics - I'd really enjoy looking through your collection of goodies. I love old fabrics, but lace mostly. It's difficult to use it though as some of it is 'just too pretty to use'.
    Give Logan a tickle from me :)
    ps. the granny squares are lovely - I really like the colours you chose.

  2. Just popped in to say hello! I love your Hyacinths, such a lovely colour! Your marmalade looks completely yummy. I am inspired to make some!

    Your fabric stash is gorgeous, I am in awe of anyone who has mastered the sewing machine, something I have set myself to do this year. My sewing machine and I have to get to know each other better!

    Your crochet is beautiful. Lucy is inspirational. Her japanese flower is great. I started making some. What started as a scarf, has become a shawl, and might even become a bedspread! Not sure yet! ha ha

    I hope the weather improves for you today..and have a super week!

    Vanessa x

  3. So loving your basket of vintage fabrics, love your organisation!
    And so love your embroidered tablecloths, always searching for them, so hard to find, love all your jams too.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Gill.
    A blog full of beauties, can't wait for more.
    Ali xx

  5. Your post with all those gorgeous fabrics and crochet..well it's a feast for the eyes on such a dull day.Give Logan a BIG cuddle from me! :0)

  6. I love all your pictures in this post! The hyacinths look so beautiful, and the fabrics and crochet are gorgeous. Enjoy your week. Helen x

  7. Hello Gill! Thanks for popping over to Apples and Pears and leaving a lovely comment. It has also alerted me to the existence of your lovely blog! Who could have imagined that there would be so many gorgeously crafty ladies with fantastic blogs out there!!! :) Andrea x

  8. hi Gill...i love everything...the flowers..the jam...the crochet...and you know i LOVE little Logan...give her a hug from Teddy and me !!!!

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  9. I just discovered your blog - everything is so lovely.
    What wonderful fabrics you have there in the baskets and your crochet is beautiful!



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