Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cushion Love





Thought I'd share with you a cushion I've just finished today.

I made the patchwork front from pretty 30's style fabrics a few months ago, then finished it off today with embroidered red hearts and a plain cream back trimmed with a natural colour linen ribbon embroidered in red.(whoops no photo of back!)

I have been invited to sell my cushions and other goodies at a festive charity fair in December, so shall be busy sewing for that in the next few months. I hope to make a few more of these 30's style cushions to sell, some with genuine 30's feedsack fabrics which I have bought, as well as the linen cushions I've been making with vintage 50's and 60's fabrics, and some antique grain sack cushions.

I shall also start making some Christmassy (sorry, there's the dreaded C word already) goodies to sell, including the painted wooden tree decorations that I have been making for a few years now, and some embroidered vintage wool hearts, Xmas stockings and other vintage fabric items.


I'll share some of the new makes in the next few weeks - hopefully I've plenty of time to get everything done in good time. In the past I've been frantically finishing off stuff the night before!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post, and WELCOME to some new followers!

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  1. HelloGill,
    Looks as if you are going to be busy busy for the next few weeks.... no weeks but months? Its great to have lots of projects....I'm getting used to having several WIPs on the go now and when I get down to just one I feel as if something is missing....thats crazy!!! LOL!
    Love the freshness of these cushions...the plain cream square just breaks up the flower pattern nicely and a simple heart is just right.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)
    PS: did I say I was getting used to having several WIPs on the go.....I'll change that to I am adjusting to it...... :-)

  2. Your pillows are so pretty and you do such a perfectly beautiful job. I'm sure that you will be a prime booth at the fair. Connie :)

  3. Hi Gill
    They are lovely, so different, and I love the fabrics. I feel the same, so much sewing, too little time!!
    Sally x

  4. Dear Gill,

    Your new pillows look lovely! I hope you will have lots of fun at the fair in December.

    Madelief x

  5. Busy times ahead Gill. :)
    I love your new cushion, the blue floral fabric is so pretty.
    Vivienne x

  6. Your cushion is gorgeous - love the way the plain white squares accentuate the rest of the colours. Looking forward to seeing your Christmassy makes too - sounds exciting!

  7. Pretty, pretty, pretty I love them
    Karen x

  8. Those cushions are great. I wish that I was a dab hand on a sewing machine - alas, I'm mot!

  9. Your cushions are gorgeous, I love the fabrics, so pretty and delicate. x

  10. They are lovely, a real fresh look to them and so very pretty.
    Sounds like you are going to be a busy bee
    Thea x

  11. The cushions are gorgeous Gill!
    I love the hearts one.The time's going so quickly,December will be here before we know it.
    We haven't had our hols yet...only a week to go and we'll be off,can't wait!
    Bellaboo X

  12. See you are still hard at it......very pretty indeed.

  13. Your cushions are gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  14. Hello Gill

    Your cushions are just beautiful.

    I wish you success in getting are your projects ready in good time for Christmas


  15. Those cushions really are very lovely. And the red hearts compliment the patchwork so well.
    Lisa x

  16. So pretty. I'm sure you'll sell out at the fair, your makes are always fabulous.

  17. Your cushions are so lovely!
    Good luck at the charity fair!


  18. Hi Gill, love the addition of the red hearts, it gives them a modern edge...just lovely, and so beautifully made. How exciting to be doing a fair. I look forward to seeing all your makes. Much love, Linda x

  19. Everything looks so spring like Gill!
    I have little need of periodicals and their glossies when I have such to browse through!
    By the by, apologies! I forgot to explain what dry dock is for a landlocker! It's the period when a complete overhaul of a ferry (or boat)is done in the shipyard. Depending on the Coasties (US Coast Guard), we will see our little ferry back in service sometime in October.

  20. Gorgeous cushions, Gill! I love adding embroidery to patchwork here and there and the red hearts you've stitched look so pretty! I think you will do really well at the fair....good luck with all your makes.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  21. Oh! Cushion love!!! I especially like the one in pic 2, it's gorgeous. I'm sure you'll sell really well. Good luck :D

  22. Your cushions are beautiful. I love the hearts. Good luck with your stall at the fair.

  23. Great cushion Gill sounds as if you are going to be very busy!
    Liv xxxx

  24. Your pillows are adorable! Your stitches are so charming. :0)

  25. Fabulous cushions. I do like the addition of the red hearts. It gives it a Scandinavian looks about it :)

  26. They're absolutely delightful Gill. Youwill need to make a few as I'm sure they'll be a big hit :)

  27. Oh my goodness these are stunning! How did I miss this post! Love your work!

  28. Gorgeous Gill! I love these. The hand stitched hearts are absolutely adorable and puts the twist on them. And I love the fabrics... We can never make to may pillows, can we?

  29. Wow Gill - your cushions are absolutely stunning. Those embroidered hearts are just gorgeous and are making me want to dust off some needle and thread and have a go! They are far too beautiful to be used surely!! I would have heart failure if I had a cushion like that and found my husband squishing it rather than gently leaning against it!!!

    Have a fab week hon.


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