Saturday, 23 April 2011

Poppy, Patchwork and Pets

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post!

Those cheesecake brownies really are worth a try, and, if they last that long, they are even better next day after being in an airtight tin as they go STICKY!!!!

Double Yummy!!!

I hope you can read the ingredients OK, please leave a comment if you can't and I'll type them up - was such a long post I took a short cut by taking a pic of the recipe.

We were driving out and about in the countryside yesterday and could see where the dandelion "fluff" was coming from - for miles around here on every grass verge and in many a field (including the enormous fields where the car boot is on tomorrow and BH Mon - atishoo!!) all you can see is a sea of yellow dandelion heads, and of course those that have gone to seed - and there's a lot more to come judging by all the yellow heads, so its not the ones in your garden that are the problem, it's the millions in the surrounding fields and verges.

So I guess it might be mainly a countryside thing (although my sister lives in a town and is getting them too!)

Still, white dandelion fluff is better than the flying ant days which we usually get a few times in the late spring/summer!

See? Empty chair!!!

And just in case you got the wrong idea from my pics and you think I spend all day lolling around in the garden with my feet up, I can assure you that chance would be a fine thing!! ;0

 It is usually for a treasured 5 or 10 mins once or twice a day with a cuppa and the photos were spread over several days ( unless I am sewing )!

I leave the real lolling for the furry babies

As anyone in my family will tell you, I cannot sit idle for longer than a few minutes (unless I have sewing or a good book or magazine........;0  ) without having to get up and do something that's caught my eye in the house or garden, and then one thing leads to another, so don't be envious - its not as leisurely as it might look!
 (and of course I leave out mention of all the boring housework, vacuuming, washing up, cooking, hanging out washing, grass cutting, visit from the oil boiler man (the tank is leaking, eek!!! and oww!! thats going to be expensive, a new tank needed ) trips to the vet/dentist/shops etc that has gone on in between the treasured "sits" this week!!! )

Footnote - it is not my foot!!! It is not I who is lolling, it is she who studies!

But I have made time for an important project that has to be ready for tomorrow afternoon when I see my sister and her family.

My little niece Poppy is 2 1/2 years old, and cannot walk unaided yet as she has Cerebral Palsy.

 But she can race around with her walker, and as she starts nursery school for a couple of afternoons a week after Easter, she needs a little bag to hang from her frame so she can carry things.

So this is what I've made her.

She likes butterflies and wanted her name on it, so I've made the bag reversible.

There is cheerful patchwork on one side (both front and back including butterfly fabric) 

and a bright fabric for the other

and her name embroidered in turquoise chain stitch on a pocket( for small things such as crayons).

It has four separate handles that attach by velcro so you can hang the bag over the frame. I just need to stitch on the four velcro strips which is why I cant show a photo of the straps!

The good news is that even though she can't walk unaided yet, Poppy's muscle tone is improving so she should one day be able to walk without her frame.

I have also started a new project in the evenings

these are tiny hexagons which are being hand stitched together

and will form the centre of a cushion

You can see Logan's toys strewn about the hall in the background!

And am plodding on with quilting Bellas Birthday Quilt

I WILL finish this soon, but it is so large as I have made a double or nearly king size one as I knew she would be wanting a larger bed - she had a single when I started it a couple of years back, and now has a double!

I wanted to make her one that she could take away to uni and use as an adult.

It is further advanced than above, which was taken a few days before her birthday when I finally laid it all out for layering and basting, a mammoth task which took several days on and off to complete.

not yet basted and quilted

 I have now hand quilted a fair amount of it "in the ditch" but need to put in more detailed quilting along the long joining strips and bind the edges.

not yet basted and quilted

Well, I need to get outside now and get on with gardening jobs - finish mowing the lawn, plant out the sweet peas and sow more seeds amongst other things.

 We are at home today (yippeee!) although maybe out to friends for dinner tonight, but no need to go out as went out yesterday to do all the necessary food shops, and are out all day tomorrow car booting in the morning and visiting relations in the afternoon.

I do like pottering at home - can put on scruffy comfy clothes and get on with whatever jobs take my fancy!!!!

Hope you have  a wonderful Easter weekend too!!!


  1. Hi Gill, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! You have been making some wonderful things. Bella's quilt is just beautiful; the colours are so restful and pretty. I'm sure Poppy will love her bag :) and your hexagon cushion is going to be lovely too. All those pretty things!
    Have a great weekend
    Jane x

  2. Hi Gilly never a dull moment. The little bag is so sweet .Love the patchwork and work in progress. Hope you have a good day at the boot.Happy Easter Ciao Alison

  3. Gilly you are amazing there are not enough hours in the day...I'm impressed I love her little Poppy bag that is so sweet! and your three lounging babies!
    Have a blessed Easter!

  4. Hi Gill,

    Wow, how do you do all those things?!! Love the bag and the quilt. I think your niece will be very happy with her present.

    I wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. Hi Gilly,
    I love your bag for Poppy!!! She is going to love it's bright beautiful colors, it will make every day cheerful for her when she sees it!
    Have a wonderful Easter with your family!
    Chris :o)

  6. It's easy for us bloggers to look as if we live the life of luxury daily and no "real life" happens...but we know beter don't we?! Of course real life happens...more so than the luxurious times actually...they just don't make for the best photos!
    I absolutely love Poppy's's so bright and happy, she is going to treasure it forever. How special it will be for her to have that with her at her new school, it will be as if you are there with her.
    Happy Easter Gilly...have a lovely weekend!!
    xo J~

  7. What a lovely post i don't know what to comment on first. Love your animals bless them so cute my cat Timmy has been loving lying in the garden in the sun like yours ;-) What a lovely thoughtful little bag Poppy will love it and it will be so useful for her, love the patchwork idea for it. Love your hexagons to i will look forward to seeing how your cushion turns out, i love hexagons they are so relaxing and satisfying to make, i am in the process of quilting my hexagon quilt by hand its a time consuming job but its enjoyable. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  8. Your sewing is just beautiful! How lucky your friends and family are to receive your handiwork. We rec'd a stunning Irish Chain quilt in blues and greens with shamrocks on the border - I plan to post on is soon.

    Your pets a adorable, but Logan has my heart! What's he working on? LOL!!

    Happy Easter!


  9. What a gorgeous little bag, Poppy will love it!
    The quilt is absolutely beautiful. :)
    Yes, pottering days are lovely and the weather has been so good for pottering lately.
    Have a lovely Easter Gill!
    Vivienne x

  10. You make so many lovely things I'm sure Poppy will love her bag (what a sweet name she has).
    I know what you mean about flitting from one job to another. I do that, mostly out in the garden I will walk past a weed and then suddenly I have been very side-tracked and have started a whole new job. Oh well.
    I hope you are having a relaxing Easter :)

  11. My goodness, Gill, you are busy! I adore it all--most especially the sweet patchwork bag for Poppy. She will love it, I know. And hand quilting? Go girl, that's something I cannot do. :)

  12. Your patchwork is heavenly, Gill. And that little bag for Poppy....just gorgeous! xxx

  13. Gorgeous bag and so many other pretty things.
    Happy Easter.

  14. What a gorgeous bag, I'm sure Poppy will be delighted with it. I bet she's looking forward to nursery school, my two couldn't wait to go once they knew there'd be loads of toys to play with. I think you've been very sensible with Bella's quilt, she would have grown out of a single size in no time, now she has something which will last for years to come, and so it should after all the work you've put in to it. I had to laugh at Logan's toys, Archie is just the same, toys strewn everywhere, it's like having a toddler in the house again. Hope you're enjoying your Easter break.

  15. Busy, busy, busy! Clearly no lolling about here, Gill! Lovely WIPs. I'm sure Poppy will love her bag and it will be very useful.
    Becky x

  16. Wow I feel quite worn out with all you do Gill! The garden is looking stunning. I love Poppy's little bag and your daughters quilt is really beautiful. I havn't the patience to make a full size quilt, I always make cot quilts or miniatures! I hope you'll have a little rest now, love Linda x

  17. Hi Gill,

    New follower! I, too, love creating textile art with recycled, vintage and scrap materials. Just can't stop making things. I mainly make quirky little fashionista cloth dolls but have a go at everything. Please have a look at my blog sometime. Keep up the great work! xxx


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