Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Plodding along.....




...........with this work-in-progress too, following on from the topic in my last post.

It's interesting, and not really surprising I suppose, to hear that most of you fellow crafters also have this "problem" with project completion!!!  There are just too many wonderful things to make without having to finish what you're currently working on before starting the next project!

So I'm glad I'm not alone, it was lovely reading your comments - and now I feel less guilty about starting my next quilt whilst still finishing off this one!

It has reached "finished " status several times now - I set myself a target saying that once that bits done, thats it and it's finished, then having achieved said target I decide I really want to add some more hand quilting.

As it's all been hand quilted, and the binding was hand stitched, it's been a big job which could go on and on unless I call it a day at some point.


At the moment I am quilting the plain squares.
This is the first design that I did today, and I'm quite pleased with how it looks, and will probably do a few more of this design spread over the quilt.


So I'm hoping it won't be too long before I can proudly do a "ta dah" post on this, my first full sized quilt - a King size one no less, for Bella - I must have been mad to attempt such a large one, but it kind of just grew!

* * *
These gorgeous orange chrysanths caught my eye a few days ago as they are so very autumnal in shade, and have been making me smile every time I come into the house or pass through the hall.

They are so cheerful!

I love the change of seasons, and after such a wash-out summer here in the UK  (even though I'm loving this indian summer weather ) I am quite glad to embrace Autumn.

When I think of Autumn this year I think of.........

....sitting in front of the wood burner; feeling the heat, watching the flames, hearing the crackle of logs and smelling the occasional wonderful scent of an apple log burning.

......making some late jam from plums, and maybe some chutney with the last few tomatoes that still havent ripened, and the glut of late beans.

.......making Chocolate Courgette cake with the glut of courgettes (see link for the recipe I posted last year!)

......having a go at Crab Apple Jelly with the tiny red, jewel bright fruit now ready to pick from the tree in the garden.

....seeing if there are enough black grapes to make Grape Jelly again this year - I only made a couple of jars last year but it was well worth it - nectar!

Hmm - so it's mainly food that I think of when Autumn comes to mind!

Autumn always makes me feel like the mice in the wonderful Brambly Hedge books by Jill Barklem (Bella and I loved reading these when she was little), gathering up food from the fields and hedgerows to store for the long winter months ahead!

Do you like Autumn, and what does it make you think of?

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  1. Well I much prefer summer as you know Gill but what I love about autumn are the colours. I love earthy shades like brown and green, I also love mustard and orange just like your lovely flowers!
    Beautiful quilt, lucky Bella!! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. I do so love autumn. Brambly Hedge reminds me of my childhood. Such beautiful stories!
    Victoria xx

  3. The quilt is going to be beautiful. Well done for having the patience to hand quilt it. I love the Brambly Hedge books too. I've still got the ones my girls had when they were young. Too nice to get rid of!

  4. Such a beautiful quilt, Gill. Your hand embroidery is perfect, I can see why you keep adding more.
    I love woodland walks in Autumn, collecting acorns, conkers and leaves of many glorious shades. Wrapping up warm then taking off layers when the sun comes out!
    Becky x

  5. You have my utmost admiration for your work-in-progress and I'm sure that 'ta-dah' moment will be soon in coming.
    We don't have autumn in quite the same way in southern Spain. Our days are still hot and sunny, though the nights are definitely cooler. I just look forward to being able to wear clothes that are more appropriate to my shape and age...summer is too hot to worry about it but once the temperature drops just a little, I tuck away my shorts and vest tops and instantly feel much better!
    I adore those orange chrysanths!

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous and actually inspiring me to maybe get mine out and look at it again. I could at least get some tips from Google on how to tie those quilting knots.
    Love the flowers.
    Anne xx

  7. Amazing quilt! Love the hand stitching. I love putting on woolly socks and jumpers for the first time again, lighting the wood burner and settling in with a good book or an old movie. This year it's also making me want to dig out my crafting projects again, neglected in recent months.

  8. Gill, the quilt is so pretty...and I'm sure that your creative spirit will let you know when it's time to finish it! In the meantime, you must go where-ever that fickle spirit has complete control and we must give into it, we have no choice i the matter anyway, do we?!
    We're having the most amazing, and very much needed, Indian summer as's been perfect! Our summer was a wash out too (after teasing us with a beautiful start!) and frankly, I'm not quite ready for Autumn to start just yet, although I too have some pretty fall colored flowers (dahlias) on the table right now...but that's as close as I'm getting until I must surrender! ;)
    Happy quilting Gilly...whichever quilt it is...and thank you for your sweet comment!
    xo J~

  9. I love Autumn colours, the reds and oranges, and wrapping up against the cold.

  10. What a beautiful quilt, Bella is a lucky girl. You've just got to love chrysanthemums, they go on for ages and ages, gorgeous colour.

  11. Your quilt looks lovely Gill! It must be a lot of work. Wish I had the time to make something so pretty too.

    The books by Jane Barklem are among my favourite children's books. I read them to my daughters when they were young. Now and then I still have a look at the beautiful drawings :-).

    Madelief x

  12. The quilt for Bella is looking very beautiful, I just love those sweet colours and the hand quilting looks so pretty and makes it really special. Love all your cheerful flowers too! And Brambly Hedge books used to be favourites of ours too....even now if I go into a rambling house with lots of rooms and little steps I often think of Brambly Hedge!
    Enjoy your stitching, Gill, and have a happy weekend!
    Helen x

  13. oh your quilt! beautiful!
    yes, I agree flowers make every space happier!

  14. I have so many projects on the go that I am a bit frozen at the moment so I can understand where you're coming from. Looks like a wonderful quilt!

  15. Love Autumn! And hmmm, let me think- pumpkin risotto, pumpkin pie, hot soups, woolen blankets, scarves, gorgeous oranges, reds and yellows, tartans, cowls, wood, crackling fires, walks in the woods, quilts, mums, Brambly Hedge :) etc etc etc
    Thanks for stopping by, love you've got mail too :)

  16. oh my! loving the fabric squares on the quilt you're making and it's hand quilted too! i'm like you, so many lovely things to make but sometimes they dont get to the finished part..yet! wonderful things ur going to do in autumn, i would love to try my hand on quilts but have not yet brave enough to do it, still load of granny blanket to finish..but christmas is drawing near *sigh*

    love your blog by the way!

    x susan

  17. Autumn for me is bulb planting, making sloe gin and planning what veg seeds I need for next year. My work-in-progress project is an enamel bread bin planter. I've managed to drill only 3 holes in the bottom so far - and each one takes ages so I just keep putting off finishing it.

  18. I LOVE Autumn...all the four seasons. But, I moved from the middle of the country to Southern Calif. 30 yrs ago and miss the seasons terribly. We are still having triple digit heat (the hottest season I've ever known here)...I'm so ready for it to break. The thing is that we might get cooler weather & leaves falling from trees but usually around Christmas and then the next day it might be hot again...very bizarre weather.
    Loved seeing your pics of the American museum...had no idea you had such a family traces back to the Mayflower (probably along with half of the, and I love history.

  19. Hi Gill, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog today. They really mean a lot. I do love autumn, although cherry blossom season in spring is my favourite time of year. I love wool and woolly blankets, so Autumn is the time where i get out my crochet or knitting projects and get stuck into making something lovely for winter. I can't decide this year what to make so am on the humt for a good crochet bunting pattern to make some bunting to hang over my fire place... Something warm in browns/reds and pinks I think! Your quilt is absolutly stunning. I cannot believe your patience in hand quilting it all, and can't wait for the full tah-dah moment! Em xx


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