Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday Flea Market Finds

Just a quick post to show you what I picked up this morning at the local weekly Antique and Flea Market. Hadn't been for months and it was so nice
 to see most of the regular stall holders there in their same spot.

Only two of the regular stalls that I visit were missing -  the "button lady" where I buy my vintage buttons (which I still haven't unpacked since we've moved, along with some vintage trims still missing)
and the "rag lady" who has all sorts of stuff at silly prices.

But I was lucky that the "vintage textile lady", Heather, was there, and she went especially out to her car to fetch another box of vintage linen in as soon as she saw me!

My first buy, however, was from a lady I hadn't seen before who dumped a load of clothes on the table next to where I was browsing the vintage jewellery. By the time I started to look through her stuff she'd disappeared, but I had already found a gem so I waited until she returned.

A midnight blue 100% silk full length full evening skirt by Yves St Laurent - she wanted £4 so I didn't argue!!!!

Its in my daughters size I think, an 8 to 10 (is that US 6? must check), and she will love it! She has a ball coming up in June, but this may be too unfashionable to wear to that, but I think she will treasure it and wear it one day.

Then from a sweet little old man I bought a couple of pieces of early 60s Poole Pottery

the back stamps tell me they were made between 1959 and 1967 .

From the vintage textile lady I bought a beautiful large linen damask tablecloth, beautiful thick heavy quality, far too good for cutting as apart from a few newish stains which should come out (she said she'd used it for her stall cover and then regretted it!), it was in excellent condition.

Can't get a good photo of it today for some reason

Then a gorgeous Crinoline Lady tablecloth with 4 crinoline ladies, one in each corner, two of each design, all hand embroidered designs.
I think there is a touch of rayon in the cloth which gives it a slight sheen.

And lastly a bundle of 6 large square vintage cotton napkins.

They're all in the washing machine with napisan at the moment!

And that little haul came to £20 - not bad for what I got.

A  few ebay purchases came this week too - a lovely large vintage tablecloth with a band of soft faded green - no picture yet as is on the line drying. As usual, bought for cutting, but its arrived immaculate and I can't ever bring myslef to cut up good peices. I'll either keep it or sell it as a tablecloth - it really is lovely.

A couple of pieces of new fabric 

 a yellow gingham

and a blue floral with little pink flowers.

a pale blue floral 60s /70s fabric (last week)

and a large vintage white sheet with purple flowers on - again, great condition, I know my daughter will want to use this rather than allow me to cut it up, and to be honest I shan't want to.

And another tablecloth, this one a bright and cheery cotton seersucker!

Well, thats the haul for the week I think!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for all your lovely and helpful comments yesterday - shall try to visit all yuor blogs some time ove rthe weekend if I haven't already!!


  1. What lovely finds. Hope you're going to get out in this lovely sunshine this afternoon. I'm home from work feeling poorly (on the last day of term!) so post some lovely pics of your garden, Logan and Bessie to cheer me up please!
    Becky x

  2. Hi Gill,

    You had some great finds! That Yves Saint Laurent skirt really is a bargain. What a pity you can't wear it yourself.

    The fabrics look lovely too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Wow, what a haul, lucky you!
    I can't believe the YSL at £4 !!!!!
    I would love to be able to visit a stall that just sold vintage buttons, you don't know how lucky you are. Some gorgeous fabrics there too.
    Have a wonderful weekend Gill. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Fab fab finds. Love the little Poole vase and the fabrics are amazing. I just love a flea market - check out my latest posting on the Brooklyn flea. Can't wait to go back. C.x

  5. I am suffering from lack of flea market finds (recovering from operation) can't wait to get back.

  6. Oh my. Love the embroidered cloth! But that YSL skirt what a bargain!!! Would look lovely with a boned bodice for the ball. I was looking at them on ebay the other day some lovelt ones around.
    Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine.

  7. Gilly sounds so posh YSL it is really a lovely blue.How nice to go rummaging on a sunny day.I am suppose to be doing my Sunday bric/brac market but today I don't much feel in the mood hopefully tommorow I shall have more energy. Today really sunny here in Italy ....ciao Alison

  8. You have picked up some wonderful pieces. My grandmother had those crinoline lady embroideries somewhere - I am sure it is with me and now I must go and dig them out!

  9. You scored big I love it I want to come next time with you!!

  10. So many great finds! The dress is an utter bargain, I do hope that your daughter loves it, it's a stunner.

  11. What lovely finds. The weather has been glorious but I have had to work!!! Anyway the weekend is here and it's promising to be a good one!

  12. Feeling much better, helped along by a pop back to your post yesterday. Your garden is certainly springing to life in full glory. It must be exciting to have a new garden and not know quite what will flower next and what colours they may be. I'm on Easter hols for 2 weeks now so hoping to get out in my garden!
    Becky x

  13. Wow TWENTY squids!!!! Total bargain! I love it all, but I especially love the crinoline ladies and the Poole pieces xx

  14. I absolutely love the tablecloth and the napkins what an outstanding find!!!!
    I love it when I find a treasure!!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Chris :o)

  15. Some great finds, I love the crinoline ladies.

  16. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for posting so many lovely comments on my blog! I had to laugh with the "word thingy" especially since I am still wearing scarves....LOL!!
    Chris :o)

  17. Oh, score! Great eye, Gill. I don't know which is my fave--the sweet little embroidered lady in her bonnet is so cute, but that silk YSL gown for FOUR? Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Well done!

  18. Wow -- My very favourite Seersucker tablecloths---- Happy Memories of tea after school -- More than a few years ago now!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  19. Hi Gill, thank you for your visits to my blog :) I can't believe you'll have to buy some lady's mantle - shame you don't live closer or you'd be welcome to some seedlings! I'd love to come to your antique market, very jealous, what bargains. Hope you had a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  20. Hello Gill,
    Thank you so much for being the first person to comment on my blog and for such a lovely and encouring comment too.
    Heavens you are a clever girl for amassing that lot of treasure for 20 quid. I am deeply envious of your daughter for now owning such a gorgeous skirt and also for being able to fit in it!
    I must pay close attention and see if I can pick up any tips as I never seem to find a lot when I look for affordable vintage things but you have definately inspired me to try harder! xx

  21. Hello Jill, I cant believe how much treasure you got! I love the embroidered lady and the tablecloths.

    Lou xxx

  22. I loved seeing all your gorgeous finds - especially the crinoline ladies which looked in wonderful condition. You are very clever at finding treasures! Hope you have a sunny week.
    Helen x

  23. I am now going to trawl the net to find out where my local flea markets are. What wonderful treasures; Looking forward to seeing your 'makes' with the Ebay buys. Caroline

  24. loving your finds, haven't been out for ages checking old vintage treasures, am inspired again to go out searching!

  25. Looks like you had a very successful shopping trip! I can't wait for our flea markets to open up!

  26. What fun finds!! I really love your crinoline ladies tablecloth. So pretty!! And I adore that vintage pale blue floral 70's fabric too!


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