Sunday, 5 June 2011

Collages for a Gloomy Day - Part 2

Just a few more collages

Lavender filled hearts - some still in my blogshop

lavender filled hearts -never made it into blogshop, already in new homes!

patchwork and hand quilted cushion front - to finish off

Patchwork and hand quilted cushion front - to be finished

Royal Wedding giveaway cushion - now at its new home with another Gilly in Canada

Vintage Fabric Patchwork Giveaway Cushion - now at its new home with Becky in the south west

Various patchwork and hand quilted projects


  1. I love those patchwork hearts, you're so talented.

  2. I love all your lavender hearts and cushion covers. You gals on the blogs amaze me with your amazing, prolific, creative needlecrafts! And then there is me...I feel like I have really accomplished something when I get ONE thing completed every couple of months or so.

  3. Loving these mosaics, Gill. They really show off your work so well. You are so productive and talented.
    Becky x


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