Monday, 22 October 2012

Still here.........


....but just been busy churning out enough pretties for the first fair in less than 3 weeks now....eek!!!!

Lavender stacks tied with pretty ribbon.......lots and lots (these are the first few), mostly from vintage fabrics and vintage sheets, a few from some pretty Japanese Zakka floral linens and newer fabrics

lots more of these 30s repro fabric cushion covers (shown here in unfinished state) in various different colours, some with embroidered hearts

antique mangle cloth lavender hearts.....

backed in vintage linen

and some larger hearts also from antique linen mangle cloth

and other vintage and antique fabric cushions and things not yet finished and not yet photographed.

Sorry I havent visited you recently in the last week or two, but am hoping to catch up with you soon now that I'm feeling a little bit more comfortable that I will have some things to sell!

Logan has been my constant sewing companion these last few weeks, although he keeps his distance from the cutting table since I  accidentally dropped a pair of scissors near him last week - poor boy, he did jump!

I was terrified they'd landed on him, but he was fine. But now he lies either in the door way or up on the chair well out of harms way!

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, look forward to visiting you soon!

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  1. Hi Gill, looks like you've been busy .....your stall will be packed with unresistable goodies, I especially love those linen hearts...i've a feeling you won't be coming back with many!

    Happy Sewing
    Fleur xx

  2. Those lavender sacks look lovely ,all of your makes do ,im sure you will sell lots at your fair x

  3. Everything is looking GORGEOUS!!! I adore those with love ribbon wrapped bundles :)

  4. Wow, lots and lots of work there and all looking good. I quite often wonder about doing a craft fair but I've yet to find one near enough for me, bit awkward when you don't have a car! x

  5. You have been very, very busy. Everything you make is so pretty.
    Anne xx

  6. You have been busy Gill!
    You must have a lovely scent of lavender in your home. :) Your makes are beautiful. :)
    Your stall will be amazing!!
    Vivienne x

  7. Your little lavender pillows are adorable and I'll bet they smell divine. I love the little printed ribbon, too. These are going to sell like hot cakes :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie:)

  8. Beautiful lavender sachets. Love the photo of Logan.

  9. Hello Gill

    You have been very busy and I love all you completed projects. You house must smell of lavender.

    Helen xx

  10. Goodness you have been busy. I'm sure you will do really well at the markets.
    Molly watches me while I sew, she likes to lay in the doorway :)

  11. The little lavender bags are just gorgeous. Love the hearts - so pretty.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Quelle jolie choses vous fetes!!! :O) J`adore sur tout coures !!! Ils sont vraiment jolie !!! :O)
    Et votre chien est vraiment mignon!!! :O)
    Bonne semaine!!!
    xxx Maria xxxx

  13. Your stall is going to be a delight with all those pretties adorning it, you've used some gorgeous fabrics. Love the photo of Logan, he's such a handsome boy.

  14. Such gorgeous makes Gill, you're going to do so well at the fair!
    Victoria xx

  15. I was wondering what had happened but can see. Wow! You really have been busy. Such beautiful, gorgeous makes :)

  16. Wow! I bet you won't have any trouble selling your makes. Everything looks great. I love those little lavender sacks tied up with the ribbon. Have fun sewing!

  17. Hey, it's me again. Letting you know that your name was first out of the pot for my Birthday Giveaway so you'll need to provide me with your details so I can post off the goodies. x

  18. Lovely photos such pretty things
    Sally x

  19. Thank you for visiting and following my blog! You are a very talented seamstress and have a knack for creativity! I do love the linen hearts! I admire those who create with sewing! I am going to try my hand this winter at a few pillows for myself...will see?! Anyway, I'm in LOVE with LOGAN! I assume he is a poodle...I have a poodle..PHOEBE...they tug at my heart! Very SWEET blog! You have a BLESSED and wonderful week! Roxie

  20. I LOVE Logan he is so adorable.You are such a talented lady.

  21. You have been busy..and those little hearts are just adorable!!

  22. I think your fair booth will be just lovely, and I predict you'll have nothing left at the end but a load of cash. :)

  23. You have been so busy Gill. Your lavender packets and pillow cases look lovely. You always choose such pretty fabrics. I hope your fair will be a success!

    Madelief x

  24. lovely lavender pillows like them to see are you sell this on that fair where you stand very sweet smelly little things greetings leon10

  25. Lots and lots of gorgeous goodies! Good luck at the fairs, I'm sure they will be fab.

  26. I love your lavender bags! Beautiful fabrics. Hope you will sell a lot on the christmas fair!
    And Logan is so cute!

  27. Wow what a lot of lovely makes, Gill! Your stall will be gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the fair.....I am sure you will sell lots :)
    Helen x

  28. Oooohhhhh!!!! Me encanta tú blog, no te voy a dejar.

  29. darling... i think you and i have ALOT in common...
    happy to have found you... x pam


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