Sunday, 5 June 2011

And .............Part 3!

Ok,  this is the final part of my three posts today with collages.

 I promise!!!

Just a little bright colour from my garden as its so wet and grey here today - as you may have guessed, I've re-discovered how to collage!!!


  1. Must learn, must learn!!!!just fabulous.

  2. Your collages are wonderful Gill. To think that all those gorgeous images are from your own garden. Love Linda x

  3. Dear Gill,

    I wish I had as much flowers in bloom in my garden as you do. It must look very pretty!

    Such a coincidence we both visited Great Dixter the last few weeks. I really loved it! So sorry to hear your camera did not work. I feel very honoured you want to refer to my post about Great Dixter :-)

    Have a happy new week,

    Madelief x

  4. Wow, three posts in one day. I love seeing all the flowers which are blooming in your garden. I can't believe it's wet and grey there today, we've had a lovely bright day, though rain is threatening now.

  5. GORGEOUS!! Lovely and cheering on this truly dull, damp and cold day in my part of the world! Cx

  6. Your collages are trully lovely x

    Have a good week.

    Leah x

  7. Hi Gilly ^__^

    I love all of your creation ... very very cute ... the hearts are beautiful and the cuscions too.

    Have a good week!!!!

  8. Hi Gill,

    I'm so happy you liked my suggestions!

    Just lovely! I never tire of flowers! They are one of my most favorite things. I always have small bouquets in my home.

    Now, a mosaic of Logan would be amazing too!


  9. Your collages look great! Look at all those amazing flowers. They've brightened my chilly day all the way down here in Tasmania!

  10. Just what I needed to see on this grey Monday morning, some lovely zingy colour.
    Lisa x

  11. I loved your colourful flower collages! What a lot of beautiful flowers you have in your garden at the moment. Making a collage is a great way to show a lot of flowers at one time (or a lot of holiday pix, which is where I first started using collages, I think) - must do a few more myself now you've reminded me! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  12. Thanks Gill for your lovely message, yep onto the next. Your photos are just what we need today, cold grey and a little bit damp, better get some sewing done x

  13. Lovely photos Gill. You must be really pleased with what's popped up in the garden, so colourful. Lesley x

  14. Hi Gill, you must have a beautiful garden, and your patchwork is just lovely! I like your collages.:) We have had a bit of sun and patches of blue but the clouds have decided thats enough for today and they are moving in, cool breeze too. xx

  15. Hmm, not sure where my last comment went? If this is a repeat - aplogies.
    Anyhow, what I was saying was that it's grey and miserable in Brisbane this morning so your bright collages are a lovely treat.
    Also, that I actually took a sharp intake of breath at the lovely images in your last post. The verandah/porch with the wicker furniture is so divine.

  16. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your flowers are gorgeous!

  17. Hi Gill, wow your blog is looking absolutely gorgeous! The collages are beautiful - such wonderful colours. I have been a bit limited with time on the computer lately so have just enjoyed looking back through your past posts while drinking a very large cup of tea. What a lovely way to spend a cold evening! I bet you are over the moon to have such a huge amount of followers! How exciting to hit 100 soon. Have a fab week hon.

  18. Collage tastic! I love the butterfly picture, thanks so much for your best wishes. See you soon,

    Sarah x

  19. Thanks for visiting Gill and all your lovely comments. I think I might be on a roll, perhaps I should get a lottery ticket? Hope you are getting better weather than us? Lots of love, Linda x

  20. You have inspired me to get to grips with photoshop and produce my first collage. They are all really beautiful. My garden has been looking very 'green' lately so a good shopping spree at the garden centre was called for. Just need to find the energy to get them all planted now!
    Becky x


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