Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A few sweet things

A little sweetness to share with you this Tuesday evening..........

More sweetness...........

Eton Mess - my quick version

(Serves 3 - 4)

6 to 8 ready made meringue nests
300ml double cream
approx 200g strawberries

To make
Whip the cream in a large bowl until it makes soft peaks.
Crumble the meringues into the cream and stir.
Puree approx 200g strawberries with a little water and sugar to taste (approx 1 small tblsp), then stir half the sauce through cream and meringue mix.

To serve
Place serving in a pretty glass dish, sprinkle over chopped strawberries if wished, and pour over more strawberry sauce.

NB: you could also stir in chopped strawberries to the "mess" with the sauce, as well as adding on top.


We had the above for pudding last night, without any additional strawberries, just the sauce stirred through then more on top, and it was real comfort food - yummy!


When my daughter was little, and I said I was making this for pudding, she was a little unsure and sceptical as she thought it meant "eaten mess" and quite rightly she wasn't sure she fancied it!!!

Still on the subject of strawberries, am hoping to go strawberry picking at the local farm in the next few days to buy enough for jam making.


Have just added a few Applique Door Stops to my Gillyflower's Handmade and Vintage Shop if anyone needs one during this windy weather!

These are the last few left over from the last summer fair, but I can make more to order.

The last photo in the "shop" is a rather blurry one of the one I have in my kitchen - no camera to take a decent shot of one "in use" .


  1. Ooooooooo such cute and cuddly pets! Yummy pud too. We picked the first few raspberries and redcurrants, added them to the last few bought strawberries and cooked up with a little brown sugar and cornflour to make a scrummy topping for vanilla icecream. I do like your doorstops too. xxx

  2. Love the photos of Logan and the cats relaxing in the sunshine! Long may the good weather last although it was a bit different on Sunday!

  3. awwwwwww - love those photo's at the top very very sweet x

  4. Logan is just gorgeous, I have just had my daughter peering over my shoulder admiring him.
    Ann x

  5. Logan an Bessie both look so happy lapping up
    the sunshine.
    That sounds like a yummy recipe. I like the sticky meringue that you can get from Marks and Spencer so I might try this one out using those. My strawberries are taking forever to swell and ripen - perhaps it is the lack of rain we had for that long spell?
    Becky x

  6. Love that pud!It's good with a little booze added too(strictly for the grown-ups of course!)
    Try marinading the strawberries in some brandy and kirsch..to taste...DELICIOUS!
    Such cute pics of your furries! :0)

  7. Cute pics! I love Eton mess!! And great door stops. Abby x

  8. Shat cuteness!! I never get sick of seeing furry kid pics. I saw another post on eaton mess the other day- it looks divine!

  9. Very cute photos indeed.:)
    Mmmmm I love Eton Mess!
    Vivienne x

  10. Thanks for your lovely message, can I employ you as my fair mentor? Very cute pictures. Strawberries and meringue, my favourite combination! Love the doorstops they look so clean and fresh and beautifully made

  11. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, the pink flowers are oriental poppies a little battered by the weather. I am not surprised Logan belongs to your daughter, mine would just love him. We have a lovely dog too but he is a bit too big to pick up and cuddle !
    Ann x

  12. Gorgeous pictures of Logan and Bessie. Hope your shop is doing well.

  13. Hi Gill (again!) I think I'm going to have to start paying you consultancy fees. Thanks for your words of wisdom. The linen actually came from Ikea. It's quite slubby and not the highest quality but for my purposes it works fine. They had quite a few colours when I was last in and it was £7/m

  14. Strawberries, a cute dog and gorgeous blue white gingham, a beautiful post to start my afternoon too, Gill.
    Have a happy midweek! o xx o

  15. Hi Gill, Logan is so adorable, he must be a great companion to have around. Love the doorstops too. Eton Mess, always a winner! Lesley x

  16. Oh so so so sweet, look at those faces!

  17. I love the kitty's, the strawberries, and the appliquéd work is lovely ~ but you know who stole my heart!

  18. Oh my goodness!! So many ooohs and aaaahs as I'm reading through this post. Those two pets are so gorgeous. I have to go and have another look at that first collage again....

  19. Is that the puppy you were talking about? How cute. I am terrified... But I know it will be fine when I've crossed that bridge. The family has been campaigning about this for over a year now and I am actually looking forward to it. It will be a friend to go for walks with, cuddle with and someone who will always ALWAYS be happy when I step in though the door. We just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings...


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