Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy busy busy!


.....making Xmas stockings from a vintage cream wool blanket


with pale floral cotton appliqued hearts, mostly from vintage cotton bedlinens - I was thinking Winter Whites, something pale and pretty.....



and making some more stamped hessian and vintage cotton pin-cushions


All in preparation for the Xmas Fair I mentioned in my last post.

I have also just been contacted about doing another Xmas Fair the week before - eeeeekk!!!!

Havent yet decided whether to do that one as well - is a bit further away, and will I be able to make enough stock assuming that some kind people might buy something?

I'm sure I can manage both if I have enough of the smaller things that tend to sell well.

Decisions, decisions!
What do you think? Shall I go for it??

Thank you everybody so much for your encouraging comments on my last post - you all make me feel like I can actually do this!

Your support means so much - thankyou.

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  1. Love your stockings and pin cushions :) just go for it, you never know you might just sell out with these gorgeous things!! have a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x

  2. Hello Gill

    The stocking are so beautiful and I love the re-use of the old blanket ones in particular.
    You have great style.

    Helen x

  3. I would just go for it! Love the Xmas stockings. Can't believe this year is almost at an end - I want to start 2013 afresh. The ill health I've had this year has been so de-moralising. I sound morbid!
    Enjoy your week.

  4. Oh my, your Xmas stockings are just lovely! So pretty and dreamy. I gather you´ll be busy with a Fair or two in the horizon.

    Speaking of Xmas stockings, I am about to start making some myself, for a workshop I am doing later this month. Seeing you busy producing yours I better get cracking too...

  5. oh very nice stockings love them we dont have them here most people in holland with young childeren are celebrate the feast sinterklaas but some do celebrate christmas too but our presents go in to wellies or shoes or woodenshoes but its on the 5th of dec christmas is also very nice but a lot of people in the netherlands dont give presents on christmas but we do have a lot of fairs for christmas if you have the time for it to go to that fair i sould go its always nice to meet new people and have chat with people that by youre makes greeting and have a lovely week leon10

  6. It all looks so pretty I am sure you will do very well, I think people are looking to buy crafted pressies this year more than ever, good luck with what ever you decide
    Thea x

  7. Gorgeous stockings and pin cushions Gill. If you feel able, then I say go for it!
    Victoria xx

  8. I LOVE all of your goodies! You are sure to sell anything you set out :)))

  9. Oh I would just do it, your work is so pretty, its all gonna sell & you be singing & thrilled your hard work paid off :)
    Lol Karen x

  10. The little bits and pieces you make are just gorgeous! Go for it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. The stockings are so lovely. Do it as long as you feel you won't over stretch yourself, not worth stress!
    Lisa x

  12. Hi Gill! The stockings are lovely and novel. I would go for it, Gill. If you have stuff to sell, just do it!

    Good luck, talented, clever lady!



  13. I love your stockings Gill, I much prefer the subtle colours to the traditional Christmas colours.
    Your little pincushions are lovely too. :)
    Vivienne x

  14. I love the idea of softer colours for Christmas - I bet they will appeal to a lot of people.
    I am trying to decide whether I apply to a market or two. I just get really worried that it will end up costing me money! I'm on such a budget it hard to know what to do.

  15. Absolutely! Go for it. Nothing ventured... C.x

  16. Lovely makes. Definitely go for it, I'm sure you'll do really well.

  17. Such pretty stockings! YES! Go for it,you'll do really well I'm sure.You make such lovely things.X

  18. Its so lovely to read you are selling your stock at the fairs ;-) Loving your stockings and pin cushons. You will do so well im sure your work is beautiful. Have fun and take care, dee xx

  19. Definitely go for it - then you can have a rest in January!

    Pomona x

  20. Your makes will sell for sure, they are all so pretty! I love the stockings using a recycled blanket. Great idea!

  21. You are so talented to be able to sew all of those pretty things. I doubt you'll have any trouble selling those! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog as well.

  22. the stockings are lovely, I love the hearts :)

    Brooke x


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