Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer time.............

and the living is easy.........

and I am aware of some summer entertaining coming up soon, other than the usual informal friends and family gatherings that I tend to not worry about...........

that will require a little more thought and preparation............


if anyone has any favourite, foolproof and simple food and drink suggestions...........

or table decorations, or simple, pretty ideas to decorate the garden a little...........

for summer outdoor entertaining...............

I will be most grateful 

(as I seem to do the same old food every time and am in desperate need of a little inspiration here before I wade through the cookery books and get completely confused and bogged down!!!!)

all images Vintage Home


  1. Tea lights in jam jars are pretty - use wire to wind round neck to make a handle, and then you can hang them in trees/on hooks. We make tabbouleh salad which is very nice, and tomato salad using skinned tomatoes, sliced, with finely chopped onion and parsley. Skinning makes all the difference to taste. Baked halved peppers stuffed with halloumi and garlic. Put edible flower petals in your green salads to make them look pretty.

    Hope this helps!

    Pomona x

  2. Hi Gill,

    Beautiful pictures! That last photo looks very tempting. It's still warm in Holland and I would love to have a swim in that pretty looking pool!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  3. Those images are so so lovely, thanks for sharing.

    Leah x

  4. Lovely summery photos Gill. Oh I am sure with your skills and creativity you will make a delightful feast. I love Ina Garten's cooking style, it is very relaxed and easy, using good quality ingredients, she is on Food Network channel 262 if you have Sky or she has a website Barefoot Contessa. Martha Stewarts website is good too for decorating ideas for summer. Good luck, love Linda x

  5. I love the outdoor bed! looks so comfy. You do not seem to be doing badly with your food either!

  6. So so dreamy from start to finnish.....and yes George goes nuts when the moose are out the window he sits on top of the chairs and couch and barks at them like he's a Great Dane!!

  7. I'm willing to bet that your guests look forward to that 'same old food' as I'm sure it's quite delicious (judging by your baking)! I'm afraid I have no good ideas in terms of food as my husband is the cook in the house these days.
    Hope Bella is rested and ready for more exams next week.
    Becky x

  8. It sounds very exciting to have some summer entertaining on the horizon. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. Lovely photos.

  9. Beautiful pictures! I agree with Pomona's idea. We have lots of jar lanterns. I particularly like the little ones glass yoghurt pots for them. I put beads on the wire handles and paint a lot of them with glass paints.
    If you are looking for new food ideas, you can't beat some ready roll puff pastry with, pesto or tomato based sauce, goats cheese, basil and chirozo or parma ham. Quick easy and delish and looks good too!
    Love Tickety-boo

  10. Oooh Gill, that first photo is amazing! Where did you find it?
    If you want to put tea lights in jam jars, I saw an idea somewhere for using glass frosting spray to decorate them, making patterns by covering with shapes cut from masking tape before spraying.
    Also did you see the first edition of Mollie Makes magazine? There's a great article about handmade decorations for a summer garden party!
    Jane x

  11. Hi there Gill,
    I am overwhelmed by all your comments.:D Thank you for popping by, dropping notes and making me feel so good about myself. I really have to take the time to visit you more properly. For a moment I thought all the above pictures was from your home... That would have been heaven wouldn't it? And a real mansion cross over Med style, country, summer house, southern... you name it. You have found some real inspiration in those photos. will think about some entertainment food suggestions, simple and cheerful. I am all for simplicity. One simple thing could be to decorate any old salad or homemade cake with beautiful flowers and - ping! The dish looks amazing if it is an old well tried out recipe. To make focaccia bread is always easy and blows guests away. A couscous salad with classic tomatoes, feta and basil is good on any occassion and does wonders with fish or meat on the grill. Prepare ribs in oven for 2-3 hours and then just throw them on the grill to heat them up when dinner comes around, that is always a success. I'll come back with more ideas soon...

  12. Try charity shops for shabby chic/vintage look duvet covers and other bedding and make quicky tablecloths, cushions and bunting for outdoor use. Really cheap but effective. Have a look at my March musings "Bedded Bliss" and "Patio Set Out" to see example. Oh, I want to be in all those photos in your blog! xxx

  13. Wow!
    Thank you all for your amazing comments and ideas!
    It's all got me thinking - sometimes you just get stuck in a rut, so i needed some fresh ideas and this is all so helpful, so thank you everyone so far!
    Keep 'em coming, much appreciated!
    Gill xx

  14. hello again Gill, just called back to say the designer showcased in Mollie Makes is called Ashley Meaders. She did some lovely paper chain mobiles to hang in the trees, and garlands of flowers made of fabric, tissue, crepe paper and felt, and did the invites on lolly-shaped and -coloured card stuck on lolly sticks! She's got a web site might be worth looking at.
    Jane x
    PS I'm going to start trying to sit straight when I crochet!

  15. For the table, I like herbs with daisy's in small canning jars or sand and tea lights work well.

    Keep the apps simple, hummus, olives, strips of veggies like cukes, carrots, radish, pickles, marinated mushrooms, crackers and they can all be dipped in the hummus!

    For dinner, baked potatoes on the grill! Slice potatoes and stuff them with onion and peppers, a drizzle of olive oil, wrapped in foil and baked on the coals or rack.

    For dinner, marinated chicken, steak tips or shrimp on the grill.

    For dessert, fresh berries over short cake with whipped cream!

    Don't forget a pitcher of sangria! Yum!



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