Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Crochet Cushion Finished!

Remember this post?

Well, despite my good intentions in that post this poor cushion got abandoned yet again, but now it's finally finished!

I started this cushion cover last summer after finding an enormous carrier bagful of yarn, including a large quantity of cream aran weight wool, for £1 at a boot fair.

It's been picked up and set aside again several times since then,  but I was determined to finish it this time when I rediscovered it a few weeks ago.

I found a pretty dark rose pink vintage cotton velvet for the back


It was originally intended for the bedroom, but at the moment has stayed in the sitting room following it's photoshoot.

But............ SO many mistakes in it!!!!

As usual I broke all the rules, and so there are Lessons to be Learnt:

* Not a good idea to mix yarn weights - I had to use two different sized crochet hooks to allow for the difference in the thicker cream aran and the other thinner yarns - luckily I had originally annotated the pattern with hook size for each yarn.

* Not a good idea to leave a year in between finishing the squares - you forget the pattern, and have to painstakingly pore over the pattern as you crochet, and you STILL manage to make mistakes!

Anyway.............it's finished now, and it's turned out how I hoped in terms of colours and design.


Do you have many ongoing projects and UFO's, or are you one of those disciplined and well-organised folks good at finishing a project before starting another?

I soooo wish I could be like that!

So which are you???!!!!

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  1. I rarely finish projects before starting another one! Love the cushion, the pale colours are good together.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. The more projects on the go the better. That's half the fun! Your pillow is beautiful, I can't see any mistakes from here, and it looks lovely on your chair.
    Velvet backing sounds delicious. I'm going to try that!

  3. oh love these what a nice s colors
    greetings leon10

  4. Oh I have a basket full of projects started then put aside but I'm pleased you finished your cushion, it's so so pretty!
    Victoria xx

  5. Love the cushion - great colours and backing. The velvet is such a good tactile contrast to the aran weight. My biggest issue is starting the projects in the first place! I buy all the material with grand intentions and then get distracted by other things. So I am building a nice collection of fabrics and yarns and that's about it. I am on a deadline with my latest project though. Knitting a baby's cardigan which has to be on the plane when Mr. P goes to Australia in three weeks' time. So no pressure... C.x

  6. 'm a terrible starter of projects without finishing the previous one, er, two, er, several! The cushion looks lovely now - and goes so well with the other two - and you won't have to feeling that smidgeon of guilt about it any more!

  7. Hi Gill. This is the way we learn... By doing mistakes. It might be frustrating at the time but when conquered you feel all good about yourself. :D Lovely crochet pillow, really like the crochet pattern...

    I am a terrible "finish off-er". I am starting way to many new projects all the time and some of them I know will never be finished. I've been thinking about finishing a crochet pillow I made the first year I was blogging... Found the yarn I was missing for it when I was in Sweden so I don't really have any excuse to NOT finish it anymore... And the worst part is that the front panel AND the back panel is already finished so what on earth am I waiting for??? Well, just writing about it makes me want to tackle that silly old UFO right now. Maybe this is a good thing to talk about it.

  8. Dear Gill,
    A great cushion. I'm a Gemini so start most things with a feverish intent but then drop off just as quickly which means hardly anything get finished!

  9. I have loads of unfinished projects on the go!! All tucked into separate bags that are stored in a linen basket. Whenever I get the urge I dig one out and have at it until I get bored and move on. One day I'll finish them!

  10. Oh that's so pretty! Like a bowlful of ice cream. Well done you. I am utterly useless with crochet.

  11. I have so many things on the go Gill!! Only today I was thinking about starting another blanket when an idea came into my head, I already have two blankets on the go plus many other things too!!
    I love your cushion and well done on disciplining yourself and getting it finished, I need to do that too! It looks great on that chair. :)
    Vivienne x

  12. I must be weird as I can't have more than a couple of projects on the go. Just call me 'Monogamous Me' :)

    Your cushion looks lovely. I really like the colour combos. As for making mistakes, well we'd none of us ever learn anything without them ;)

  13. Love your new crochet pillow...the flowers remind me of anemones! Well done to get it finished :) I have lots of projects on the go here and love it like that, even if some of them do take a while to be completed!
    Helen x

  14. I love your cushion, it's pretty and WELL DONE for finishing it. I am terrible at finishing projects. My most embarrassing one would be the hand pieced quilt I started 21 years ago. The hand quilting needs finishing and it needs to be bound. And of course I've forgotten what to do. Oops.
    Anne xx

  15. I have lost count on how many projects I have stashed around the house :)
    Your pillow (cushion) is lovely! I do not see one single mistake!! :)

  16. I love the cushion cover and the colours you chose, it's so feminine looking. I think if it does eventually get moved in to the bedroom, it will go very well. I don't have more than a couple of projects on the go at one time, I make myself finish one before I start another.

  17. Adorable crochet cushion!


  18. Hi Gill, your cushion is beautiful, reminds me of a bowl full of anemones. You should not have told us about the mistakes, we would not have noticed!
    You know I am like you, easily waylaid and distracted, so very well done for finishing. Love Linda x


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