Friday, 1 April 2011

Flowers for Mothers Day

Thought I'd just show you what I've put together for my Mum for Mothers Day as I've just come in from finishing it.

I bought a cedar barrel, a Marguerite, some bluey purple aubretia (Kitte Blue) and some lovely tall pink primulas (Primlet Pink Shades) which are kind of curled like a rosebud inside, then planted up the barrel.

Logan helped by guarding the flowers

This morning I started to make some more crazy patchwork hearts using spring coloured fabrics - vintage, re-cycled and a few new ones.

These will be going in the blog shop which I hope to set up next week.

They will be filled with lavender like the ones I made a few weeks ago.

I also hope to get an Etsy shop going within the next few weeks - am all registered, just need to find out and learn how to get it all going.

Any advice from other Etsy shop owners would be very welcome as I am completely new to online selling!!!

Yesterday I made up the patchwork piano stool cover, just need to clean, lightly sand and re-finish the stool itself before fixing it on with upholstery nails.

The piano is in the family room where, if you look at yesterdays post, I have been trying to inject a few shots of colour. So I thought I'd use some cheery fabrics to match.

Just a shot of Logan learning to"sit" on command. This is the sofa where we practice. When he obeys, he gets a little biscuit treat which he likes to then flip around and play with, and try to push under the rug!

He's getting pretty good at "sitting" now - my daughter was really good training him  to sit last week, but he got so good that for a few days after, whenever he saw her he would just sit in anticipation of the treat!!!

 No flies on Logan!!!

Have a great weekend everyone,
and Happy Mother's Day for Mothering Sunday to all you Mums - I hope you get spoilt rotten!

(Hey, does that mean I get a lie in instead of getting up at 7am for the dog????
Hope my daughter reads this - I know my husband won't!)


  1. Lovely present for your Mum. She is a lucky lady.
    Logan is looking as handsome as ever.

  2. Oh that is such a lovely present...really beautiful and it will provide such a lot of enjoyment for your mum. The hearts are great and glad that Logan is pulling his weight and helping out. Have a wonderful Mothers' Day, Gill xx
    PS I LOVE that red toile x

  3. Our Mothers day is in May, your Mom is going to love it I do! little Logan is so sweet I'll show you pictures of George when I get home....of his haircut! back to cleaning...

  4. Your Mum's one very lucky lady - it's beautiful. Good luck with etsy - it really is very easy. Have a great weekend.

  5. I'm sure your mum will love the beautiful flowers - such a gorgeous selection! How cute Logan looks sitting so obediently - they're so sweet when they first learn it and know it means a treat! My dog used to do that too! Have a lovely Mother's Day - hope you get a lie in!
    Helen x

  6. Lovely post - that planting for your Mum looks lovely. I remember teaching our dog to sit on command - he listens immediately to the Other Half. Me, well - I have to say it about three times and in a firm voice! Yet, it's me he sits next to and follows around the house. As the OH says "I'm the Master but it's you that he loves!"
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. The flowers look amazing! Who wouldn't love to see that in their garden?
    It doesn't surprise me that Logan has picked up 'sitting' quickly. Poodles are so smart, sometimes too smart! I think once you have a poodle it's hard to have anything else (unless it's a sparty pants labradoodle)!
    Have a great weekend :)
    ps I have an etsy store, it's easy to set up, but mine has been a bit slow. I need some variety in my bits and pieces I think?

  8. The mother's day present is great! Nice arrangement of flowers. I really look forward to mother's day to spend time with my mum and sister. We have booked our usual meal this year and I'm hoping to get my mum a mearcat ornament for her garden as something a little bit querky. Take care and have a great mothers day. x Leah x

  9. The barrel is gorgeous Gill, your mother will love it!! :)
    I love your pretty hearts too. Good luck with your Etsy shop, it really is easy to get going. You'll soon get into the swing of it, I think Etsy explain everything very clearly.
    Logan is soooo cute. :)
    I hope you too have a lovely Mother's Day and get that lie in!!
    Vivienne x

  10. Love the flowers for your mother! Logan is such a cute dog. Yes, your own Etsy, good luck!

  11. Good luck with your etsy shop.
    I'm sure your mum will love the barrel of flowers. Hope you do get a lay in and enjoy your day too.
    Lisa x

  12. Aren't you a thoughful daughter..your mother will be thrilled with that beautiful barrel of flowers.Hope you have a lovely day yourself and enjoy being spoilt.Very exciting about your blog shop and etsy.I'm sure you will sell well as you make such lovely things.I am trying to resist buying on ebay now,and selling some of my china bits and pieces instead.
    Hoep the sun shines for you tomorrow..Oh and mustn't forget Logan..he's doing really well with his training.Give him an extra doggie biscuit from me! :0)

  13. Your mum will love her present, it's gorgeous. I taught Archie to do things like wave, high five, roll over and play dead, he's really good at all those things yet he won't sit when I tell him or walk to heel unless he gets a treat for it. Little monkey! Your hearts are really lovely, right down to the little cross stitches on the seams, they do look as though you've put lots of work in to them and I'm sure they'll do really well in your shop.

  14. Ciao Gill ,i fiori per la tua mamma sono stupendi ,bellissimi gli accostamenti di colori.Ituoi lavori sono davvero belli ,Complimenti ...Buonweek-end Ornella

  15. Your Mother's Day gift is gorgeous Gill. All the best with your Etsy shop. Happy Mother's Day, love Linda x

  16. I would love a barrel filled with flowers for Mother's Day. Mother's Day in the USA is in May. I will have to show my family your blog. Your a very thoughtful daughter.

  17. Hi Gill
    Love your post. The flowers are gorgeous, your Mum must be delighted. Hope you're enjoying your day as well. Logan is so sweet and so very well behaved. Best of luck with your Etsy shop.

  18. Logan looks adorable!

    I would have been more than happy with those flowers!

    Lou xxx

  19. What a lucky Mum you have. Did you get your lie in?! Spring hearts are fab.
    I have shops in Etsy and Folksy. Both are really straight forward to add items to. I personally have sold more through Folksy, I think this is because Etsy is so huge and there are so many items that the chances of people finding yours is a bit like a needle in a haystack.
    Becky x

  20. love the flowers so much,
    how exciting getting etsy shop,
    well done, love the printed label with your name on it,
    looks great, xx

  21. Oh good luck with your ETSY SHOP it will be brilliant I'm sure of it. I wish I could get myself more organised!
    Your pots are so jolly, thanks for showing them and hello Logan too!

    Sarah x

  22. Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments, and for the encouraging and helpful comments re Etsy and Folksy - it all feels a bit daunting but as you all say its easy Im sure once I take the plunge it will be fine!
    Have just set up the blog shop as a less scary way of selling online, but nothing in it yet though as I have to sort out the boring payment bit first!

  23. Just my 2 cents worth here on is a great place but highly competitive and to get seen you really need to renew your items often, or list something new every day. And that gets pricey after a while.

    I have just registered a Folksy shop and will be setting that up sometime soon - I just need to make a lot more 'stock' to fill up the shop. I find my Etsy sales are mostly international - very few UK sales. I hope with Folksy to sell more locally/nationally.

    The Etsy forums can be full of helpful hints and here's a handy blog to read too:

    Particularly the section on Etsy Tips.

    Mainly Etsy is about perseverance. If you are determined and work at it, and you have good quality and unique items, (and personally I like the things you make) you should do well.

  24. Wendz, thanks for all this info - I too have wondered about maybe Folksy being more worthwhile. I shall check out that link, I have also just ordered the book you recommend on a recent post of yours. I shall gratefully take on board what you say, together with all the advice here - thanks everyone!
    Hoping to stock the blog shop soon, so would be interesed in any feedback then too.

  25. The patchwork hearts are really sweet!


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