Saturday, 11 June 2011

Patchwork Footstool

A work in progress......

I want to make this a reversible cover, with probably a plain natural linen reverse side. Just needs me to choose the fabric and then make up for it to be finished.

But I think I will need to source that first - nothing in my stash seems right.

I am quite excited about this project - even though the photos are rubbish cos of old camera, the colours are so cheerful and I can't wait til I've finished it and it can be used.

At the moment it is sitting on the landing patiently waiting, and it makes me smile when I see it.

PS. So sorry about those pesky pictures on yesterdays post. I have patiently deleted and re-loaded them all this morning so I hope they are there to view today.

If not I shall scream.
So there.
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  1. What a gorgeous cover for your footstool. I have one to cover myself but I'd never have thought to do patchwork! Great job :)

  2. Hello Gill:
    As you say, such bright and cheerful colours. Seeing this each morning, could there ever be a dull day?

    Not only is this beautifully done, but it appeals to us for the way in which the 'patches' are of uniform size rather than random. As you may guess from this, we like order!!

    Yesterday's images came up without a problem for us at the time and appear to be fine today as well. Possibly just another Blogger blip!

  3. I love it Gill, the colours are so bright and cheerful.
    Enjoy your weekend. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Really pretty fabrics and a clever colour combination x

  5. Having fun with Picasa, it seems. Nice country morning images....

  6. Lovely colour combinations in your patchwork cushion, Gill. I think it's a great idea to make it reversible.
    Good news, I revisited yesterdays post and YES! All pictures present and correct! Thank you for taking the time to upload them once again. You certainly have found yourself some bargains. I would love some cold frames for the garden and can't help but wonder what has happened to my Grandad's - must investigate. Lovely french basket. So many things you could use it for.
    We have some sun today, hope the blue skies are visiting you too.
    Becky x

  7. What a fabulous idea! Very cheery x

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Leah x

  8. They're lovely bright colours which you've used. Definitely something to brighten up the day every time you see it.

  9. Oh, that's going to be lovely - very cheerful! Abby x

  10. Wonderful! Love love love this kind of patchwork. Basic, simple and ooooh so pretty. That stool will be a prom queen dressed in that.

  11. Thats so lovely, i love the fabric & colour combinations, its gonna look amazing for years to come. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, you should soooo give the elderflower cordial a bash, so easy & so "drinkable" :)Have a sweet weekend Karen x

  12. I will go and check and see if they loaded.....such a sweet stool!

  13. Oh my goodness I LOVE it...just my thing, well done you xx

  14. Thank you every one for your kind words - you have all made such encouraging comments!
    I too prefer the simplicity of uniformity of same size patches when dealing with bright colour and a variety of fabrics - the end effect is satisfying and a simple pattern serves!
    Gill xx

  15. Love the patchwork. Very vibrant and pretty :o)

    Your finds inyour last post were gorgeous!

    I like you would have been a wee bit sad too, but I'm sure the lady would have been pleased that her items had gone to such a good home to be loved :o)

    Have a great weekend. x

  16. Love, love, love the look of the footstool-in-progress! It's going to be fab! Just had another look at yesterday's post and wish I hadn't...'cos now I'm even more envious of all the lovely things you came away with!

  17. I like! Colours are very pretty! Cx

  18. a very rainy Sunday here, just trying to find excuses not to do the ironing...
    this little patchwork stool made me smile! Thanks for that :)

  19. Your patchwork footstool is gorgeous, Gill! I love the colours you've used, bright and pretty. Square random patchworks like this have become my favourite kind, they are so pleasing to the eye! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
    Helen x

  20. What a lovely idea for a footstool, its so jolly! Thanks for the comments Gill, I don't subscribe to magazines any more (apart from Jeanne D'Arc)they can be so hit and miss! Have an enjoyable Sunday, love Linda x

  21. Hi Gill! Thanks for your message, wow this is a beautiful footstool cover you must be very proud, love your new look blog header too! Sarah x


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