Monday, 18 April 2011

What lies within?

All images from Vintage Home Tumblr

Do you find images of interesting doorways, entrances, doors and windows fascinating?

After "oohing and aahing" at the prettiness of a window colour, the daring brightness of a wall, or the beauty of the flowers around the door etc, I then start to wonder about what lies beyond.

To me they beg all sorts of questions such as who lives here, what kind of people are they, why did they paint their door/window like that, what do they do, how do they live etc etc etc?

Which images do you like and what do they make you think?


  1. Hi Gill, lovely images. Yes I adore lovely doorways and windows and love to get a sneaky peek into someone elses home. Thankyou so much for filling me in on "milkmaids" I will check it out when I get some time.Love Linda x

  2. Hello :)
    I love the bright blue door with the red flowers in front of it....I want to live behind that door x
    ps glad I'm not the only one who can't let go of their fabric stash :)
    love from Jane x x x x

  3. Those doorways are very inviting! If the interiors are anywhere near as pretty as the outside.... If not, just think what we could do with them! Cx

  4. Oh Gill, they make me think of France, only 3 weeks to go!!!
    I did a blog post on French doors and windows when I came back from holiday last year, I just love all those beautiful colours, flaky paint and shutters. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Lots of the photos make me think of France too, aswell as other mediterranean countries too!
    And yes, the doorways are inviting!

    Sorry I keep messing with the look of my blog at the moment, but I just can't decide how I want to look! Am now happy (for the moment anyway!)so apologies if its been confusing!

    Gill xx

  6. Gorgeous pictures, Gill. I love the wisteria at the top (mine's not that far on yet, but I'll post a photo when it's fully out), but the picture that makes me go aaah and instantly relax, is the one of the steps with campanula growing, and is that a pale pink valerian coming in on the left? It looks so soft and pretty, and the light is shining at the top - so inviting!
    Jane x
    PS Love the new header photo - perfect!

  7. I loved all these pictures, Gill! I really liked the ones that reminded me of France - the little streets lined with flowers, and my favourite is the wisteria one. We planted a wisteria at the back of our house last year and I can't wait to see it covered with blooms like that pic. (Might be waiting quite a while yet though!)
    Helen x

  8. Fabulous pictures! They all look very inviting! Thanks for your comment - I'm exhausted now! Abby x

  9. What a lovely collection of photos, they make you want to step into them and yes I always wonder about the owners of really nice properties.
    The wisteria is very striking but the stone steps and blue cottage door are my favourites.
    I think I enjoy fiddling with the style and colours of my blog more than actually writing anything, which probably doesn't bode well for a new blogger!:-)x

  10. Love all the photographs, stunning and inspiring.
    I love windows and doorways too.
    I particularly have a love for anything rusty or peeling.
    Must dig out those photos one day!

  11. Dear Gill,

    Simply lovely photo's!! I am going to scroll through them one more time, to have a closer look.

    Happy evening & lieve groet, Madelief

  12. All these images make me dream away, Gill. I love the blue doors and the wisteria in the first picture.
    Have a lovely evening, my friend xxx

  13. I love all those images especially the ones with the painted coloured walls and the plants growing up and around the walls. It make me feel warm and and brings the romance out for me, i to wonder like you, i think its good to wonder about the life's behind doors its our creative brain painting stories for us. dee x

  14. Lovely jigsaw puzzles!!! xx

  15. Doors, windows and winding pathways all fascinate me but I would really like to see what is inside the lime green house! x

  16. I love them all! Especially the blue one! I like to think that happiness lies behind each door!

  17. Gorgeous pics, there is nothing like a beautiful entrance to a house... it's like a lovely first impression which makes you want to venture inside! Pop over to my blog when you get a mo to see result of my giveaway! ;) Sarah x

  18. Oh, Gosh... what stunning pics Gill. Take me there now!

  19. I love the stone steps with the blue campanula creeping in every crevice and I just want to follow them up to see where they lead. All stunning pitures and I would love to expore them all. If only!
    Becky x

  20. These are wonderfully welcoming exteriors. So the people inside must really love life! Such colorful and beautiful doors, windows, walls, garden walks.

  21. A much needed getaway.....a great glass of wine, a lovely walk.....Bliss!
    Happy Easter, Momma!


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