Thursday, 14 April 2011

Of Birthdays and Quilts

I haven't forgotten you all, my friends, but life just got a bit hectic!

Preparing for this.........

trying to finish this
(still not completely finished, will reveal all in post soon when have time)

especially for this Very Special Day

Which is today!

Happy 16th Birthday Bella!!!!

The Birthday Girl has just gone up to London for the day with her friends, then will be coming back late this afternoon and taking the friends to an Italian restaurant for a birthday celebration.

So I have a little time at last for a quick post, then back to hand quilting her birthday quilt.

and then we have serious revision for GCSEs going on and needing support, food, drink, chauffering etc!

So just a quick post today.

Will be back soon with lots of photos of birthdays, quilts, and an update on the garden and seedlings!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I will try to reply and visit you soon!

(Image from Vintage Home Tumblr)

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter hol!


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!
    Sweet sixteen, hope she has a lovely day! :)
    Good luck with the exams too!
    Vivienne x

  2. Am sending a birthday wish to your girl!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter, enjoy!

  4. happy 16th to your daughter

  5. Hi Gill,

    Happy Birthday to Bella.

    My niece was sweet 16 last week, I think the festivities went on for a couple of days. And yes, now it's all down to revision for GCSE's.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the quilt too.


  6. Happy Birthday BELLA .Hope you have a lovely meal. Gill I have just realised that your daughter has an italian I have opened my other blog It is open but I still have a lot to do with it to make it just the way I really want it.Ciao Alison

  7. Happy day to bella....she is going to love her gift!
    I adore that pink building...I could live there.

  8. Oh to be sweet sixteen again! Happy Birthday Bella!

  9. Happy Sweet Sixteen to your daughter!!! This was one of my favorite birthdays!!!!!! Enjoy your time with her!!! The quilt is lovely!!!
    Chris :o)

  10. Happy 16th to your girl! LOVE that pink building!! Pretty quilt. Abby x

  11. Happy sweet sixteenth birthday to your daughter! I hope she has a wonderful day! The quilt you are making for her looks very pretty, and I loved that bright pink house picture!!
    Helen x

  12. Happy 16th Birthday to your daughter, such a very special day!
    Looking forward to seeing the quilt in all it's handstitched glory!
    Lisa x

  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter,hope she is having a wonderful time. I look forward to seeing the quilt too. x

  14. Happy 16th birthday for your daughter what a special one. your quilt looks really beautiful. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  15. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to Ella!

  16. Birthday wishes to Bella....the quilt looks beautiful! xx

  17. Thanks for your message... I'm looking forward to browsing your blog, when I get a minute,..... Happy Birthday to your daughter. cant wait to see the patchwork finished! .....
    Sophie xx

  18. I hope your daughter had a fabulous birthday and you get to have a smashing Easter!!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  19. Lovely keepsake for your daughter. Hope it all went well.

  20. Thank you all so much for leaving Happy Birthday wishes for my daughter! She is amazed by all this, and having a great 16th Birthday!
    Gill x

  21. Hope your Bella had a lovely 16th birthday.I'm sure she must have been thrilled with the quilt!
    Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
    Bellaboo X

  22. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter turns 16 soon too. xoxo Love love love that fun I would love to live in it. xoxoxo hugs for a great weekend.


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