Thursday, 7 April 2011

"Blue skies, la la la la!!!! "

Isn't it crazy to get such a high from blue skies and sunshine!!!

Can't help it but I do - my spirits soar, I have the energy of an 18 year old (and sadly behave like one too, taking the stairs two at a time, dancing around with the dog, etc!) I feel at peace with the world, at one with myself, the joys of spring and all that and all the other feel good cliches you can throw in!!!

So without further ado
(and so I can get out in the garden ;0   )
  I want to share with you some of that feel good feeling ( and yes, you know that means pets and garden and flowers!!!!!!  But I've thrown in a few other piccys too!!!)
Edited to add : Oh No I Have'nt - see end of post!!!!!

Happy Days!!!

Bessie has "reversed in" under a fold of duvet for extra warmth and comfort !

And Logan can't quite believe it!


Anyone know what the purply plant (above) is?

A miniature (and it is tiny) Rhodendron or Azalea by the pond - not sure which it is?

Large patch of pretty pale pinky apricot primulas

No idea what these are - they are quite tall, much larger than snowdrops although they look similar - any plant experts out there? Vintage Tea Time, you usually know!!!

New leaves unfurling on the Acer

The spirea has lovely new fiery leaves

Another pieris

Found the first tulips flowering


A Snakeshead Fritillary - was excited when I spotted this - there are a couple!

Apple blossom not yet out

Discovered a huge patch of beautiful white wood anemones along the front border

A peek through the apple tree at the house!

Seeds to sow today


Oh well, thats just bought me back down to earth!!!

I have just exceeded my 1 GB free storage with Google which includes uploading photos to blogger, so I cant upload any more piccys today!!!! 


That's life isnt it - get happy and something soon slaps you down!!!

Sorry folks, can't upload all the nice photos I wanted to show you today so we'll have to make the best of it with what we've got!

And even more annoying, I cant upload any to the blog shop I'm working on until I've paid for extra storage, gggrrrrr.

Anyone else had this, do you just grin and bear it and pay up (although it looks a minimal cost to be honest!) or Are There Ways around this?

Ho Hum........

Edited to add:
Well that was quick and easy - paid my £3.52 and we're back in business!

So to celebrate am just adding a few more piccies found on tumblr - link below last pic!!!

Last 8 Photos from Tumblr


Hope you enjoyed the photos.


  1. So many beautiful signs of spring! Would you believe I also have spring bulbs out - I think they're bit confused (which makes me feel sad for them!). I had a fritilaria like yours but I seem to have lost it. They can be a little tempramental.
    I've never had a prob with uploading too many pics. My file sizes are pretty low as my computer can't handle big ones. Hope you sort it out!

  2. Lovely blog post as usual. I bet your garden is going to look absolutely stunning come May time when all the earth has been stirred to show us the full beauty of nature if your Spring flowers are anything to go by. The blogger thing is simple - you pay over the money it's something equivalent of £7.50 and within 24 hours you are up and running again. I did this a few weeks ago and it really was that simple. Good luck!

  3. Whauw this is all so pretty!
    Never new there was a limit?I always load up my pictures on my Flickr site first, and than take them from the Flickr to to the blog.

  4. Grrrrr.....still bloody winter here. perhaps by next week I may have a wee shoot or two

  5. wow gorgeous photo's are the last ones where you live? Your little dog is soooo very cute. I know just how you feel when we have blue skys and warmth i feel just the same way and also act that way to ;-)) its great role on the summer ;-) Enjoy your day, dee x

  6. Hi there Gill!
    Glad that you're back up and running! Those photos are fab especially the one with the long table with food on it - looks like somewhere in Italy - I'm off to Rome during the next few weeks for a long weekend. Am really looking forward to seeing all the sights again - hope that we also have the same glorious weather as we seem to be having at the moment!

  7. Dee I wish my home did look like those in the last 8 photos, but they are all from tumblr!
    But the all the other photos are taken in the garden at home, and you can see our house as you peer through the apple tree in the last but one photo before the fancy tumblr photos!

  8. Hi Gill
    great photos!
    I know just what you mean about blue skies and sunshine!!
    Your purply flower is honesty - you can get a variegated variety too - gorgeous seed heads!

  9. Gill, thanks for that - I should have guessed as I saw the seed heads last year but have never seen one flowering!

  10. The weather does truely lift the spirits, it's glorious here too!!
    Love all your photos! :) The last ones remind me of France, thanks for that Gill!
    Vivienne x

  11. Hello Gillyflower,
    Wonderful happy post, so full of the joys of spring! The photos are scrumptious, nice to see your garden coming on so fast we are a little bit behind you up here but a few more days like today and we will catch up a bit.
    I just started a blog today and hope it's ok if I put you in my bloglist.

  12. I had the very same feeling myself today! I was in heaven looking at all those beautiful pictures. I must plant some more seeds myself.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day!

    Lou xxx

  13. My Mum did make her, with a bit of help from taking pictures! :0) x

  14. So happy for you!!! Love seeing Bessie and Logan enjoying the sun too! We had snow and thunderstorms last night..and it's pouring right now...please, send some of your blue skies to Seattle Gilly (well, you just did actually with this post - thank you)...we're on the verge of turning into spring!
    Love the fritillaria...
    xo J~

  15. I love your is so full of colour and beauty. And I love that it has wild flowers too. But the pets steal the show!! xx

  16. I loved this post!!! Thank you for sending a lot of sunshine and beautiful flowers my way....still under a blanket of snow here in Alaska. I love the photos of the windows with the vines of beautiful flowers surrounding them, oh how I wish we could grow those here in Alaska.
    Chris :o)

  17. Wonderful photos' very cheery! Was intrigued to know what you were doing with recycled old shirts a few weeks ago and have just noticed the suffolk puff cushion on your blog with the same shaped bits of material you were doing - Fab idea.

    Leah x

  18. Sunshine is such a happy thing! The Spirits really do start to soar! I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ the photo of the green shed!! Green eyed monster very much in evidence here.....I WANT ONE NOW!! Do you think his nibs might have heard me? probably not! Just keep dreaming then!! LOL! Lovely cheerful post :) Cx

  19. I felt the same way yesterday - that sunshine energised me and I was full of bounce. Very tired last night though! :)

    Your photos were all lovely - delicious eye candy. And seeing those (what seem to be) French/Italian scenes makes me yearn for a holiday over there.

  20. Isn't this sunshine wonderful? Hubby has been away with work for the last couple of days so he's taken today off and we're all going off for a picnic. Your little white flower is a snowflake, I believe. What a cute picture of Bessie, cats are so funny, they like little enclosed spaces.

  21. Hello Gill! I have found you through the comment left on Bluebells new blog. Your blog is full of all the lovely things that I like. I am off out in the garden now and I expect that you will be too. Have a nice day in the sunshine! x

  22. That photo of Bessie has to be one of the cutest cat photos ever!Love all the ones from Tumblr too.Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  23. Your flowers are all gorgeous!! And I'm your newest follower!


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