Friday, 10 June 2011

Estate Sale and French market Finds

Warning !!
Lots of people have said they have been unable to view many of the photos in this post, so I do apologise. If refreshing the page doesnt work, then please try later - I can't seem to work out whats gone wrong yet!
So sorry!!

A few weeks ago I think I mentioned that we went to an estate sale at a house in our village. It was held in some outbuildings, and was the best scrummage I've been to in a long while!  The owner of the house, Lady Somebody, had sadly reached the age when she needed to go into a nursing home, and her three sons were selling off part of her house contents.

It is a gorgeous Queen Anne house, built in the 1720s and overlooking the village green, with a clock tower, stable and outbuildings and large gardens. So it was a treat and a novelty, but rather sad as well.

The dealers had been there early, so one of the helpers told me, so anything of real value would have been cleared up pretty quickly - I was told this when I asked if there were any quilts.

The family also would have held onto all the decent antique furniture, paintings etc.

But what was there was an amazing amount of clothes, evening dresses, hats, scarves, linen, furniture, china, books, wardrobes,even a piano I think!

All sorts of other things from a long, presumably interesting and well travelled life. It really was so sad to think of this dear old lady's belongings being picked over by us.

But there was such a jolly atmosphere there, all the sons and daughter-in-laws in aprons, cheerfully haggling and bargaining with us - we soon learnt who was the softest touch to ask for a price!

Well, we came away with lots, and spent less than £20. Most of the clothes/linen/fabric items were 50p

(Warning: Most of the photos here are very poor quality as they have been taken with an old digital camera - sorry!)

We bought a pair of old cold frames, glass intact, with spare frames for another two, all for £1 - when we first arrived they were asking £10, but later in the morning we got them for 50p each!

A painted bedside cabinet for £5

A painted lovely shaped oval side table for £5

a rather elegant shaped tooled leather wastepaper bin

A Liberty print dress

2 wool jumpers and a cardi

 A gorgeous 1950s tablecloth (my fav item i think)

An old souvenir tea towel from Australia (no photo)

2 rollers towels, barely used
(our orginal 50s kitchen here still has the roller towel fixture inside the original larder,so they will be used!)

various pieces of  a pretty vintage linen union fabric by Parkertex

Vintage souvenir scarf from Venice, for Bella (she chose it)

A Liberty silk scarf for 50p

Various embroidered wool work pieces in lovely vibrant colours

a patterned silk and tasseled tablecloth

phew - i think that was it!

A very satisfying but poignant mornings haul!


Then last weekend we visited a French market in East Sussex, which I have already mentioned briefly in an earlier post, but without photos of the goodies.

Here is my lovely French basket!

And these pretty posters of vintage perfume adverts - just need to source some frames.

So much for gardening today - its been pouring with rain all morning!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and that the sun shines for you!


  1. Hello Gill:
    What an amazing cache of goodies and, we can scarcely believe that you paid less than £20 for the lot.

    The 1950s tablecloth is very attractive, the colours and design being so reminiscent of that period. And with the title "Lamont", we wonder what that signifies.

    Although, as you say, such sales can be somewhat melancholy, it is good to think of a life well spent and the furniture and effects being put to a new use instead of being destroyed.

    Your post brought back memories of a sale we attended at Stokesay Court many years ago in Herefordshire. Sadly, in spite of our best efforts, we returned home empty handed as the most eye-watering prices were reached on that occasion. Clearly, we need to go with you next time.

  2. Frustrating! They all sound wonderful but I can't see all your goodies as blogger is showing many little red 'x's where your pics should be! It's sad seeing the treasures that someone has collected being trawled through, but I'm sure she would rather someone else enjoyed them than being thrown away.
    Sorry to hear the book is out of stock, I grabbed the last one in Sainburys the other day, and yes, commission is a great idea! Who do we contact!? I have read the knitting half of the book now and I'm going to post about that too as it has some lovely projects.
    Enjoy your weekend, hopefully playing with your new bargains, and hope Bella's exam goes well today.
    I have started sewing my squares together, hoping not to block them but may have to if they're still wobbly!
    Becky x
    PS Have I said I love the fabric patchwork on your new banner? Great colours.

  3. Thanks for your comments!
    Jane and Lance Hattatt - you're so right, it is so much better that these items go to new homes rather than be destroyed.
    Clearly the estate sale you went to had the cream of the house contents for sale - i suspect that from this sale, they are still being used and enjoyed by the younger family, which is as it should be! I suspect we had the leftovers, which is why the prices were so ridiculously low!
    Becky - oh dear sorry about that - i had that with one pic at first, but when i refreshed the screen the photo appeared!
    Glad you like the new banner - will do a post on what it is from some time.
    Good luck with your crochet squares!I may pre-order the book anyway as its such a good price!
    Gill xx

  4. Ok Gill When can I move in?????
    What bargains. Fantastic. Some of your photo's are misbehaving on my screen and have decided to hide for a while but I'll pop back later for a good gawp!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Tickety-boo x

  5. Arrgghhh, I can't see half of the photos. I shall pop back later to see if they're working then. I can see the tablecloth though, just lovely, I can see why it's a favourite. It's a shame that the owner doesn't know you as I'm sure she'd love to know that her things have gone to someone who will treasure them. Did Bella have Maths today? Daniel thought it had gone ok! That's about the most I'll get out of him.

  6. That is the sort of thing I dream about!!! That will probably happen to me one day, the kids will have a big yard sale!! either that or shovel it all in a skip! I can't see your photo's either, so will pop back later xx

  7. Sorry guys, not sure whats gone wrong with my photos - they appear ok to me but obviously not to you!
    I will see if i can reload some of them.
    Gill x

  8. Yes half of them will not come up.....but what did is amazing, love the white cabinet and table....I'll come back and see if they will load later!

  9. Wow, I'm impressed - even though I too can only see half the pics. How lovely to have a rummage in such a lovely setting - though rather sad for the family I guess. Have a good weekend. Abby x

  10. Wow! What a great stash! It looks like a beautiful house! Cx

  11. Hi Gill, What a beautiful home! I like the tablecloth and the dress too! I can't see all the photos, but what I saw was great!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I'm with the others-I can't see all the images but your haul is amazing! What a gorgeous tablecloth and 5 pounds for the table? Great bargain. What an amazing property.

  13. I love that side cabinet the best...and how cheap!
    Guess what Gilly?
    I just now see you are in Kent. I traced my familys' roots back to Kent :) always wondered where our European ancestors came from and finally found out.
    Our family name is Estes. Do you know any?

  14. I couldn't get lots of the photos too but the ones there are scrummy. The white furniture and the tablecloth are my favourites. Isn't it amazing how happy a good buy can make you feel :) xxx

  15. Oh my giddy Aunt, what a fabulous load of bargains! I must admit to being rather jealous.

  16. I can see all the photos now, and how lovely they all are. The embroidery is gorgeous and I love the vintage perfume adverts.

  17. Gill, so glad you re-loaded the pics. I would have hated to miss them. You are unbelieveable, you have got to be the best bargain hunter I know. I love the furniture and the tablecloth and the Liberty scarf, the french basket and the perfume prints, all wonderful finds. You must be really pleased with yourself? Love Linda x

  18. Love the painted table. Estate sales are like treasure hunts!


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