Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Signs of life

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a Happy Mothers Day.

I did get my lie in (til 8 anyway, but that was great!) and I was also treated to breakfast in bed by my daughter, which was a real luxury!!!

Not only was I lucky enough to have breakfast in bed, but she also gave me these lovely Margeurites, as she didn't miss the signs that I was thinking about some myself when we bought one to plant in the barrel for my Mum!

I think my words were "a pair of those would look lovely either side of the back door" and voila! My wish came true!!

Thanks Bella!!!

Just need to find another terracotta pot!

Weather was sunny here on Sunday, and despite a bit of a chilly breeze we managed to coax our guests into the garden for the first big family lunch of the year!

There were 11 of us in all ranging from age 2 to 79, and we had great fun, especially with Logan.

Yesterday I was overjoyed (oh yes!!) to find the first tomato seedlings appearing at last!!!
Can you see that little white hooky thing!!!!
In fact there's two!!

I say at last, but it was really only just over a week ago I sowed them, but I have been anxiously checking the greenhouse for signs of life at least 5 times a day since I sowed them!!!!

Was fearing we would only get flowers, as out of the various seeds sown last weekend up until yesterday only some Clarkia


and Hollyhocks

had germinated.

Also spotted signs of life from the peas

which I thought I would try starting early(ish) in the greenhouse, just because I can ;0

Am loving this greenhouse lark!!!

Also signs of life from a clematis - am hoping its a montana as I have never had one for more than one season, they always used to die in my old garden, and I do love them.

If this is one, it looks as if it will be over the arch and along the pergola at the back of the garden, so should look very pretty when its flowering.

The vine on the same pergola and arch is also showing signs of life

and this pretty plant in the pond is flowering with beautiful buttercup yellow flowers - there are two of these in the pond.

The next few days are supposed to be warm and sunny so am looking forward to getting a few jobs done in the garden.

So on with the chores and sewing today, as they will be neglected for the next few days!

Not that I often get a chance to make our bed as it is usally occupied during the morning

Usually by one but sometimes by two now

Have a great day!


  1. Your plants look great at the back door, glad you had a good weekend. Good luck with the seedlings :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :) Your marguerites look lovely by the door, and it looks like you've worked so hard in your greenhouse! Isn't spring lovely? PS I adore your rosette heart

  3. Love the Marguerites. They always make me think of that scene in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan is sick in bed with a stinking cold and Tom Hanks brings her daisies. A misspent youth watching too many romantic comedies... C.x Oh and my word verification is daisi - how bizarre is that!

  4. Oh those Marguerites are so pretty. I love Hollyhocks too but I planted them last year but they didn't take :(
    Had to laugh when I saw your bedding! It's exactly the same as mine including the eiderdown. I see something familiar in most of your posts. Spooky ;)
    Love Tickety-boo xx

  5. Marguerites are lovely arent they?
    Yes, I know the part of the film you mean nkk - one of my all time fav films!
    And T-b, we obviously share the same great taste (or both shop at Ikea and LA!!!!!)

  6. Hi Gill, all your little seedlings are doing great. A greenhouse must really make a big difference. How lovely that your daughter bought you what she knew you liked, they look great at the back door. Like your new banner and the little heart at the end made of little fabric puffs - very cute! Have a lovely day, Linda x

  7. I love your covered area you can have garden parties in there and that fabulous old table!

  8. Hello again, thankyou soo much for all your lovely comments. I have to ask, what are milkmaids? Oh and I forgot to say that I think your clematis is a Montana. Lots of love, Linda x

  9. Lovely post as usual. Really like the photos of the animals on the bed. What is it about animals and unmade beds! It looks as if you're going to get a lot of veg and flowers this year. I have only ever tried to grow tomatoes and then had to get rid of them as I was allergic to the leaves! Every time I went anywhere near them I ended up with an itchy rash!! That clematis is a montana - it may flower twice, May and September but don't quote me on that!

  10. I love your pictures today, Gill. The last one in particular!

    Have a lovely day xxx

  11. Wow your kingcup is full of flowers!
    Mine (in Gloucestershire) has none yet!

  12. Aha! Thank you for that Gill, I now know what the yellow pond plant is called!!
    And thanks June for the info re: the montana - so glad to know it is one and htat it may flower twice! Dont remember it flowering in September last year, maybe we'll be lucky this year

  13. Your marguerites are lovely. It's one of my favorite plants. Good luck with the seedlings Gill.


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