Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Logans Run

Sorry, I just had to be allowed to use the title once !!!!

It's amazing how quickly Logan's confidence is growing - only a few days after arriving at his new home, he is now happy to go off exploring the house on his own.  

One minute he's there under our feet, the next there is no sign of him.
But call his name, and he comes rushing back in. It is lovely to see him being braver by the minute, and exploring every where. Sometimes you can tell where he's been by a little tell tale puddle.

He is also being much bolder regarding his dealings with Bessie.
He gave chase for the first time yesterday, provoked by a badly timed leap down from the worktop by Bessie. It all ended peacefully as Logan didnt push his luck once he had her cornered. So she is keeping a low profile today, presumably planning the next campaign.

The two of them did seem to communicate for the first time yesterday too - huge progress. Facing each other, Bessie mewed then Logan did a little bark. Not sure if they were being polite or declaring war. Maybe the start of living arrangement negotiations? You can have the living room whilst I have the kitchen? You can have Dad's lap tonight, I'll have Mums? Who knows?


  1. I was always wary when Bella was usually meant she was up to no good!
    Sounds like Bessie and Logan are going to get along just fine. :0)

  2. what a little doll...she is just adorable...thank you for the birthday greetings for my kind and thoughtful of you. we are celebrating with vanilla ice cream tonight...his favorite !!!!

    kary and teddy

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. The puppy is really cute.

  4. So so cute!
    Have a lovely evening x

  5. OMG, he is soooo darn cute! I just want to pick him up and hug him! There's nothing like a puppy! All the best with your new family member! I'm sure he'll bring joy to your home!


  6. Hi Gill, thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Your ittle guy is so sweet! My family has had poodles as pets all my life. Now I am mother to an amazing Labradoodle. So much fun!
    You little guy has made me your newest follower so I can see him grow :)

  7. Ahh Logan is adorable! I'm sure he and Bessie will settle down together and be the best of friends. Pets usually seem to know they belong to the same family and end up curling up together, don't they?! Enjoy your little pup! Helen x


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