Sunday, 28 October 2012

Churning them out..... making better use of my time and adopting a "production line" approach.

.......cutting out several fronts and backs at the same time, then assembling them in batches

...and it's much more satisfying finishing off several things at a time as well as being quicker over all!



vintage white linen and vintage sheets cushions above

covered journals and diaries





Antique european grain sack cushions

more journals and diaries in ticking, toiles and ginghams with a french shabby chic feel


and a few more antique linen mangle cloth hearts, some large stuffed ones and smaller lavender filled ones

mild panic sets in every now and then, but I think I'm gradually getting enough stock now for the first fair in two weeks time, and am making what I want to be making using a mix of vintage and antique fabrics and new materials.

It's a bit chilly here in the south of the UK today so a good day for sewing!   I got a bit of head start this morning forgetting the clocks went back and not forwards.

So I was up at 9am (old time) thinking what a lazy lay-a-bed I was, at it was really 10am wasnt it?

Then tried to get everyone else up a bit later saying how late it was, until my daughter said I was two hours ahead! So my "up at 9 thinking it was 10 when it was really only 8 "  left me looking a bit silly - and I could've snuck back to bed for a while!

Still, I got several more journal covers made and felt quite smug, if not a bit silly. My family won't let me forget this for a while ;(

Thanks for your comments on my last post, and welcome to some new followers!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Gill, you are so clever and talented, and I am a bit jealous, as I wish I could make beautiful things, like you do!

    I bought cotton, and a pattern and I am about to start on a filet bedcover ( I think!) Will I make it? I hope so!

    You have been very busy, making wonderful things which I have no doubt lots of people will buy, as they won't be able to resist!

    Wonderful stuff!



  2. I love the floral fabrics you've used on the journals. I think you're going to have a great success at the fair. Thank you for your comments on my posts about Archie, it's been so worrying, but I think we're over the worst of it now.

  3. Hello Gill.

    Wowee, there are some pretties in this post.

    You see that gorgeous linen fabric, blue with pink roses, I've bought some too. Isn't it stunning?

    Your cushions and journals are beautiful. You're sure to have a long queue at your stall.

    Heather x

  4. Wow you have been so busy loving your cushions there gorgeous and your hearts. And those books are covered in such pretty fabric. Your actaully be suprised that when all your stock is displayed on your table especialy cushions your have loads ;-) I know this time thing has us up early to it puts your body clock out. Have a lovely week ahead, dee x

  5. Beautiful makes Gill, I think you're going to have lots and lots to sell at the fair but I also think it's going to disappear very quickly too as it's all so lovely! :)
    I really, really love those ticking journals!! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. hello nice things you make again very pretty yes christmasfair seisoen is starthing in nov everywhere but its also nice to be so busy in making things i think luckely it was sunday and not a monday with the time thingy and its not a big mistake then have a nice wintertime evening greetings leon10

  7. Ha ha ha. I guess I wasn't the only one thinking it was 9 when it actually was 8 this morning. Well, I can see you are busy. I am trying that "production line" approach as well but failing somehow... Getting side tracked by birthdays and other things going on around here.

    You have a very nice collection of goodies for your booth already. The journals are fun to make, I am making some too. Your French inspired flower cushions are adorable. Well done Gill.

  8. Oh my gosh I LOVE those pillows with the white linen. If I was there I would want to buy at least two of everything. The fabrics you picked out are delicious!!!!

  9. Such gorgeous makes Gill, love the journals, especially the crown one! And your cushions are beautiful, I just want to snuggle against those lovely fabrics! :)
    Victoria xx

  10. Love all your handmade stuff - the cushions are my favourite.

  11. Well done I love your products. I am in production mode as well I have committed to a stall at a craft fair for the first time so I am sewing lots of stock.. Yours is so inspirational it encourages me to work harder!
    Liv xxxx

  12. I love your choice of fabric and the beautiful items you have created! Wish I could shop at the upcoming Fair!!

  13. It's all so lovely Gill. You must be cross-eyed from all the sewing though! :)

    I hope you sell out at your fair. Bound to.

    Can I ask - where did you order your labels from - they look so good.

  14. Oh my! Your blog is just beautiful!

  15. All very beautiful, worth getting up for
    Thea x

  16. Hi, I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I really love these beautiful things you make. You are so very talented! Looking forward to more of your posts and pictures as I follow along! Enjoy the week ahead.

  17. I love those covered journals. So very very very pretty.

  18. Hi Gill, you are really on a roll now. Very well done. I am loving the printed ticking.

    Thanks so much for your very well thought out comments on my blog. A great help to me. Love Linda x

  19. All your makes are gorgeous! The covered journal with the blue fabric and pink roses is really calling to me!! I am sure people will just love your stall :)
    I smiled about your hour back/hour forward confusion, have done the same thing myself in years gone by!
    Have a great week, Gill.
    Helen x

  20. WoW Gill you have been busy! All gorgeous makes.You are so talented.
    I'm still running on old time.
    I hate it when the clocks go back and we get the dark evenings.Only seems five minutes ago we put them forward!
    Have a good week. XX

  21. Wow Gill you have been so busy! I adore everything you make - you have a beautiful style and a great eye for gorgeous fabrics. I bet you sell loads and loads. It must be hard to part with all your lovely cushions though - if I was you I'd want to keep each and every one!

    Have a fabulous week hon.

  22. I love all of your pretty creations! I think my favorites are the grain sack cushion and cloth covered journals.


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