Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another Journal and a rainbow

I have just finished making another journal or notebook cover which I thought you might like to see.  

You will have to read the post before this one I'm afraid, if this is to make any sense to you!

Once again, sorry about the poor quality photos

And it is this sort of French red embroidered monogram that is inspiring me particularly at the moment

my hand embroidered letters on the Peg Apron shown in last post

and will feature in more of my designs in the next few weeks I hope.

Here is the latest journal cover

made from vintage floral linen and lined in faded red and cream homespun

with a blue and white gingham ribbon bookmark finished with a vintage tassel.

As I type this post, the heavens have just opened and a rainbow appeared, together with a mirror rainbow. This poor camera just about managed to capture it. It is of course is far more colourful and clear than this wretched camera can show.

Time to cook!

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. It is really lovely and pretty fabric. dee x

  2. I love the red embroidery!

    Pomona x

  3. That is the sweetest journal, Gill. Lovely patterns and sweet colors! I have a thing for rainbows. Beautiful!
    Have a lovely evening xxxx

  4. Love the red lovely!!!

  5. Your Journal is lovely Gill. I forgot to say that I was very impressed with your gardener grandfathers, but not surprised, you have such a talent in that field.Love Linda x

  6. Your journals and embroidery are so pretty Gill!
    The most gorgeouse fabrics :o)

    I've just caught up on a couple of your posts, and I'm really sorry to read that you were burgled earlier in the year :o(
    That must have been hideous for you all.

    I grew up near Chartwell (as I come from up there) and grandad and then my uncles and dad used to go poaching in the estate when Churchill lived there! (A bit different to your relatives, but it's a small world isn't it :o)

    Can't wait for your giveaway, i have everything crossed already lol.
    Take care, and have a lovely weekend :o) x

  7. I love that kind of traditional red initialing, never dates and always looks classy.

  8. I seem to have missed a few posts. Congrats on your awards, how lovely for you (and well deserved). Boy your vegie patch looks good!
    Haven't you been busy. I adore your red embroidery and also was very entertained by your stories of Black Sabbath and your grandfather's gardening for Churchill. How great :)

  9. The rainbow photo is very dramatic with the light on the trees and the steely sky. The notebook cover looks very good - I like the bookmark addition, very practical!

  10. How creative you are! Stationary is one of my weaknesses! I have a travel journal where I just jot down the places we visit, a little "to do" book - usually work related things amongst many others! Congratulations on the award. The Tracey Emin Exhibition was good - I came away thinking however that although successful in the art world, as a human being she sees herself as a failure which is all rather sad.

  11. Read the previous post as well. This journal is so so pretty. I like it that you have made it in a way that can be used again and again.

  12. Beautiful sweet journal, its just so pretty, i love journal,i just leave lying around on tables in the house. This one is one of the nicest i've seen:)
    Have a lovely day
    Karen x

  13. The journal is beautiful, I love the embroidery it makes it even more special.
    I really enjoyed reading the facts about yourself in the previous post. You have done such a wide variety of interesting things. As a novice at sewing I am fascinated that you made silk underwear! OH watches CSI etc. too much gore for me!
    From your discription, I think possibly you were talking about Ennerdale? Not many visitors make it there!

  14. I love these things you're making. The colour combination of the red and the natural is just beautiful, and your embroidery is too.
    I showed my daughter some of your photos of Logan, and she's completely in love and asking for us to have one like him...
    Jane xx

  15. I love your journals - fabric covered notebooks are so luxurious to use somehow. I loved your last post with all those fascinating things about you in it too, but didn't get to read and comment last night as my broadband connection disconnected! Enjoy your weekend, hope you have some sunshine!
    Helen x

  16. Love your journals ... wish I had the patience!

  17. Hi Gill, thanks for the comments. I like a bit of Santana myself, but am not really into Classical music. Hope you got the recipe, I sent you an e-mail? Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  18. Very sweet journal covers Gilly...and I love the monograms, they're absolutely wonderful! Catching a rainbow on 'film' must mean's beautiful!
    Have a terrific weekend...and may the heavens stay open for you!
    xo J~

  19. How I love stationery, and this journal is just gorgeous, right up my street. So lovely with the added bookmark too. Glad to hear that Bella has finished her exams now, I bet you heaved a sigh of relief. Daniel has got Geography left to do which isn't until Friday, then I'll be taking a sigh of relief too. Just waiting for the results then.

  20. Oh wow, that is gorgeous work Gilly. I wish I could do that sort of crafting, but I've never been really great at sewing and material type craft.

    That monogram is superb... probably helps that it's in red... I'm a real 'red girl'!! Love my red.

    Linda. xox

  21. Journal looks wonderful - well done on this and the embroidery make. When I was in France I was told that everyone used to embroider their initials on their "pig cloths". In the villages, when a pig was butchered, everyone came for their share which was wrapped in the cloths and the initials showed which belonged to whom. xxx

  22. hi gill and logan...i LOVE the journal,i need to try something like is lovely...

    give logan a hug from teddy and me

    sending love,
    kary and teddy


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