Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Pale Interiors and the passing of summer

Picking the last of the garden produce marks the end of summer for me.

But despite the change in the weather, and the resulting urge to make my home feel cosier by adding warm throws and cushions, I still find myself drawn to images of pale interiors.

Maybe it's clinging on to the idea of summer................

maybe it's because they always look so light and fresh

maybe it's because pale interiors appear timeless

maybe it's because they offset brighter colours so beautifully

maybe it's because they look so restful (see the feathered angel wings!)

maybe it's because they reflect the light and make spaces appear larger and lighter

maybe it's because they suit country style so well

or maybe it's just because they can make a room feel so pretty.

I also have a perennial love of  pretty floral fabrics, preferably vintage..............

Loving this simple country kitchen corner

and this pretty pale floral bedspread

And, nothing whatsoever to do with pale interiors or floral fabrics, I came across this lovely image, again reminding me of the passing of summer.

I love the weathered door hung with a knitted bag bursting with simple flowers.


Thank you all for your interesting comments on the last post about what Autumn means to you - it was great reading them all!

And a very warm welcome to my new followers!

Are you a lover of pale interiors, or floral fabrics? Or do your tastes lie elsewhere??

All Images (except No.1) from Vintage Home Tumblr

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  1. Love pale walls mixed with gorgeous florals (don't think hubby does tho!) beautiful images Gill.
    Victoria xx

  2. Lovely post with so many ideas, yes I love pale interiors they are so versatile just by adding splashes of colour or different textures the whole look changes, especially with the seasons
    Thea x

  3. Pale paintwork and flowery cushions and curtains for me! And a nice cosy fire of course.

    Pomona x

  4. Lovely images Gill. :)
    I love flower and leaf prints!
    I cling on to summer by my fingertips but even I have to admit that it's definitely over!
    Vivienne x

  5. No "maybe" about it- it is all of the above reasons! I am a pale interior girl myself, and these photos are just total eye candy. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I'm very much a pale and creamy gal with interior design, it makes me feel calm and peaceful. I've made that bag you have pictured and lines it with an old floral vintage curtain that I rescued from being chucked out and everyone loves the bag! x

  7. These photos are beautiful. I agree that the white with splashes of color, just look so fresh and clean. The interiors that you chose are so cheerful, too. It's a delightful way to decorate. Thanks for a lovely post. Connie :)

  8. Definitely pale paintwork (though somehow my kitchen has ended up deep blue and I love it). Then splashes of colour. I have a friend who calls me the colour nazi, so there's no chance of the minimalist neutral look here! C.x

  9. I like pale interiors, so easy to change the look of a room with different coloured accessories. I want to hang on to summer a little longer too, I'm not ready for autumn yet.

  10. I love pale colours, white with splashes of vintage florals. I love the look but I just had to go with deep strong colours in my home.
    Anne xxx

  11. Fabulous selection of images. There is something quite timeless about pale interiors. Not quite sure if they'll go with my 1950s end terrace though. Much tougher job is persuading the hubstar :)

  12. Love all these beautiful pics. Yes, I'm an adorer of pale interiors and floral fabrics too... but unfortunately I have 2 bouncy (and often muddy!) puppies and a hubby with an aversion to most-things-floral! Not an ideal combination ;-)
    Have a happy Wednesday,

  13. Beautiful Gill and how well summarized with the sign 'It's a wonderful life'!
    I too love florals and very much like the pale Scandinavian look with honey coloured woodwork. Alas, hubby is inclined to the dark, pub like atmosphere he was used to at home (Midlands) so we compromise: I get the florals and he gets the darker interior, complete with brass and copper...
    I often jest that should the Good Lord take him before me, instead of a worldwide cruise, I am going to the paint store...
    Blessings and thank you for a lovely 'tour'! I could step in the pictures...

  14. Those images are so warm and cozy. I find myself always trying to lighten my surroundings. :0)


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