Thursday, 1 November 2012

Time's ticking away






and I'm still sewing like crazy everyday, every moment I can, until  I can't sew anymore.

Lots of  large vintage linen hearts, backed in navy ticking, and printed with French style graphics - am in love with this Paris one, hence the abundance of them!

There are a few holly wreath Ticking ones with "Joy" on them for festive tree hangers or to hang anywhere in the house during Christmas - I must make some more of these.

And then there are more cushions........these ones below are from a wonderfully soft vintage French floral fabric, backed in a vintage French metis, and tied with East if India striped ribbon.





and more book covers - as I'm loving the combination of this smart navy Ticking with black graphics, I have rather gone to town and and am in the process of making lots of journal covers.

for Recipes.....

and Gardening....

more Recipes.....


and some 2013 hard backed dairies have just arrived in the nick of time for making some Diary covers.

but what has disappointed me a little is that no A5 sized notebook or diary seems to be exactly the same as the next, and therefore my idea of having a selection of different book covers designs that could be interchanged with three different types of notebook (plain, lined and diaries) now won't work.

So my planned a "choose your cover then choose a notebook"  won't work, and instead I have to make sure I have enough choice of covers to fit each type of book.

Ah well, such is life.

Such a teeny tiny inconsequential matter compared with the reality the Americans are facing in the east coast of the US as they struggle to clear up the damage and fall out caused by  Hurrricane Sandy - when thinking of the suffering over there it kind of puts things into perspective. The loss of those basic things we take for granted - food, a home, power and water to drink and flush the loo - without these life is suddenly hard, and my heart goes out to those having to deal with these discomforts.

Back to my little life, with only just over a week to go before the first Fair I am taking stock of what I have made and what I still hope to make.

A few more journals to finish........


a few more lavender stacks, stuffed full of lavender,  to stitch up and tie into pretty bundles.....

and a few more cushions to make.


Sorry it's been another post about what I've made, but that seems to be all I am doing at the moment!

Thank you all for bearing with me as you view yet another load of things I have made!
But please know that I really appreciate your positive comments, they are so welcome, giving me the drive and encouragement to keep going with all this!

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  1. Gorgeous things Gill, your blog is looking lovely. And don't worry; sharing things you've made is one of the best things about blogging I think. You have some gorgeous fabrics in your stash too!
    X Sally @Lavender Attic

  2. Your work is beautiful Gill, you are going to have an amazing stall.
    My daughter would love the little Paris hearts too. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. All your hard work will be worth it I'm sure ... your makes are all beautiful - love the journal covers. M x

  4. Inspirational and beautiful work
    Thea x

  5. Every time I come back here I find more pretties. Love those hearts!!!!
    Good luck at your stall : )

  6. Hello Gilly
    Beautiful work and may God continued to bless your hands and beautiful work.

    We never tire of seeing your master pieces.


  7. Gilly, I love to see what else you come up with! My 'favourite' swings betwixt the heart shaped sachet and the Cookery notes cover! I love the little tag you add to your pillow covers too! Hope you have those in your shoppe!
    Thanks for sharing with us,

  8. I love your posts about your "making things"'s inspiring although I better read it over and over because so far I have made anything. But that's because of my darn knitting that tear out, redo , tear out and no wonder I have nothing to show! LOL! As you can tell, I am not very good at maybe I should get back into sewing! I love all your sweet projects and I know you will sell out of it all at the fair! You go girl!

  9. I am just amazed at your level of productivity! And everything is so beautiful! Love your labels- they are the perfect finishing touch :)

  10. Beautiful! Well done with all your pretty makes - love those little Paris hearts. Have a happy sewing weekend,

  11. I hope all goes well for your first fair, all your makes so lovely and made with really great quality fabric and skill.
    Lisa x

  12. that looks great and very pretty
    hope you sell a lot of this lovely tings at the fair have a lovely busy day leon10

  13. I'm sure your stall will be busting with beautiful goodies. Your items look so beautiful in the photographs who wouldn't want to own one of them!

  14. More gorgeous makes Gill!
    Victoria xx

  15. Wow! You've been a bit busy! But I seriously love all your makes - they're so damned tasteful! Am sure you'll sell loads. xCathy

  16. Your items are beautiful Gill and you will have one of the best dressed stalls there. Your use of fabrics are so pretty. dee x

  17. You are a busy bee! I know you'll do well! Just wish I could visit! Now that would be fun!

  18. Gosh you have been busy and such lovely things. I have recently discovered how to print onto fabric and am making all sorts of labels and things to applique onto cushions etc. etc. The possiblities are endless as they say!

  19. How have I missed your lovely blog? Found you via Ruth at Oh So those Paris hearts and your covered journals.
    They will certainly fly out at your forthcoming Fairs.
    Julie x

  20. Hi Gilly
    Thankyou so much for all three comments! We do obviously have the same taste; it's funny how we have crafted similar items without knowing each other. Re the fabric printing - I apply pritt stick to A4 printer paper, stick the fabric on top, then iron it. It has been a lot of trial and error and watching videos on youtube but this works for me. Sometimes a slightly thicker fabric won't feed through the printer, but you are right, the pictures do come out nice and clear. I have also printed onto hessian successfully. Hope this helps but I thought yours looked really good anyway. How do you do it?

  21. This is so exciting Gill...and all is turning out so pretty, keep those nimble fingers sewing away and feel free to show us any and everything to your hearts's all just will have such a sweet space!
    xo J~

  22. love the printing on the ticking, looks great.

  23. Hello Gill, please don't apologise, I love to see all your lovely creations. The lavender hearts are gorgeous. I would love one with Paris and one with joy, but I don't want to take your stock for the fairs, but if you have 2 left, I would love them.
    You are really doing very well. I hope you take some pictures of your stall, as I kn ow it will look fantastic when everything is en masse.
    Much love to you, Linda x

  24. Please don't apologise about all the comments; I love having them! I have never heard of Citrasolv so will look into buying that. But, to be honest, my 3 for £1 pritt sticks from Asda work perfectly well!! I have been experimenting again this afternoon, I am getting quite addicted. Yes, I do use Graphics Fairy - her site is brilliant. Good luck with sales at your fairs.

  25. Love what you have done Gill
    Liv x

  26. Your stall is going to be so beautiful! I love your style so much, the linens and soft stripes and vintage-style French things. It looks like what I want my (imaginary) summer house to be dressed in. Wishing you lots of luck at the fair, and hoping you sell out of everything!

  27. the fabrics you use on your projects are all soooo beautiful. I really love the look of the navy ticking against the red transferware dishes.


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